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  1. Injured_Reserve

    Week 6 Schedule

    I was just looking at the Steelers schedule because I wasn't paying attention before. I wanted to see how the new guy Rudolph was doing, and I just assumed the reason the Steelers were 1-4 was because they lost Ben Roethlisberger. I'm actually not so sure. Rudolph has pretty good stats, and the Steelers have lost to New England, Seattle, San Francisco, and Baltimore. Except for New England, they were all close games, and when they got to play a bad team in Cincinatti, they destroyed them. Looking at the rest of the Steelers' schedule, I still think they could win that division and they would be my pick for being a turnaround team this season
  2. Injured_Reserve

    Week 5 Open Discussion.

    The only sad thing is now Daks not going to cost the cowboys that much
  3. Injured_Reserve

    Week 5 Open Discussion.

    Is there a NASCAR race on or something they can put on?
  4. Injured_Reserve

    Week 5 Open Discussion.

    Haven't been watching this game but I just looked at the stats. Looks like the Packers learned their lesson to try and run it in in the redzone
  5. I don't think missing one lineman in a game would do much harm. It happens due to injury all the time anyway. My bet would be teams would manage it so that at any given time, their star quarterback is only missing at most one lineman
  6. I think it would be cool. The format would likely result in situations where, say, the Eagles may decide not to play carson wentz against the giants because we think we can win without him against a weak team like that. The giants would take offense to this, thinking we don't take them seriously, and it would increase the rivalry
  7. Then the cowboys managed their roster smarter than the eagles did during the early part of the season
  8. If you're on the playoff bubble and you already have been using your starters the whole season, then you probably don't deserve to make the playoffs? I don't think people like watching the stars so much as watching a game that counts for something. That's the difference between preseason and the regular season, not so much the stars Also, you could make an exception for kickers and quarterbacks, to let them play all 18
  9. I think it would be great for teams like the 2018 eagles that have two quarterbacks that can play
  10. Sorry TLDR. That means its a good idea then if more than just one person thought of it
  11. With my idea you'd still have most stars most likely. Eg. You might use Wentz in games 3-18, but you might rest Jordan Howard in week 8-9. So it would be a mix. I don't think it would be very strategic to have any one game with entirely backup players. It would be like baseball where you have star pitchers that don't play every game
  12. What if they lengthened the season to 18 games but maxed out the number of games any one player can play in at 16, meaning you have to come up with a rotation of backups and the regular season becomes more of a test of depth?
  13. Injured_Reserve

    Pass interference OPI and DPI can now be challenged...

    What would have happened if they reviewed the hail mary Tom Brady threw in the Superbowl??
  14. Injured_Reserve

    Pass interference OPI and DPI can now be challenged...

    So I suppose non-calls must be "clear and obvious" penalties, and the same is true in the reverse for flagged calls. In slow motion, I just wonder what is "clear and obvious." Sometimes you put your hand on a player but you didn't push, and you can't tell from the image. What do you do then? Wouldn't this make a viable strategy out of chucking a pass deep and looking for interference, and challenging any contact whatsoever?
  15. Injured_Reserve

    How much are NFL contracts really worth

    Football must just be a really inefficient way of providing entertainment. If you have to go through all of that to create 3 hours of enjoyment for a fan, and you can only do it 16 times a year, compared to baseball, which produces 3 hours of entertainment over 162 times per year, then maybe the sport you should try to be good at is baseball