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  1. Injured_Reserve

    AFC Championship: Titans @ Chiefs

    They should make it so you can still run up on the line if the ball travels less than 20 yards
  2. Injured_Reserve

    This is Andy Reid's Year

    Another rough start
  3. I dont follow the texans so I have no idea, but he shouldnt be fired for just that one game unless there's a history of similar problems
  4. Injured_Reserve

    AFC Divisional: Texans @ Chiefs

    players are dropping footballs left and right and Andy keeps calling pass plays?
  5. Injured_Reserve

    AFC Divisional: Texans @ Chiefs

    Unless the leaders didnt instill the correct mindset and focus for a playoff game. That might be on Andy. At this point in Andy's career, does anyone look to him for a source of playoff inspiration?
  6. Injured_Reserve

    This is Andy Reid's Year

    This feels like the bucs NFCCG
  7. Injured_Reserve

    This is Andy Reid's Year

    Maybe Mahomes is the kind of future HOF quarterback that he needs?
  8. Injured_Reserve

    This is Andy Reid's Year

    If Andy doesn't win it this year, that's it for him. All he has to do is beat Houston, Tennessee, and maybe San Francisco or Green Bay. I dont think Andy will ever have a more doable road to a superbowl
  9. Injured_Reserve

    AFC Wildcard: Bills @ Texans.

    So I guess if you're running out of time in the 4th quarter and you have a play where you can't make it out of bounds, just lateral it out of bounds and you get the clock to stop for free?
  10. Injured_Reserve

    The Evil Empire ending?

    Just looked up Belichicks Wikipedia. His winning percentage in the regular season is .684, but .738 in the post season. So definitely too early to say they’re done
  11. Injured_Reserve

    The Evil Empire ending?

    too early to say. best team left on their schedule is the bills. if they lose that one and the division, then I'd say there's a problem
  12. Injured_Reserve

    Week 7 Open Discussion.

    I still don't know that I agree with the rule that if you fumble out of the end zone its a touchback
  13. Injured_Reserve

    Week 7 Open Discussion.

    Are the niners just Jet lagged?
  14. Injured_Reserve

    Week 7: Chiefs @ Broncos

    Just turned the game on, Mahomes is out, and surprise surprise Andy calls passes on 5 of 6 plays with his backup quarterback
  15. Injured_Reserve

    Week 6 Schedule

    I was just looking at the Steelers schedule because I wasn't paying attention before. I wanted to see how the new guy Rudolph was doing, and I just assumed the reason the Steelers were 1-4 was because they lost Ben Roethlisberger. I'm actually not so sure. Rudolph has pretty good stats, and the Steelers have lost to New England, Seattle, San Francisco, and Baltimore. Except for New England, they were all close games, and when they got to play a bad team in Cincinatti, they destroyed them. Looking at the rest of the Steelers' schedule, I still think they could win that division and they would be my pick for being a turnaround team this season