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  1. Injured_Reserve

    Pass interference OPI and DPI can now be challenged...

    What would have happened if they reviewed the hail mary Tom Brady threw in the Superbowl??
  2. Injured_Reserve

    Pass interference OPI and DPI can now be challenged...

    So I suppose non-calls must be "clear and obvious" penalties, and the same is true in the reverse for flagged calls. In slow motion, I just wonder what is "clear and obvious." Sometimes you put your hand on a player but you didn't push, and you can't tell from the image. What do you do then? Wouldn't this make a viable strategy out of chucking a pass deep and looking for interference, and challenging any contact whatsoever?
  3. Injured_Reserve

    How much are NFL contracts really worth

    Football must just be a really inefficient way of providing entertainment. If you have to go through all of that to create 3 hours of enjoyment for a fan, and you can only do it 16 times a year, compared to baseball, which produces 3 hours of entertainment over 162 times per year, then maybe the sport you should try to be good at is baseball
  4. Injured_Reserve

    How much are NFL contracts really worth

    how much were sam bradfords contracts really worth?
  5. Injured_Reserve

    Should teams be able to challenge penalties or non calls?

    How about they should put a ref in the booth, and allow him 15 or 20 seconds to alert the officials on the field to throw a flag after reviewing footage. If he doesnt catch it in that amount of time, let the game keep moving.
  6. Injured_Reserve

    Lawsuits field from Rams-Saints game seeding do-over

    Yeah honestly he was lucky he beat us. The team hasn't been good down the stretch. They were hot midseason
  7. Injured_Reserve

    NFC Championship: Rams @ Saints.

    One rule change I’d like to see. They should decide who gets the ball first in ot before the game starts so teams can strategize for it
  8. Injured_Reserve

    Alternative ways to keep QB safe?

    I know football fans tend to scoff at soccer, but if you had a red card yellow card system, you give players a warning for "questionable" hits to the QB and a straight red for more serious hits. Make the straight red a 15 yard penalty and two yellows also a 15 yard penalty, and you avoid situations where a one off hit doesn't change the game
  9. Injured_Reserve

    Alternative ways to keep QB safe?

    There's gotta be a better way to keep the quarterback safe than giving the offense 15 yards and a first down. What about a warning flag system, say you get 3 warnings per half before all drives the touchback line is the 40? Or 3 warnings before a 15 yard penalty? Or an ejection system. First offense, the player committing the foul has to stay out two drives. Second, the full game. These things tend to happen once or twice in a game. If you set the bar there, and say if it happens a third time, there are severe penalties, I think that would be fine. If you put a player on a warning, or even the whole defense on a warning because of one player, I think that's fair even if the foul after the warning resulting in a penalty is for something small, like what clay mathhews did the other week. If Matthews had been warned prior to that hit, then booking him for that hit seems more fair
  10. Injured_Reserve

    Dak vs. Wentz

    Is Skip still with Dak or has he given up yet?
  11. Injured_Reserve

    Sam Bradford released by Cardinals

    I’m sure he’s probably still worth backup money
  12. Injured_Reserve

    Rae Carruth to be released from jail...

    Never heard of him. He's been in jail longer than I've been a NFL fan
  13. Yeah but worst case scenario, let's say he gets into a game without the Pats permission. I bet you he won't be causing trouble, because if he gets caught, somebody will realize he is supposed to be banned and he will really be in trouble
  14. Doesnt stuff like this happen all the time?
  15. Injured_Reserve

    Patrick Mahomes breaks records.

    Im rooting for Andy, but the chiefs started out on fire last year too and look what happened. we'll see how it goes