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  1. BtotheH

    Ezekiel Elliott Suspended for 6 games

    What a joke! At this point just let him play. This back and forth is crazy. KC was game planning for no Zeke, ole' Bob Sutton cane throw that game plan out the window.
  2. BtotheH

    Are the Browns going 0-16

    Jackson to me has lost that rocker room, if he ever had it under control. Kizer came back in and threw 2 INT's. That organization is a joke, Jackson is over rated and if I'm a top 5 talent in college right now I am praying I do not get drafted by them.
  3. BtotheH

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    Not that I really care, but this may shed more light on whether McCloughan was really relieved of his duties due to drinking. Radio shows this AM were saying it had more to do with Bruce Allen and McCloughan butting heads constantly and McCloughan having no issue telling him to F off. Not doubt McCloughan has struggles and red flags with drinking but I wonder if it was entirely due to drinking.
  4. BtotheH

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    I would not say he is the happiest he is ever been. How can you be happy when you were drafted by a team that competed for an NFC championship back in 2008 and is now on the rise, but you let your ego get in the way and now you play for a team that is the laughing stock of the NFL. Who is laughing now, DeSean or the team that released him?? DeSean may put on a smiley face because he is getting a fat check, but behind that smile is nothing but regret because he is with a poor team that he chose. Not only do you lose most Sundays, but no matter how good you are - you are never looked at the same because you play for a piss poor team. I am not trying to sound disrespectful but DeSean is heading to become a nobody with that team. ProBowl honors are garbage nowadays - hell even the game doesn't mean anything because there is nothing to play for.
  5. BtotheH

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    At least he is not in denial like most people in DC. He has to be kicking himself in the butt, he knows dang well he signed with the Redskins with hopes of embarrassing his ex-teammates twice a year. And it has all backfired on him, but he did this to himself. Jackson had potential HOF talent IMO, he just let his poor attitude and ego get in the way.
  6. BtotheH

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    Joe was just speaking the truth and for once he was making sense, but at the same time if Gruden switched from RG III to Cousins he would lose so much credibility as a head coach and a new head coach at that. If RG III struggles and the Skins suffer a losing season by the time their bye week rolls around, I could see Gruden yanking RG III and allowing Cousins to run his offense. For anyone in that organization to think that they were going to take an "athletic" QB and turn him into a pocket passer is just stupid. RG III reminds me of Vick in so many ways. Skins fans just need to calm the F down anyway, I hear it on the radio every morning, fans calling in saying how their offense will be so stacked but yet their QB can only average 2.5 yards per pass after playing how many minutes??
  7. BtotheH

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    The major factor that will set back the Washington Redkins is RG III, and I mean the fact that this guy is not going to transition into an NFL Pocket Paser, sorry Skins fans stop getting your hopes up. You drafted an athletic QB with a cannon for an arm that made his money by making huge plays with his legs. Washington does not even have to look far to see what we went through with Vick, Vick had the potential to kill you with his legs, he had a cannon for an arm but most of all Vick just could not make the right reads and progressions like a typical pocket passer because he never did this, and where has that gotten Vick in his career? Pro-Bowls but not winnign seasons and play-off oppurtunities. RG III is the same mold as Vick, almost to a "T"......This time last year I thought that RG III would be better than Vick but now I am convinced that RG III will be nothing more than Vick was and is now. A QB that will eventually be set back by nagging injuries becasue he takes too many hits because this is just the type of player and the type of style that he does, were talking about a QB that openly admitted to "baiting" players near the sideline to get flags thrown haha.....I mean how dumb are you to admit taking big hits but oh by the way I do it so we can get 15 yards. Snyder is set on "building" around RG III well then great, Snyder is an idiot for an owner anyway so I wouldn't expect anything less. History has shown and even 2013 has shown that running QB's are not going to last very long. And for those people that claim Russell Wilson is a read-option running QB, you're wrong! Russell Wilson is on his way to being a traditional QB that pulls the ball down and runs after all of his progressions are locked up, and he gets out of bounds or slides because he played baseball before. Another point is that even Keapernick hasn't ran nearly as much as he did last year, last year it was working but those hits that those guys take do not last, Harbaugh got smart and told Keapernick that hits like that can't happen anymore, not when you are supposed to be my QB every week for the next 9-10 years. RG III can have this full offseason all he wants but depending on who will be the coach is another factor. I don't see many conventional coaches coming in wanting to run a zone-read that benefits RG III. Conventional coaches prefer a pocket passing QB that they can coach up, even if it is a spread offense. So what does Snyder risk? Does he go after a college coach to come in here and implement a college offense that caters to RG III's strengths or does he search for a conventional head coach/coordinator in the NFL that is willing to come in here and try to teach a running QB how to pass from the pocket? Meanwhile RG III has footwork issues to work on in the offseason, he has old bad habits to break etc......this is a very very complicated offseason for RG III in my opinion. And in the end I guess what I am trying to say is that if the Skins were smart they would take these next 3 games to evaluate Cousins and his ability to become an NFL QB. Because Cousins played in a traditional offense at college and may already have some stronger attributes than RG III, similar to Foles having better QB attributes than Vick who is a veteran QB. Yea RG III's injury had a lot to do with him being set back this past offseason but what was the cause of that set back? Yea thats right, a shredded knee for taking too many hits. Foles outplaying Vick in this offense is a perfect example of the difference between a pocket passing QB that has coachable skills versus an athletic, dynamic QB that can beat you with his legs more than his arm and instincts. Skins can go ahead and trade away Cousins, but this only helps our chances for years to come. I am just stating what I think because we just got done seeing this take place first hand ever since Vick was named the starter in 2010. And god almighty what a relief it is to see a guy like Foles come through and lead this team and know how to make the appropriate throws.
  8. BtotheH

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    This is why a lot of Washington fans are now realizing that Shanny may not have had the best record or success here in Washington, but he an his son might not have been the BIG problem that every Skins fan is making it out to be. Shanahan wanted a pocket passing QB that could be coached while Snyder wanted a Highlight Reel QB that would fill the stands and sell a lot of jerseys.
  9. BtotheH

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    Sad? Damn bro your too nice, I hate the effing Skins and I am glad to see them laying in their own poo. In all reality, I know what you meant.......
  10. BtotheH

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    I think this has played a role in Griffins regression this year, he knows that Cousins stepped in and provided the same spark that he himself provided to the fans. I don't care what starting QB's say, if the back-up shows good signs, the starting QB starts to worry, especially in Griffins case because his health is unpredictable with his style of play. Something is to be made of Shanny drafting Cousins in the same draft as Griffin. Why would you draft at that same position knowing the defensive holes you have and knowing what you just gave up for Griffin? Two QB's getting drafted in the same draft that close to each other has only happened like 4 other times in NFL history. I say it's because Shanny wanted Cousins and Griffin was Snyder's choice, Griffin was forced on Shanny and I stick to this theory. It sounds like Shanahan's relationship with Snyder was never at ease and never was "good"......these guys have been having a back and forth pissing match for a while now.
  11. BtotheH

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    This is epic, I would love to be a fly on the wall in that building.
  12. BtotheH

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    I thought Shanny was hired literally hours after they fired Zorn. But Allen and Snyder did not leak details about the plane and fans were surprised how fast it came because it was like 1-2 days after the last game of the season. Which led to people believing that Snyder was talking to Shanahan 1-2 weeks before the end of the season and basically the deal was done way before the last game (while Zorn was still coach).
  13. BtotheH

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    Yea but if he steps down he won't get his money right? If I am Shanny I wait until I'm fired so I still get my money. Not surprised at all, DC sports radio were claiming this morning that Shanny would play Cousins as a big F-You to Snyder.
  14. BtotheH

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    I don't know there were reports that Briles is really happy in Texas, the guy has never even vacationed outside of Texas, and does Briles really want to set himself up for this type of potential failure? Briles to me just started gaining recognition a few years ago and if he becomes their new HC, this guy has his work cut out for him, and I'm not really sure he could come in and make that happen. I am not saying that he wouldn't be up for the challenge or he doesn't have th ability, I am just saying that with their current roster and conditions, it would take someone who is possibly more experienced. Were talking about a football team that honestly has 5 good players (Kerrigan, Morris, RG III, Garcon and Reed)......everything else has to be built from the ground up. New offensive lineman with a new scheme, their special teams is atrocious and they have zero draft picks. They will likely lose London Fletcher and DeAngleo Hall. So Snyder then has to ask his dumb self if he is willing to trust a new collegiate HC with tons of cap money to go out and get talent on their roster. Bruce Allen isn't a typical GM whom scouts players and knows the FA's, he just keeps an eye on the money. Skins are really F'ed and Snyder is to blame IMO. Snyder has been the blame ever since he has owned that team. F'em.
  15. BtotheH

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    Yup, I actually look forward to seeing what the real truth is about Shanahan/Danny Boy/RG Me. Once Shanny is fired, it will all come out, of course Danny will deny but in reality who would you believe right now? A shaky owner who doesn't know a thing or an NFL coach that knows what it takes to win in the NFL. A lot of reports coming out in the last week about RG III/Danny Boy's friendship. I have heard a ton of reports like: Danny Boy wanted RG III to start the opener. Shanny/Allen wanted RG III to start week 4. Danny Boy sends limo's to RG III's house to pick up his wife for every game, but she claims to take a cab. Supposedly RG III is going to have a say in which new HC get's interviewed/hired. Just an all out Cluster there in DC, not that I care but Snyder is running that organization to the ground, and all I can do is laugh. And the Redskins think that Art Briles is going to be interested in re-shaping a screwed up, non-talented football team with a a** for an owner? Yea good luck on that HC searching, I don't care how blank that check is........