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  1. Houston Eagles fans?

    Philly in 4 days!!
  2. Houston Eagles fans?

  3. Houston Eagles fans?

    16 days till training camp! finally you bunch of beeaacchheess!!
  4. Houston Eagles fans?

    good turnout this year!
  5. Houston Eagles fans?

    OOOOO, Im a lady!!! and dont get there too early and take my reserved spot, lol
  6. Houston Eagles fans?

    Nicks tonight? Anyone?
  7. Houston Eagles fans?

    Welcome Welcome! Although it is hotter than the bowels of hell around here, Houston is a great city. http://www.nicksplacehouston.com/ will be our home this year. I cant garuntee attendance the next two weeks, but come Sept 7 the place will be packed. Come on down and get your drink on. Make sure everyone gets thier tickets to the Eagles v Texans game. We ask and reccomend going thrrough the green legion.
  8. Houston Eagles fans?

    address and link for nick's place in updated in post 1 of this thread
  9. Houston Eagles fans?

    132 days till game one!
  10. Houston Eagles fans?

    I bought www.houstoneaglesnest.com the other day. It is under our control for a year and will be maintained. It was cheap the first go around so Its on me but the nest might have to chip in next year. It is pretty basic and will more than likely always be a work in progress, as we all know I am now a web designer, but it will always be up to date. At least it will be somewhere that will be searchable for us and anyone coming in from out of town. We have the masses from Philly coming next year wo we want to have things in order. If anyone knows how to tinker with Godaddy Website Builder better than I, which is easy, give me a holler please.
  11. Houston Eagles fans?

    We will be ready for game 1. Gonna try do do something at the new house one game, but we know how those go.
  12. Houston Eagles fans?

    attendance is voluntary
  13. Houston Eagles fans?

    What What
  14. Houston Eagles fans?

    17 days until we find out if the new regime drafts any better than the fat man
  15. Houston Eagles fans?

    140 days till camp. Pencil us in for the float trip but lee travels for a living so who knows. it way too far out now.