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  1. 14 I can't
  2. Wasn't the picture I expected with that phrase... allow me...
  3. Shady is the most exciting player I've seen in an Eagles uniform. And what he wrote was unmitigated garbage lulz
  4. Per Rotoworld: Ex-Redskins GM Scot McCloughan says his dismissal wasn't related to his past drinking problems. The disclosure comes via friend and former NFLer Michael Robinson, whom McCloughan helped sign in Seattle. Via Robinson, McCloughan termed his firing as a "pride thing" by Redskins president Bruce Allen. The way Robinson tells the story, Allen dressed McCloughan down in a post-Combine meeting. "Nobody likes you in this building. Nobody wants you here," was the way McCloughan recounted Allen's comments to Robinson. By all indications, Allen has gone mad with power (again)." Redskins fans be like
  5. Should try rugby. Or basketball.
  6. Now that it's official... what's the new abbreviation? We've got LAR for the Rams, right? I'd assume we'd have LAC for the Chargers, like we have for the Clippers in the NBA to differentiate between the L.A. teams. Are the Raiders now LV? That makes the most sense, but it looks a little weird. It looks like a Super Bowl numeral. 55, if my Latin is correct. (The SB Wentz is gonna win, amirite?) Maybe LAS? I think it'd be too confusing to have 3 LA_ teams.
  7. Ultimately I agree with your take on Johnny and Colin.
  8. Now I don't wanna be that guy, but I gotta say it... it Manziel gets a job before Kaepernick does... yowza lol
  9. Good ol' Snydey back in charge!
  10. me when I see the Giants signed another stud wideout to go with the two they already have
  11. matching NFL hat, t-shirt, and track pants 🔥💯
  12. It looks like more of those good ol' days may be ahead of us, paco.
  13. Redskins: wow we had a top 10 offense this year Redskins to Redskins: dismantle it Redskins: wow we're finally making smart roster moves that directly benefit the team's W-L percentage with a legitimate GM on board Redskins to Redskins: fire him