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  1. Jeep_Man

    Week 13: Bills @ Cowboys (Thanksgiving)

    Yeap nothing has changed. Dak Prescott stinks....
  2. Jeep_Man

    Laremy Tunsil traded to the Texans

    Oh my, missing out on Dillard has put Texans in a Herschel walker type situation which the Vikings went through...
  3. Best wishes & prayers with you Nick during this challenging phase in your life....
  4. Jeep_Man

    Robert Kraft Arrested....

    I agree with your sentiment, this really is a non issue, only issue is that Rub n TuG places are not licensed brothels so sexual acts there are illegal. The real issue is he is Robert KRaft...
  5. Jeep_Man

    Robert Kraft Arrested....

    Tom Brady to Kraft: Dammitt I thought me only loved you long timeeeeeeeeee......................
  6. Jeep_Man

    Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs Patriots.

    I hope Rams lose, that will make Nick an even more valuable asset for trade..
  7. Well if you read one of my previous posts,, I gave an example of why the NFL would want the Rams in this years Superbowl. League has it's own agenda, I find it concerning that most fans would not question the NFL, instead just follow them like it is written in a gospel and not use any intuition or think outside the square. Blind supporting is what NFL wants and needs, if people started questioning them then they are in trouble. Look at the way SPY Gate was handled for example, Goodell destroyed the tapes, NFL is just as corrupt as every other sport, as long as there are not enough people to challenge them or ask uncomfortable questions, they sitting pretty and rich....
  8. Well I did say in one of my previous posts that I believe not all games were rigged, so that is enough for me to keep watching...
  9. Well its good that NFL has fans like you because they in trouble if ppl like me were in big numbers... Lets agree to disagree my friend.....
  10. I have never seen such terrible pass interference calls not get called, it was borderline abuse what the Rams DBs were getting away with and the Refs were watching it happen right in front of their eyes... I am not saying what you are saying is wrong, could be true, however I feel this game was fixed... P.S. I hate the Saints,..............
  11. So you honestly, hand on heart believe there has never been a fixed game in the NFL ? Never , Period ?????????????
  12. I am not saying all games are setup, however some of it is. It's part of sports, not just the NFL, have you ever scratched your head and thought how the hell did Roger Federer lose a game to a nobody out of nowhere ? the 1980 Mr Olympia, how Arnold Schwarzenegger won ?..... Gambling/Betting or whatever other factors such as for instance the NFL themselves to promote its agenda is what determines outcomes of games, the avg fans like me and you are supposed to just live in our own little worlds with our every day lives thinking everything is righteous...
  13. TO be fair, I do believe the Rams vs Saints game was already setup for Rams to win. NFL needed to inject life into the populace in LA and getting the RAMS to the superbowl was the best way to do it.... I dont feel bad for the Saints though, they are just a shi* franchise in general...
  14. Jeep_Man

    bears aren't beating the Vikings

    Amen brother... We all have boarded the St Nick Train... Lets go get it...
  15. Jeep_Man

    bears aren't beating the Vikings

    I got a feeling that the NFL is on the Nick Foles feel good story wagon... If the Vikings go into the playoffs, it doesn't have the same glamour nor would it get the TV ratings/viewers that could be gained from a St Nick miracle number 2 story. I expect the REFS to help out the Bears quite a bit vs the Vikings in order to help pave way for St Nick and the Eagles to make the playoffs. Bears winning this and Eagles taking care of business vs the Skins... Playoffs, here we come, all on board the ST NICK EXPRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!