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  1. yep, same thing. they saw those shiny brass chevrons from a distance and thought they were butter bars.
  2. yay! one less cowturd fan in a position of influence.
  3. Roger Goodell has his money on the Cowboys this time. I hate to see it happen, but their holding on O and cheap shots on D are going all the way this year.
  4. the Dallas Cowboys OL is the undisputed king of uncalled holding in the NFL.
  5. Not necessary. In late 1999, Andy Reid went to the Roslin Institute at Edinboro and had Donovan McNabb cloned. That clone is now 15 and is only a few years away from becoming our QB of the future.
  6. 3 way trade: Bradford to SanFran for Krapernick and a 2nd. Krapernick to Jets for a 1st.
  7. just glad to see the Stealers blown out like a bad bowel movement. bums.
  8. disgusting.
  9. Philly, obviously. Would you rather be throwing a battery, or getting hit by one?
  10. I bought an ex-GF out there an Eagles jersey, but I doubt that converted her from being a 9ers fan.
  11. Duce isnt nearly ready yet, but I hope he sticks around and climbs the ranks. EVENTUALLY, it would be great to see him as HC. .....I still remember watching him drag 3 or 4 defenders on his back into the end zone....
  12. yes it is. the question is, what is Lurie going to do to fix things.
  13. the most appropriate punishment would be to suspend him from the last game of the year. that would teach him a lesson.