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  1. Eagles Fan in Russia

    1991 happened.
  2. yeah, that and the blatant Aeneas Williams PI that the refs called an "interception" to end the Eagles comeback.
  3. Saints shopping CB Breaux

    lol. you beat me to it by mere seconds.
  4. Saints shopping CB Breaux

    swap him for our own player who breaks up passes and creates interceptions: Nelson Agholor!
  5. Saints shopping CB Breaux

    with a name like Breaux he has to stay with the Saints.
  6. "The heart of every citizen must expand with joy when he reflects how near our Government has approached to perfection; that in respect to it we have no essential improvement to make; that the great object is to preserve it in the essential principles and features which characterize it, and that is to be done by preserving the virtue and enlightening the minds of the people"  - James Monroe, 1817

  7. yep, same thing. they saw those shiny brass chevrons from a distance and thought they were butter bars.
  8. NFL VP Dean Blandino resigning to take network job

    yay! one less cowturd fan in a position of influence.
  9. NFL Playoff Prediction Thread

    Roger Goodell has his money on the Cowboys this time. I hate to see it happen, but their holding on O and cheap shots on D are going all the way this year.
  10. Week 2 Open Discussion.

    the Dallas Cowboys OL is the undisputed king of uncalled holding in the NFL.
  11. Kaepernick wants out of San Fran

    Not necessary. In late 1999, Andy Reid went to the Roslin Institute at Edinboro and had Donovan McNabb cloned. That clone is now 15 and is only a few years away from becoming our QB of the future.
  12. Kaepernick wants out of San Fran

    3 way trade: Bradford to SanFran for Krapernick and a 2nd. Krapernick to Jets for a 1st.