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  1. I love Classic Rock & RUm

  2. It shrunk considerably after he cut his dreads now Michael Strahan flosses his gap tooth with it.
  3. Hopefully he can impale Kolb's chimphole and bring out his fiery side.
  4. He lost his sexiness when he cut his dreads off. Without them his dong is useless.
  5. I can't stop staring at your Lloyd avatar!

  6. Why you be spying on my profile, girl?! :D

  7. Maybe they thought you were here to steal the playbook for the Browns LOL

  8. I see you finally got in. LOL Welcome to EMB.

  9. Hi do you want to be my Asante Samuel?

  10. Do you have wet dreams with Eldra Buckley in them?

  11. Sup punk arse you aint no eagles fan. LOL