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  1. shok

    Adam Gase

  2. shok

    Is it possible?

  3. shok

    All-Los Angeles Super Bowl?

    The same as an all Penisvainia Super Bowl
  4. shok

    Is it possible?

    You guys should bundle up and enjoy watching the team that will destroy you next week.
  5. shok

    Is it possible?

  6. shok

    Is it possible?

    I know right. I need to learn to wield these super powers for good instead of evil.
  7. shok

    Is it possible?

    The Eagles are not winning sunday. I don't even think it will be nearly as close as the first game. Eagles are not beating the Rams and Houston is playing lights out right now. To think they will run the table on these teams is just ridiculous.
  8. I remember the 2009 undefeated Saints. The Cowboys went into their house without a hope and pulled off a solid beating. Did the same to Peyton's Colts. Anything can happen.
  9. shok

    Lets talk about The cowboys special

    Yes I planned that someone would make this thread, and then the Cowboys would win this particular game almost 3 years ago. It all played out exactly as I planned.
  10. shok

    Lets talk about The cowboys special

    If traffic = your wife....been there done that thanks
  11. shok

    Lets talk about The cowboys special

    Life got in the way. I stumbled in here a few times over the years. You guys are always my favorites.
  12. shok

    Lets talk about The cowboys special

    Maybe, but your season is over because of Dallas, and that's what really matters at this moment. Be in the now