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  1. Are you still in Seoul? I'm here now too! How do you watch Eagles games? I'm planning to go to Iteawon and wander around and hope for luck.... 

  2. Anyone who watched him in the Big Ten knew he was a train wreck waiting to happen. Even if he was on the field, run at him and he packs it in and quits.
  3. Rolando McClain suspended 10 games

    Good thing they don't have an aging QB whose window is closing
  4. Eli for MVP in 2017?

  5. Broncos D, the Greatest in Super Bowl Era?

    Wouldn't you expect a higher PPG against then? FWIW football outsiders has the '91 eagles defense as the best of all time as well, and they account for short fields/offensive turnovers more than any other source.
  6. Super Bowl 50 Schedule and Discussion

    My initial thoughts are Carolina 24-13, but we'll see with the Thomas Davis injury news. Best way to beat those Denver pass rushers is to run it right at them, something Carolina has done all year
  7. NFC Divisional: #5 Packers @ #2 Cardinals

    What a freaking game. Bummer of an ending, but w/e
  8. DVOA guys, DVOA. If we've learned anything from the Chip Kelly debacle it's that per game stats are pretty misleading as they don't account for pace of play. (particularly yards per game). Per Play and Per Drive stats are vastly superior.
  9. Week 17: Vikings @ Packers

    I know it's taboo to not try and win a game, but after seeing how awful GB is Minnesota would have been so much better off losing this game and getting to play them again next week. Instead, it's a home game against Seattle (who beat them 38-7 in week 13)
  10. Which playoff team are you going to be rooting for?

    Hate: Arizona, Wash, NE Lukewarm: KC, Seattle Don't care about: the rest
  11. Odell Beckham Jr.

    ODB is a corny a** labradoodle.
  12. Stretch run! Who wins the NFCE?

    I'd say 6-10, but winning an extra game to get a worse draft pick is something we'd do
  13. Sticking a fork in Dallas

    Winner winner chicken dinner
  14. That NFL hearing transcript is a reallllllllly bad look. Going with the classic "she tripped into the bathtub and ended up completely bruised to ish excuse. Oh and a little "she went because he wouldn't have sex with her." Nothing like a little victim blaming and s!ut shaming to get a guy back in the league