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  1. nobody on planet earth cares about the final standings during a time when it had half the amt of teams; prior to the sb era. only eagle fans, actually. hahaha. (i didnt mention the redskins' 37 and 42 titles for a reason, because i could care less about them, there were only a fraction of the teams then and therefore dont matter much. not to mention i never saw them. i saw all 3 super bowl titles.)

    And judging from your "fan since" date, you happened to start rooting for them the exact year they won their first. What a coincidence!

    No matter what an Eagle fan says about OTHER teams, particularly in their own division (and the section of the forum that houses this thread is practically dedicated to bashing those teams), these fans privately know that Cowboy, Giant, and Redskin fans don't think anything of their beloved eagles and don't care that the eagle fan "doesnt care" what they think.

    You sound like a Raider fan. Washington and Oakland are the jokes of the league now, and Washington has been it for longer

  2. I worked in China and regularly ran into people that would not hire people from a certain area because their area was considered lazy but would hire people from a different area because they were considered hard working.

    I worked a lot overseas and saw this on a regular basis.

    It is not racism, it is cultural differences. Cultures view others differently. If you were to call it racism everyone in the world would be racists. Everyone.

    LOL. (Coming from someone living in Korea btw)

  3. I know no one is but I'm actually scared about that offense. A healthy offense rolled through us back in 2012. Rg3 healthy, a good young backin Morris, Jordan Reed looks good, and Fred Davis is an average starter. Did I mention garçon and Desean are playing wide out with moss in the slot. There o line isn't all that good but they hit on a solid player in the draft we could look pretty stupid for giving them Desean for nothing.

    Yes I know there Defense is average.

    You're scared if a team with no Oline and the worst defense and worst special teams in the league? Ok

  4. Rg3 has earned the right to speak up when things are not right..the coaches have sucked this season..the receivers are dropping passes like flies...he has the right to speak up...he has won the heisman and rookie of the year for God's sake...what has foles won besides beating teams with bad qbs?

    When they're winning, RGIII: me me me me me. During his rehab: me me me me. Now that they're losing: everyone else!

  5. If the Eagles had the number 1 pick in 2015 after foles shows he is a fraud next season...don't tell me you won't draft winston in a heart beat

    I don't know. He's a freshman. As a freshman he might be "more pro ready" than Luck was as a freshman, but it's a moot point since he can't come out anyway. If he comes out after his sophomore year, he almost certainly won't be more pro ready than Luck was after his senior year