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  1. Moss needs to sit his a** down....when he caught 9 Tds last season....he was hugging rg3 telling him thanks a lot man...its been a long time that he dropping so many passes he wants to jump rg3....your time is up mossy...we need big wide receivers ...not your 5ft 9 midget a**

    If hes saying it you can guarantee there's more in the locker room thinking it. Ordinarily espn is awful, but this is what the league thinks of rg3 right now:

    ps. when rg3 said that "no one was open" on the last play, he's wrong. Helu (running an option route) is in fact open, and every player on the team can see that on film. That's why they're calling out rg3

  2. I just visited the "" msg board. It's their version of "". RGIII is in the fans' doghouse, two Redskin fans actually posted that Nick Foles is better than RGIII. According to these angry posters, Foles is on par with Luck, Kapernick, and Wilson. Be PROUD of what the Eagles' have!!!!

    To be honest comparing him to Kaep is an insult to foles. Kaep has been pretty mediocre this year

  3. Just got smoked in a race by Chad Johnson of all people. I'll repeat that. Chad Johnson. Chad was a fellow overachiever, yet apparently he's faster than Owens, too. I'm actually surprised by how slow Owens is. I thought he was at least mediocre in that area.

    This kind of reminds me of how everyone talks about how Roger Federer is the most talented tennis player ever, when he can't hit a decent top spin backhand to save his life.

    You're still here?