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  1. yes, seriously...

    how is a cleaning crew at a millionares house unusual?

    Whats unusual is smashing cameras and dumping a dead body. Cleaning people? You know how many people had their houses cleaned today in a murder free house? Thats the worst evidence ive ever heard. What percent of millionares do you think clean their own houses?

    :roll: Obviously on its own its nothing. Mix it with all the other suspicious activity and you've got something

  2. hes a millionare with a mansion, do you not think he has cleaning people? ****, my parents did and we lived in a 3 bedroom starter home. Not that all this evidence looks good, but a cleaning service going to a millionares house is hardly anything unusual. What if Monday was just their day to come?

    Do all rich people smash their security systems and phones when questioned by police? How about have cars rented out in their name that were at homicide crime scenes?

  3. Just got smoked in a race by Chad Johnson of all people. I'll repeat that. Chad Johnson. Chad was a fellow overachiever, yet apparently he's faster than Owens, too. I'm actually surprised by how slow Owens is. I thought he was at least mediocre in that area.

    This kind of reminds me of how everyone talks about how Roger Federer is the most talented tennis player ever, when he can't hit a decent top spin backhand to save his life.

    You're still here?