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  1. Anyone else posting ghey arse ish like "kindsoul" just know that you are not that mans God, so F your forgiveness...bunch of fraudulent hypocrites.

  2. You arent even an Eagles fan so why waste time coming to our board with your animal rights crap? I dont give a F how you feel about your so-called cause. Vick did his time and paid his debt. YOU are not that man's God..so F your forgiveness...get over yourself. I bet youre not so shining and pure in other facets of life...so judge not, less...

  3. Do you know how to spell, English please have no idea what youre talking about. But if you think what Vick did should be dismissed and that its over. Think again. Everytime his face in on tv, so is the dog fighting issue. .

  4. what do you have to say.....say something alrerady