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  1. I mean, they say 'this is a QB driven league', right? It wasn't an accident that ex-QB's, QB Coaches and OC's Frank Reich and Doug Pederson, along with former QB Coach and OC DiFillipo were was by design. Add in Bradford, Daniel and now Wentz, and, I think the Birds might have 'the most important position in football' covered. And that's a BAD thing??? Don't think so.
  2. A potentially GREAT Safety tandem.....FINALLY......after what seems like years of waiting....these guys can be off the charts.
  3. I have absolutely NO problem at all with Sam Bradford. The guy said he wanted to be here and thought he could play himself into staying here, so, it's not abnormal to be disappointed like he was. Now, following the advise of his putz agent is another story, but, as far as I'm concerned, it's Bradford's job, and, if he plays well, it just might be his job for a lot longer than people think. I also thought he handled his PC about as well as you could handle it.
  4. Great to hear and honestly believe SB will have a big year, which means the Birds will have a big year....we're about DUE.
  5. If he's right from the ears up....has a chance to be a special pass rusher and am sure Schwartz will let him do what he does best, which is, go get the QB.
  6. If it's me....I'm trading BACK and picking up the 2nd rounder we lost and maybe more....and STILL getting the QB I want in Paxton Lynch (most upside). The kid is green and needs time...we have time....they can have their cake (the draft picks) and eat it too (landing Lynch).
  7. Great signing....wanted them to draft him out of college, actually....better late than never, eh? Peters, Wisniewski, Kelce, Brooks & Johnson....I'll take it.
  8. [News] Meet The Prospect: Ronnie Stanley

    It's NOT a gimme that you draft a T and just automatically 'plug him into the G position' (which is what they did with Watkins) and it's a seamless transition. And at pick #8, I want as close to a sure thing as there is, let alone the best and most impactful football player, which is Ezekial Elliot IMO. If theres ONE player who can have the MOST IMPACT on the Offense, it's hard to imagine anyone but him. Take a G who can also play T (like Vidal Alexander from LSU) and your line is Peters, Alexander, Kelse, Brooks, Johnson. When Peters hangs em up, put Alexander out to RT (which he played in college) all you have to do is plug in a LG.
  9. JaCourey Shepard and Denzel Rice have 'length'? Really? And please, Matt bleeping Tobin again? I know, I know....."the coaches love him", right? Oh freaking brother, now I'm supposed to wet myself over an already injured Shepard, an UFA like Denzel Rice and another UFA in Matt bleeping Tobin? Damn Dave, you should be a spin doctor.....for peeps like Joey Buttafuco, Bill Clinton and OJ freaking Simpson!
  10. Sam's just now coming into his prime at 28 years old (and not a lot of wear and tear with missing a couple seasons) and with Pederson, Reich AND John DiFillipo ALL QB friendly (especially DP), Bradford has a chance to be special IMO Especially now that he can work on things like strength without having to rehab a knee (which, by the way, takes a LOT of guts to do....he did it TWICE). You want a sign? The last QB we got in a trade with the Rams was Ron Jaworski and he won a league MVP and went to the SB. Wore #7 too, just like Bradford. He'll be more than worth the money when you think of how hard it is to get a top flight QB in this league. I mean, if your going to pay a CB or a DT that kind of money, but draw the line with the QB position??
  11. The ONE lousy thing DeMarco did well (converting 3rd downs, batting .1000) and they didn't use him at the most important about cutting off your nose to spite your face? Glad that rat b@stard Kelly (and Davis) is gone.
  12. But Kelly/Davis were spiteful as they wouldn't use Marcus Smith either...funny he performed well when he DID get in the game at the END of the season.....last year they wouldn't use Chris Polk at the goal line, and this year it was DeMarco Murray...again, spite. Thank God that bleep won't be happening now and this signing of Najee reflects that....hence the 'hope'.
  13. This is another player who's always performed when he's been on the field....but for some reason, Kelly/Davis never used him....even though Kiko was horrendous (for whatever reason) Goode STILL couldn't find the field. Underrated player IMO and glad they resigned him....and another signing that gives me hope that they know what their doing.
  14. Wow....Lane Johnsons athleticism...with Jon Runyan's mentality? Good night Irene.....