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  1. pjlj77

    2018 Jaguars at QB

    Watch browns sign Cousins and use 1 and 4th pick on non qb's.
  2. pjlj77

    Super Bowl in Minneapolis?

    Yes its a dome
  3. pjlj77

    The Browns

    Yea looked up the rule after i posted he can sumit his name for draft he gets a grade from scouts. 1ST round 2nd round or reconmend they stay in school. Then has 15 days to stay in the draft or pull his name from the draft (long as he has not hired a agent) and return to shcool.
  4. pjlj77

    The Browns

    As long as he dose not hire a agent he wont lose out on his final year of college. Far as i under stand how the rule works. So can he enter the draft see who picks him dose not like the team that picks him go back to play college ball if he dose not hire a agent?