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  1. Without a doubt, a great Oline is something special. However, if your Dallass fan friend is saying DeMarco Murray only posted his numbers because of his Oline, ask him why he only averaged 4.7 yards per carry last year. Then remind him when Dallass' Oline wasn't all that great, DeMarco averaged 5.2 yards in 2013 and 5.5 yards in 2011.
  2. They have you by the short hairs if you want to hook up and tailgate with friends. To put it in perspective, it cost $30 for a ticket to the game during the last season at the Vet.
  3. Highway robbery, or parking lot robbery as the case may be, to charge $40 to park. Tickets the last year at the Vet were $30. Tailgating is half the fun so they have you by the short hairs, and they know it.
  4. Guess the only people who know for sure are Rice and his girlfriend/wife. However, if Eskin is correct and the video he mentioned ever surfaced, that would be a huge black eye for the NFL. As for Steven A., after the trouble he got in for opening his big mouth, of course he's going to say it was defensive.
  5. According to Howard Eskin on WIP this morning, there are witnesses and footage of Ray Rice punching his girlfriend in the casino nightclub. The punch knocked her out, and Rice then dragged her out of the club into the elevator. That footage, for whatever reason, has not been made available although the NFL supposedly has seen it.