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  1. Please let me know if anyone has extra tickets and/or tickets you cannot use. I take my kids every year but was unable to get any this year. Thank you !
  2. Thanks man. Xfinity Live would be ideal - but unlikely to get in
  3. I want to hang out, tailgate, and just be in the atmosphere on Sunday - but not sure if I'm heading in to the game or not. Is there anywhere to watch the game once kickoff starts ? I'm sure that Xfinity will be at max capacity. Any ideas ?
  4. PhillyEagles005

    Rain tailgate

    Settle down, lol. Yes, I'm going either way. No, I won't melt. Just asking about the crowd. Go Birds !
  5. Hey all ! Heading in for the Niners game Sunday. Supposed to be rain all day. Any word on if people still tailgate ? Somehow, I've always seemed to avoid the rainy games