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  1. McNabbIsGone

    Rooting hard AF for Andy and the "Chefs"...

    I would too . . . but I won't be holding my breath waiting for it.
  2. McNabbIsGone

    Rooting hard AF for Andy and the "Chefs"...

    Me neither. I fell off his bandwagon after the Super Bowl loss in 2005. I don't owe him anything. Reid's years here, 1999 - 2012, were filled with cheap thrills and some nice stats. But they were also filled with a number of CRUSHING defeats. The three lost NFC Champ games, the Super Bowl loss and the back-to-back losses to the Bucs in our last game ever at the Vet and the opener at the Linc all come to mind. You could also throw in McNabb's last two games as an Eagle . . . both CRUSHING losses to the Dallas Cowpies with McNabb playing 'Air Guitar' in the tunnel in Dallas but hey! Who's counting?? But really, the only stat that matters is the Super Bowl win . . . and that is a stat I think AR will never achieve. His stats with KC are nearly identical with his first years here . . . worse, in fact, in terms of AFC Championships reached. There's a 'Cult Of Reid' out there (like McNabb) who gush over his achievements while ignoring or down-playing his failures. You can have Reid & McNabb up to yer eyeballs for all I care. If Pederson never even goes to another Super Bowl at least we have last year to thank him (and Foles) for in perpetuity. And that's a HELLUVA lot better than the Reid / McNabb chokers club.
  3. McNabbIsGone

    Is it possible?

    "I'm hoping we can just win a game!!"
  4. McNabbIsGone

    McCarthy Fired

    I'm thinking the Jets woulda done this before the Pack.
  5. McNabbIsGone

    McCarthy Fired

    And the plot thickens:‘prima-donna’/ar-BBQqh7Q?ocid=spartandhp
  6. McNabbIsGone

    McCarthy Fired

    Here's some more info to 'flesh out' the story:
  7. McNabbIsGone

    McCarthy Fired

    His record with The Pack is: 125 - 77 - 2 = .6176 winning % over 13 seasons. That's a pretty good NFL record by any standard I'm aware of. According to the article he, 'Lost The Offense' and was wasting Rodgers' last good years. Really tough racket to be a part of. Results oriented, no excuses and oh-by-the-way: What Have Ya Done For Me Lately??
  8. McNabbIsGone

    Beating the Birds totally gave the Cowgirls confidence

    I've given up trying to figure out who's gonna beat who . . . something always upsets the apple cart. However, I do predict some problems for Jerruh trying to keep his team together and not pay through the nose:
  9. McNabbIsGone

    Week 12: Falcons @ Saints (Thanksgiving)

    Yup . . . just like us. None to speak of anyways. Watching Blount in the Lions game reminded me of him in the Super Bowl. Ran for a bunch of tough yards in close & popped a few long ones in-between. Ran one in for a TD as well. Note to Howie & Doug: we need a bigger RB. Check out the "GUNS" on Saquon Barkley on Sunday.
  10. McNabbIsGone

    Week 12: Falcons @ Saints (Thanksgiving)

    Falcons eliminated from winning division.
  11. McNabbIsGone

    Week 11: Chiefs @ Rams

    Andy Reid has to do a better job . . .
  12. McNabbIsGone

    Week 11: Chiefs @ Rams

    what a dope - he ran out of bounds
  13. McNabbIsGone

    Week 11: Chiefs @ Rams

    game over
  14. McNabbIsGone

    Week 11: Chiefs @ Rams

    Nail biting time . . .
  15. McNabbIsGone

    Week 11: Chiefs @ Rams

    Exactly what I was thinking. Too much time . . .