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  1. McNabbIsGone

    Giants fans...

    Then vincent_NJG Sez: I'm not fan of DG but people running around declaring that there's no plan whatsoever are shortsighted at best. I think it's mostly media types who say and do this sort of thing. It's what they do. Remember the dopes at the NY Post after Foles was Super Bowl MVP last year? Almost the very next day they were yelling, "The Jets should sign him . . . NOW!! No matter what it costs!!" And they even continued it a bit by implying that the Giants were in the mix for signing Foles this year. STUPID. I knew as long as Eli was a Giant Foles would never be signed by them. Aside from the cost factor (huge) There's no better 'bridge' QB on the planet than the one who's been there the last 15 years or so. Eli is in the last year of his contract anyways which makes me think the Gmen will try to make a QB deal this year so Eli can mentor him. UNLESS they've targeted someone they really like in next year's draft. But then they almost have to deliberately tank the season to be in position to draft him . . . or at least get close. Giants fans (fanned by the rabid NY media) can only tolerate so much losing before going ballistic so I don't know if option #2 is even an option . . . but I think not.
  2. McNabbIsGone

    Tyreek Hill under investigation for beating his son

    Violence begets more violence, one way or another. As the father of 4 grown children, three of whom are well-developed sons, this person might want to consider what sort of violence he's perpetrating in the future for his actions today. Paybacks can be a . . . thing to avoid.
  3. McNabbIsGone

    Giants fans...

    Us signing him last year or letting him go to the Giants?
  4. McNabbIsGone

    Giants fans...

    Agree with all of that . . . and the man has certainly earned the right to go out on his own terms. Not that anyone will be rushing to sign him after next year . . . but at least he gets to decide if he retires a Giant . . . or not.
  5. McNabbIsGone

    Giants fans...

    Yeah, right.
  6. McNabbIsGone

    Case Keenum Traded To Washington

    WOW . . . I guess we see what the market is for used, non-champion starting QBs in this league. A 6th round pick? That seems cheap to me. Then again Flacco was only worth a 4th.
  7. McNabbIsGone

    Was Super Bowl LIII Fixed?

    I hadn't really thought about this situation this way before . . . makes a lot of sense. Thanks for posting!
  8. McNabbIsGone

    All Time Winning Percentages for All Teams.

    You're an idiot!! Aside from the fact that your crummy Cowpies haven't won anything in 24 years they've only been around since 1960. The Eagles winning record since 1960 is .524
  9. McNabbIsGone

    Robert Kraft Arrested....

    The entire episode is embarrassing, unseemly, disgusting and, frankly, unbelievable . . . given the lofty position this man holds. Good luck trying to prove he knew these girls were under age or sex slaves. Unless the idiot said something on camera that proves it the dude's just trying to get his knob polished . . . he doesn't need to know any of that. Given the hatred I have for his team and his HC it's hard for me to feel sorry for him.
  10. McNabbIsGone

    Robert Kraft Arrested....

    YO!! Bob-bee! Next time just use the hand cream, eh?
  11. McNabbIsGone

    Robert Kraft Arrested....

    The man has NOT yet been arrested. He's been charged. The warrant goes out on Monday, they said. This'll give Kraft and his team time to get a handle on this . . . KRAFT brand s p o o g e . . . nothing but the best!
  12. McNabbIsGone

    Antonio Brown Saga

    Does the NFL allow the use of Prozac? Just a random thought . . .
  13. It would be funny . . . but I don't think he ever gets the chance. The NFL's TV ratings are going back up. Many who left over the shenanigans he started have very likely returned. No sense in pissing everyone off again. He's POISON as far as I'm concerned.
  14. And ANOTHER thing:
  15. Until I hear or see otherwise I'm going with this rendition of the known facts: We all have the right to legal remedy if we think we've been slighted or cheated in some way. Kaep has made himself persona non grata to many (myself included) so it's hard for us to be fair with him. If this is how it ends I can see why both sides did what they did. Now please, Kaep, just go away and have a nice life in the AAF. Just B/C of the negative PR I can't see him ever coming back to the NFL.