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  1. Dead Men Walking

    Appreciate the sentiment . . . I 'get' it. But consider this: even if Cleveland had selected Wentz there's a very good chance he'd be failing miserably anyways. Look how Wentz struggled here last year. And our team was demonstrably better than the Browns last year. Their coaching is mediocre to bad which means everything they do is mediocre to bad . . . and their continuing SUCKAGE proves that. Wentz is likely thanking his lucky stars he landed here instead of Cleveland. The Browns are an ongoing joke of a franchise. I've read where Chip Kelly's TV gig may crash & burn . . . maybe they should give him a call! How much worse could they be?? <g>
  2. League admits to Redskins they blew major call.

    And, apparently, so should the refs! <g>
  3. Peyton Manning An NFL GM?

    That's cool, glad to hear it. I'd like to attend one of those! The only thing re: tonight's game I'm nervous about is the Eags coming out flat off the bye. Even then I expect them to wake up and eventually roll over the Cowpies. E - A - G - L - E - S EAGLES!!!!!!!
  4. Peyton Manning An NFL GM?

    Do they still throw 'Block Parties' like we had back in the 60's? I lived at the corner of Tabor & Van Kirk in the Lawncrest / Crescentville section. They used to close off one of the streets behind Tabor which was Bennington or Lawndale Sts. They had all the same stuff you'd get at the boardwalk plus gambling! They had a dice game with 3 white dice (bones) in a cage. You'd place your bet on a number or a combo for 10 cents a bet!
  5. Peyton Manning An NFL GM?

    Browns owner Jimmy Haslam has "very strong and sincere” interest in pursuing Peyton Manning for a top executive role with the team. Haslam is said to be "desperate” to put together a football operations department and coaching staff that can win, and he obviously feels Manning can play a big part in accomplishing that goal. Friends and former teammates believe Manning will either become an executive or part owner of an NFL team at some point. The Tennessee Titans and New Orleans Saints are believed to interest the five-time NFL MVP the most.
  6. Kaepernick still no job’s-time-for-an-nfl-team-to-sign-colin-kaepernick/ar-BBF8p3l?ocid=spartanntp This guy is a Lib-****. They just don't 'get' it . . .
  7. Oh, ok . . . I wuz just having some fun with it!
  8. I do too. I'm Philly born & bred and I certainly have no affinity for Noo Yawk in any way whatsoever . . . but I've been listening to Mike Francesa since the late 80's and he's convinced me that he knows what's happening in the sports world and he knows how to relate it to all of us. He'll be leaving WFAN next month and I must admit: I will miss him. He's THE BEST sports radio guy I've ever heard!
  9. WFAN's Mike Francessa 'fleshes out' the Jerruh vs. Goodell battle:
  10. Meetoo . . . but after the game I tune into the COMCAST Sports Network for their post-game show, which is all Eagles all the time. Whatever is being broadcast on CSN is immediately interrupted at the end of the Eagle game and the post-game show goes on. Michael Barkann, Ray Diddy, Seth Joyner & Barrett Brooks hosting with 'The Governator' Ed Rendell on TV monitor. I enjoy the banter back & forth between them and they're pretty objective for 'homers'. And OH-BY-THE-WAY . . . Seth is still HUGE & looks like he could go right back on the field!
  11. Jerruh threatens to go after Goodell 'with everything he has' . . .
  12. Correct. Now the team loses him for making the playoffs and playoff position. Woulda been better to have gotten it over with earlier in the season.
  13. NFL & Goodell fire back at Jerruh; sets the stage for removal of Jerruh, if I'm reading this right:
  14. Ben McAdoo On Hot-Seat - 2 Players Squeal

    WFAN NYC's Mike Francesa on Giants meltdown: