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  1. I got a Math test on Wednesday. I'd much rather have Wentz take it for me.
  2. Riding Reggie's Bush.
  3. Well done. You just spent your 1 life's wish!
  4. Instant post-draft analysis.
  5. I'm not suggesting Cousins is a great QB. Simply I believe Texans need a good enough playmaker to be competitive and they haven't even got that. If they had a top 15-20 QB that team is competitive. You must agree with me as you deemed him average. Clearly the person who did the spelling in that gif is also doing it right.
  6. If Cousins went to the Texans they would be competing for a Super Bowl. Sucks for them both.
  7. Apparently dying of it isn't that rare. I remember reading that singer from INXS also died of it, which is why it sprung to mind. I always trip out rewatching things from the past.
  8. I not seen the show before, but I made the assumption based on the video.
  9. I agree. It is like warming up for the playoffs.
  10. Bradham at least still plays. Gallete hasn't touched the field the past 2 seasons.
  11. McCoy's issue is that he doesn't only write in an illiterate manner, but backs it up with moronic antics off the field.
  12. Not yet. They just fund his lifestyle.