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  1. He should stfu to be honest. Like Dez Bryant putting his foot in his own mouth. Yep. What a ****. I don't think the association with them is improving his image, which is already in the dumps.
  2. Ray Rice compares it to himself. Hunt has a bad advocate for his side of defense.
  3. Sadly this player will likely be picked up by the 4skins to take over the rock from Peterson.
  4. Assault on its own is too vague. Pinching or poking someone can be considered assault. The severity and intent behind it will be what will define it.
  5. Fool's silver maybe. Bradford takes gold.
  6. mihailo

    Are Eagles worst team in division

    The division sure is living up to its nickname the NFC Least this season.
  7. mihailo

    Alternative ways to keep QB safe?

    My proposal:
  8. mihailo

    Week 9: Titans @ Cowboys

    The thing is, good teams dont depend on one aspect like the run to win it for them. There were games last season the Eagles won with the defense playing well and the QB playing poorly, then there were others when the defense was shockingly bad, but the QB and the offense takes over (i.e. superbowl).
  9. mihailo

    Week 9: Titans @ Cowboys

    Those stats got severely padded in garbage time. It works out better for us as it helps with polishing fools gold.
  10. mihailo

    Week 9: Titans @ Cowboys

    Fantastic play. I thought they were screwed.
  11. mihailo

    Week 9: Titans @ Cowboys

    Yeah it was BS. But either team was going to be screwed in this case. It was a clear fumble.
  12. mihailo

    Week 9: Titans @ Cowboys

    It was a blunder for sure. It shouldn’t have been whistled when it was.
  13. mihailo

    Giants in rebuild mode

    Forgot about him, I thought he was a Terrelle Pryor type case.
  14. mihailo

    Giants in rebuild mode

    Throw in the Ravens for a laugh.