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  1. mihailo

    Connor Barwin say it isn't so??

    Switching from 4-3 to the 3-4 typically takes a season or two for it to become effective. Same with coaching, so I expect the Giants to be more like the Eagles when they moved on from Chip.
  2. mihailo

    Connor Barwin say it isn't so??

    Maybe so, but it is irrelevant as Barwin plays DE in the 4-3. I think Barwin adds depth as you say, and it isn't as if he is breaking the bank. Unfortunately I think this move can do no harm to NY and only has an upside.
  3. mihailo

    Connor Barwin say it isn't so??

  4. mihailo

    Well there goes another one

    Thank God no one was hurt, but this is damn hilarious. You couldn't make this crap up. I thought the transcripts were a joke until I watched the video.
  5. mihailo

    Most Over-Paid Player On Every NFL Team

    So many former rams players.
  6. mihailo

    Browns Picks

    You can never accuse the Browns of lacking integrity.
  7. mihailo

    Browns Picks

    Oh is that so Mr Dorsey?
  8. mihailo

    Draft Day Coming Up!

    Wrong round for that to happen. More likely in the 3rd/4th.
  9. mihailo

    All Or Nothing: Cowboys - On Amazon Prime

    Is this about the season just played? Nothing is an understatement if that is so.
  10. mihailo

    Tyrod Taylor traded to Browns

    I'd add Mahomes to that list and probably Trubisky.
  11. Wiz played LG for most of last season.
  12. mihailo

    Why has the AFC been such a clownfire?

    Just because the Pats do well doesn't mean the AFC as a collective is doing well.
  13. Negotiations = Leverage. Both those players had a large amount. Lack of options makes even mediocre starting QBs get paid similar figures to a top QB.
  14. mihailo

    Kirk Cousins is the next Brees

    Kirk Cousins’ starting record: 19-21-1 Cousins’ record against teams with 9+ wins: 2-11Teams with 8+ wins: 5-13 Doesn't sound like much of a winner to me