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  1. mihailo

    NFC Championship: Packers @ 49ers

    Do you know any MB on par with the Eagles?
  2. mihailo

    NFC Championship: Packers @ 49ers

    Are other team's message board not as active as the Eagles'? Not many pages in their gameday thread.
  3. mihailo

    NFC Championship: Packers @ 49ers

    Don't think he was, but soon there will be TATER claiming they were all along routing for him since college and insisting he should start.
  4. mihailo

    NFC Championship: Packers @ 49ers

    The Browns should sign Chip Kelly and compete in 5 years after firing him in 2.
  5. mihailo

    NFC Championship: Packers @ 49ers

    That is exactly what I was thinking. Completely indifferent.
  6. mihailo

    AFC Championship: Titans @ Chiefs

    I would have kicked the onside either way, because if they are getting first downs they are winning anyway.
  7. You don't let a QB sit out like a RB.
  8. mihailo

    NFC Wildcard: Vikings @ Saints.

    Review a review
  9. mihailo

    Dallas Cowboys 2020

    He will make a great puppet. Sign him Jerry!!
  10. mihailo

    Dallas Cowboys 2020

    That has been my train of thought also.
  11. mihailo

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    Good hired personnel by the skins. Glad they got them over the Cowboys. Hopefully it doesn't work out.
  12. mihailo

    Dallas Cowboys 2020

    Typically takes a couple of years for the HC to adapt also.
  13. Garrett situation in Dallas 2025: