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  1. It was a Giants' fan that brought this up as well as other pundits i.e. Randy Moss, who made similar comments. Personally I think what he said should be kept in house, for the simple reason being that I don't believe his comments helped the team improve. Last night was more coincidence that things looked better than being as a result of his comments. It looked as though he was saving his reputation at the expense of the team. I do think his post game interview did help mollify the situation and therefore all is well in the short-term. The issue moving forward is how will this play out if they carry on losing? Does he become more toxic and an issue for the locker room?
  2. mihailo

    Week 4: Chiefs @ Broncos

    And the kermit voice.
  3. mihailo


    Ouch... Who is 32nd?
  4. Exactly. He has always been able to put up pretty numbers. He also seems to choke when he is most needed.
  5. mihailo

    Week 4 TNF: Vikings @ Rams

    But Viking fans are classy. lol.
  6. He is trash when it counts, otherwise he is a great QB.
  7. mihailo

    Week 4 TNF: Vikings @ Rams

    I dont think he is horrible either, but I believe McVay is the better coach.
  8. mihailo

    Week 4 TNF: Vikings @ Rams

    Anyone else really thankful the Redskins kept Gruden instead of promoting McVay?
  9. mihailo


    Poor guy... the Jags are finally a force and he ends up on the Cowboys.
  10. mihailo

    Patrick Mahomes breaks records.

    Exactly, he made Kevin Kolb look a pro bowler only to flog him to some poor team
  11. mihailo

    Eli Manning

    I don't think they could really whiff. He was as sure as a pick as they come. Great case scenario is if the Giants follow the steps made by the Rams with Todd Gurley.
  12. mihailo

    Eli Manning

    Knowing our luck, Barkley and Elliot turn out to be HOF backs. It would be a real kick in the nuts for you guys if this turned into the 2004 draft of QBs.
  13. mihailo

    Eli Manning

    Yep, I am not saying the way it should have been done, just how I saw it at the time. As you said, there are many ways to skin a cat. I only mention Allen because he was the 2nd QB taken after the Giant's pick. The only reason I would have picked a QB before the RB is because their playing careers are a lot longer and they typically need a year or two to get up to speed. I just felt like the window would be open longer down the stretch had it been done in that order. Maybe you are right though and Saquon is simply a can't miss prospect.