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  1. Next can mean in 100 years from now in this case. OP said which of the teams left deserve it next, not which team deserves it next season. So this allows the Eagles to win infinite times before hand. So OP's question is correct and does not put any of those teams above the Eagles in any way.
  2. McDaniels changes mind, will stay with Pats

    I actually feel sorry for the Colts. I usually couldn't care less about them, but this was a real Deek move by McDaniels...
  3. McDaniels changes mind, will stay with Pats

    That is going to screw the options for a new head coach... they won't even get to decide their coordinators?
  4. Yeah. I agree they aren't necessarily iconic, just old. I agree with Vikings though and would add the Chargers.
  5. The Cardinals have been around for quite a long time. I always regarded the Chargers as rather iconic.
  6. Yep. Another reason for the browns. They are not winning it any time soon...
  7. McDaniels changes mind, will stay with Pats

    He was supposed to be giving a press conference tomorrow, so it cant be far off.
  8. The Browns. That is a dedicated fan base that deserve better.
  9. Those Going To The Game

    Enjoy mate. Let us know how it goes (not the game of course)
  10. Alex Smith to Washington

    Yeah. That is how I think it plays out. I think Cousins hasn't lost any power up until this point, because clearly the skins showed they were unwilling to commit to a long term deal anyway.
  11. Alex Smith to Washington

    Fair enough point. It will be interesting to see what happens around FA.
  12. Alex Smith to Washington

    Why do you think he will get paid any less? There are probably 4 teams that are going to go to war for his services.
  13. Alex Smith to Washington

  14. Alex Smith to Washington

    I sure do.