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  1. Jblah

    Dallas Cowboys 2020

    I would agree WTF...but this is Jerrah we are talking about. He is smarter than the rest of us.
  2. Jblah

    Dallas Cowboys 2020

    i wonder if Jerrah has a mandate on having jason garrett has the O-coordinator for the new Headcoach? Why else would reports be coming out that Lewis wants Hue Jackson as O-Coordinator? I bet Jerrah tried to lay down the law with Lewis and Lewis said nope, I get it bring in Hue and thats it.
  3. Jblah

    New Roof

    https://meisstudio.com/lincoln-financial-field-roof/vxeryz6avln39jdj7likw22htkazno https://meisstudio.com/lincoln-financial-field-roof/291cp2bhmyk9lx674id2tdl0g3j4af wonder if this is their bid to bring the superbowl to philly.
  4. Jblah

    New Roof

    did they remove the wind turbines?
  5. Jblah

    Are you rooting for Andy Reid now?

    100%. if its not the eagles it should be big red!
  6. Aren't the Rams playing at 1? So by the time the bears play, thry might use backups if the Rams beat the cards (very likely)
  7. Jblah

    Anyone else get sad watching the Saints,Chiefs, Rams

    i'm still good. Let us be awful and get a top 10 pick. Then next year we can dominate again.
  8. Jblah

    Week 9: Titans @ Cowboys

    i say Jeffery Lurie buy the Cowboys and dismantle the team.!!
  9. Jblah


    here is something else: I don't know when or where this happened but it was on NFL game pass promo.
  10. Jblah

    Patrick Mahomes breaks records.

    AR knows his QBs. He also seems to know his assistant coaches.
  11. Jblah

    Call your sleeper team now!

  12. Jblah


    Dude the problem with Dallas is Jerry Jones. He thought he knew best when he got rid of Jim Johnson. That's when Dallas took a turn for the worst.
  13. Jblah

    Redskins 'Pimped Out' Their Cheer-Leaders?

    They are just showing some skin.