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  1. mister turtle

    [News] For Openers, A Set Of Questions To Answer

    Cousins does not react well to pressure up the middle (who does?). A Gap penetration is the key to shutting down the Skins. If there is no A Gap pressure, it will be a long day..
  2. mister turtle

    [News] Development Key In Fluid Roster Picture

    We can nit-pick the roster until the cows come home from Capastrano (the Mission at Capastrano has a one story 'house' made out of live Rosemary next to the Fountain in the Courtyard. yes. a house.) but the hard truth is that Coach Kelly destroyed our football team. And Howie has brought our team back to respectability in a very short time. A miracle. I thought that we would be terrible for a long time. We are not terrible. We might actually be good. Go Birds!
  3. mister turtle

    [News] Eagles Announce 10-Man Practice Squad

    He should have made the roster over Gibson. Gibson definitely would have cleared waivers. Treggs over Pumphrey. Treggs is a perfect slot receiver. Pumphrey showed nothing as RB and on Teams. Gibson can blossom into a legit deep threat. Keep him.
  4. mister turtle

    [News] Eagles Announce 10-Man Practice Squad

    Treggs and Ward can play. Keep them if you can.
  5. Sorry Howie (and Joe). Keeping Pumphrey and cutting Treggs was a big mistake. The next tackle that Pumphrey breaks will be the first tackle that he breaks. Quickness? He displays the same quickness as Silky Sullivan displayed. High School quickness. Treggs is the new news at slot receiver. Quick as a cat, 4.32 speed, and he catches the ball. When Agholor starts letting balls bounce off his shoulder pads (where did it go??) Treggs would step in as the perfect Slot receiver. Think Dallas and new England.
  6. mister turtle

    [News] McDougle In Mix At Crucial Nickel CB Spot

    The top Orthopedic Surgeons West of the Mississippi have indicated that Jones will be a full go on September 11th. They operated immediately, everything went well, and Jones healed without set back or complication of any kind. This kid is the real deal. He should be on the 53. He can back-up for a few weeks, then turn him loose. Sign Haden, keep Jones on the 53, with Darby, your Defensive Backfield becomes elite. Elite!