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  1. How did most feel about McNabb when he went to Washington?
  2. Nick will NEVER be the entire offense like Vick could or L Jackson can. He needs a supporting cast. If he has that supporting cast though look out. Least how I see it.
  3. Good news about the vaccine but I'd want pretty extensive testing which takes time. When I hear about Chinese food and drug type stuff I always think about Chinese pet food manufacturers adding melamine to pet food in order to boost the apparent protein content. Melamine is by no means a food or feed material. It does however add nitrogen which is how protein is measured. That may be a one-off but it has made me skeptical about Chinese edible exports whether intended for man or beast.
  4. On their guard? Sure. Panic? Nope. As far as your AIDS analogy, how many AIDS sufferers haven't participated in one or more known high-risk behaviors? I suspect - don't know, I"m no expert - that an overwhelming majority of AIDS infected gay or straight got it either from unprotected sex or IV drug use. Both known routes of transmission. The means of transmission for Corona is not yet certain but there are some pretty good guesses out there.
  5. I've heard heat, I've heard humidity. It may just be subsequent generations of viruses will lose virulence. I think at this point there may be more unknowns than knowns. Supposedly it's already tailing off in China and S. Korea. The real question is who to believe and who to ignore. I guess actual interviews with medical professionals and gov't officials from CDC, NIH and the like are the best shot. There's less opportunity to spin though carefully edited interviews can be misleading enough.
  6. Agreed. And somebody is gonna make a sh!t-ton of money on it.
  7. What percentage of people that actually get the Corona virus don't survive? How many of those that don't survive had serious health issues? Cardiac/pulmonary? Ages? If this were something where 10% or more of healthy people who get it die it'd be more of a concern to me. The fatality rate is around 1% last I heard and I'm not sure how valid that number is because at least in the US the sample is really small. Not to say we shouldn't pay attention and follow good hygienic practices. I do think that cancelling events where there are a lot of people packed into enclosed spaces - basketball & hockey come to mind this time of year - is prudent. Chicken Little is alive and well and spending way too much time in TV 'news' studios.
  8. eglz1

    Your top 3 worst Super Bowls since 2000

    The only Super Bowl I've been able to watch and didn't. I don't know why really, maybe just had a premonition, maybe didn't care for either team.
  9. eglz1

    Anyone watching XFL?

    I watched most of the Seattle - Tampa Bay game. To me it looked like a non-SEC college game. They could start later, maybe middle of March or first part of April. I think I like it better than the arena league (RIP). At least the XFL plays on a full sized field. Edit: I just read that the teams had 5 practices. I guess the level of play is understandable if there was no training camp. Of course some players just suck though.
  10. Tom has never shown a willingness to tutor any understudies AFAIK.
  11. eglz1

    SUPER BOWL LIV: 49ers vs. Chiefs

    If Donovan is honest with himself, he should have some insight into what NOT to do.
  12. eglz1

    SUPER BOWL LIV: 49ers vs. Chiefs

    There is one consideration that no one has mentioned. Andy has two weeks to get ready. Andy has had a pretty good record when having two weeks to prepare. I doubt Mahomes will be hung over.
  13. O'Brien may still have a job but it looks like Crennel may be out. More at:
  14. eglz1

    SUPER BOWL LIV: 49ers vs. Chiefs

    That's my concern. My heart says KC, my head says 49ers. I hope my head is wrong in this one.
  15. eglz1

    NFC Divisional: Vikings @ 49ers

    That is indeed something to celebrate!