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  1. It seems we always win in the offseason. I want to win in the regular season.
  2. Could we have gotten a starter in the 3rd round for our defense? 25 picks later in the third round is quite abit. But you have to ask yourself...This 24 year old is like our 3rd round draft pick on a one year trial. And we still have a 3rd round pick. Not a bad deal. Just keep the penalties down Timmy. We had enough of Cox's bad timed penalties last year...We don't need two of you on the line taking dumb penalties at inopportune times.
  3. Hey Stine: Since you did alot of texting you have a date with your son tonight? hee hee.
  4. If it was Ryan Grigson....not so much
  5. Stine: Was the GM Bill Polian? He is very good and knowledgeable.
  6. Phillies WIN!!!!
  7. Why trade Burton? He produces...Give him MORE TOUCHES!
  8. Is it truly possible to have Johnathan Allen fall to us at 14??? Oh the intrigue!!! Since we lost Bennie, I would take that fella.
  9. Still hurting from the fact Joe Banner and the eagles Front Office let someone of Dawkins' skill character and team heart...walk off to Denver. Bad Karma - Front Office....Bad Karma,
  10. LUPES!!!!!!!! Out of the Witness Protection Program....!
  11. If Jason Peters is shown the door - it tells me that the front office doesn't care about building a loyal steady program. Show the rest of the team - if you are an elite player we will pay you and continue to pay you. Don't treat players like mercenaries. They are part of the Eagles foundation. What we did to Brian Dawkins was idiotic. The guy was a class act and we let him walk. STUPID....don't repeat Joe Banner type moves.
  12. Pay the man - Jason Peters...He is a beast Get rid of Agador Spartacus....Get Boldin, D-Jax or Garcon...all would be an upgrade. Barwin...see ya! You are a class just are not a DE... Dougie and Frank - Please commit to running the ball more in 2017....Wentz shouldn't be slinging it 40 plus times a game.
  13. Interesting he wants to return for his 10+ million too....but imo - he is worth every penny.
  14. When is Doug Pederson going to be held accountable... Five losses in a row... Two and nine game day his last eleven... The players are the my humble opinion if Doug and OC Reich stuck with the run game we would be looking at 8-6 right now. He didn't protect his QB and his game day decision-making boarder on questionable at best and chaotic at worst.
  15. By the way....eagleseyeblog is over with me...need a facebook account to log in...I don't do facebook. Lupes you are true professional. I wish you the best brother!