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  1. jwood5151

    Post Your EMB Questions/Concerns Here

    >>spuds: game day home page is atrocious. Way to busy streaming this and that. Have enjoyed the Eagles website through ups & downs. It often appears that web designers are fixing stuff that isn't broke. I left the Eagles home page yesterday and went to NFL.com page instead of dealing with Eagles confusing clutter and feeds.
  2. jwood5151

    Post Your EMB Questions/Concerns Here

    Dave: Eagles have one of the most vital and dynamic websites and fan following on the internet. Last April, the site cratered--and when I finally was able to return(months later)--many of the community had vanished. The lengths to which I went to stay a participant on the Eagles website were lengthy-and included a FED EX letter to Mr. Banner asking for contact from an IT specialist. Happily, I was given attention and it still took a week of "tweaking" to get back to a point where I could post. AND--I still don't know where the "community" that previously frequented the Site went--but it's down by 60-70% since the April 2011 doomsday update. Censorship. There is one moderator who removes phrases like "drink the I need to find a new cliche" and adds his/her own comment instead. Childish & offensive. Occasionally, I'll submit a post which never appears--censorship or glitch? nice to see an error message if there was an "error"--rather than wonder if some twit moderator censored your thoughts because s/he disagreed or simply was bored. Banning. I keep hearing that "Brizer" was banned or this one or that one was banned. NO IDEA if this is true or false. Sad if it's true. Changes & Updates. If it ain't broke don't fix it is the saying. I'd happily go right back to March 2011. Community. You and everyone at philadelphiaeagles.com has done a spectacular job of building a community online. I have enjoyed most moments spent here--advanced my football knowledge--relived various games--and even Philadelphia of the 1950s....I'd focus more on community building and less on technological gadgets-gizmos -gimmicks. YOU KNOW ME: simple, straight ahead, 3 yards and a cloud of dust type person. The technology as an end in itself does zero for me. It's the quality stories, reporting, where are they now, and it's the community that keeps me coming back. The fact that you now post in threads is very cool. We don't often agree-but it's nice to exchange opinions nonetheless. Last thoughts: IF IT AIN'T BROKE, DON'T FIX IT. Unless you have solid data that 90% of Eagles fans are geeks, make the site simpler and more reliable ( pre-April 2011). And, where did that great community from 2010 and earlier go & why? Thanks for considering my comments & the opportunity of feedback, JWood