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  1. Tonight - 7pm I believe
  2. Can we please get a receiver like that next season? Please?
  3. Well that was turrible
  4. 1st down!!!
  5. I was just going to ask when do they cut to Jerry getting up and walking out of his box.
  6. Maybe Dallas fans can go walk around the stadium and check out all the lovely art pieces, you know, instead of watching their team being destroyed.
  7. No worries, in the immortal words of Rodgers, Relax.
  8. This. All day.
  9. I love how that 3rd down conversion quieted the crowd immediately!
  10. I've always thought Rodgers was better than Brady. Brady is a great QB, but Rodgers is a great QB and has that mental intelligence that is better than anyone. Also, Brady could never scramble like Rodgers can.
  11. Rodgers is truly amazing. GO PACK GO!
  12. Red zone just showed it. Looks like his non-throwing shoulder.
  13. I think they said 1993
  14. It's only the Browns.