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  1. Absolutely.... in theory he is the most valuable WR in the league. Not the best.... but look at the impact he had on the offense. It's his first new contract... go for the big pay day!
  2. When you hear the music ... get out of the water... so easy!
  3. With the sun being low enough to give off just the right amount of warmth! Get that nap in just before leaving, it's perfect!
  4. To quote Yogi Berra ... "nobody goes there anymore, it's too crowded" I like to fall asleep on the beach around 5 or 6:00. Plus I'm with Ham on his point. although sometimes I wish some would cover up a little more. A cocktail at a beach bar is classic!
  5. Happy Father's day to all the dads on here!
  6. - Bill Russell Imagine that.... dude wins 11 titles for them and that's the impression they left on him.
  7. I used this in flag football at
  8. Is that Howie? Trying to convince Lurie to think his way? Idk... read the article about Jenkins and apparently the conversation he had with Lurie. Good luck to Howie, but I think Lurie put his foot down, he is in charge for sure.
  9. So I'm hearing people on the radio and seeing other sites where some Eagles fans don't like the promotion of Joe Douglas's #2 guy. " I wish they went outside the organization " Idk... if you liked the job Douglas did, why wouldn't you want the people he brought in to stay in place and take over to continue the job? Idk how things will go, but to me this seems like a no brainer? Am I missing something?
  10. He has to win now... that's it. He wanted out of Tampa. He wanted to come back here knowing Alshon is the #1 and Ertz gets all the targets. He didn't come for money or stats, could have gone somewhere else for that. He will be judged on helping us win or lose this time.
  11. He doesn't have to prove he is a #1 WR worthy of a big contract. Which was his whole selfishn thing the first time he was here.... that's over with because he isn't in the role of a #1 WR nor is he getting paid like one. That's been over for a few years since he signed with Tampa as the obvious #2 behind Evans. Now all that is left is to do exactly what you said... to simplify your stuff... WIN.
  12. Oh... Howie gave himself the title? That's how it works? Did he get a raise with that? He signs his own pay check too? Lol. Whatever negative feeling or spin you want to put on Howiex that's all you. For me, I just know Lurie wants a football guy doing the scouting and Howie to focus big picture. If in your mind that hurts Howie's ego, I'm ok with that. The reality is nothing is going to change within that organizational structure as long as Lurie is in charge, and winning a SB his way only reinforces that idea. Hopefully we have this conversation again in 3 years when someone wants to make Weidl their GM.
  13. What's that movie with the Rock, when he was the football coach for the kids that were in prison or the correctional facility. Based on a true story. The quote ..." in here we do things my way, outside you did things your way. Your way didn't work, it got you here" This is what I think Lurie told Howie in 2016. #1 guy I give credit for where we are now.... Jeff Lurie. Every decision has his fingerprints all over it.