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  1. RELAX! You worry too much. Who are we going to need to get rid of? Old players that need to be replaced anyway. That can happen next year.
  2. Just like New England in 2002. The 4 games with Wash and Dallas are key... beat Wash twice, split with Dallas could be enough. Wash has 2 games won that are non common opponent, puts tiebreaker in our favor.
  3. That pick will be in the mid teens too. OUCH!
  4. Will Dak make the throw???? Looked like guys were wide open all day yesterday from what I have heard?
  5. Agree 100% ... the Pats put up points though.
  6. Right.... but hey... we are tops in time of possession right? Remember the argument that it was so important????? You gotta score, not occupy the ball. Time of possession is nice, but its a result of being able to get first downs. This year we are having issues putting it in the end zone.
  7. Ham, the worst part of when Darby got toasted by Funchess, was that he was in the end zone and couldn't even pad his tackles stats. Of course Mills didn't look to good either on the Smith play. Schwartz is simple... if the front 4 get there we are good, if not, we are in trouble. He has had great front 4s, that's why people think he is a good DC. I agree with the philosophy of looking to get great players on the DL... from there, he loses me after that on anything scheme related. As for Wentz... 30 for 37 .... figure this, he was 30 for 35 and then his best pass of the year which was the PI call on Alshon... then right into the toilet. Like another person possessed his body, every mistake a QB can make was made on those last few plays. Just shocking the DR. Jeckyl Mr. Hyde switch after that beautiful bomb thrown. He didn't lose the game, but bigger picture, he is supposed to outlast the coaches and all the defensive players we have ... if he doesn't clean up their mistakes by making winning plays at the end of games,,, its a bad sign going forward. And to be honest, its really the only negative thing you can say about him... sure the fumbles, but that's minor compared to having the clutch gene. Or not having it! $150 mil plus... he better show he can win a game at the end and save everyone else who messed up!
  8. EFFORT Ham... pay attention... we are talking about the effort... it was there vs Julio and ODB... that's the issue so far with Darby... the effort. Engage in trying to tackle... has not been there all season.... "business decisions" I can handle a missed tackle when it was obvious the effort was given... the "diving without looking, the bailing out" we don't need that. Try and mess up, I can live with that. Personally, I'm not big into the "hitting" part of tackling... I like the reliability of knowing my guy can stop the opponent. Similar to why Buddy Ryan was not a fan of Wes Hopkins... who was a great hitter, but according to Buddy, not a great tackler. Sure, I like when Douglas and Mills tackle a guy wh catches a 3 yard pass and don't let him fall forward... but I can live with Darby grabbing the guy and letting him do that for like a 4 or 5 yard gain... but the complete lack of effort of the whiff... and turning it into 8-12 yards, that changes the game. Now, so far this year, can we not see that it has happened way too often.
  9. Ham.... what about the obvious one here .... MISSED TACKLES! Do you have the stat on that one? I would assume you can find it, for someone who was genius enough to figure out that we needed another body at DT... I'm sure you can find it? Or does missed tackles not factor into the overall tackling conversation? WE all know DArby should get more opportunities to tackle... I mena just look at the Minn game, they almost exclusively went to his side when the play was short. Sweeps and screens all day.... do we penalize Mills for not beating Darby 40 yards across the field to make the tackle?
  10. How can you argue with that. Here is one. I have the all time best shooting percentage in the NBA... I have never missed a shot. Now take that and spin it to where I can shoot better than Steph Curry. Similar to what you are trying to do with Darby's tackling and effort.
  11. Wow... you looked at stats there???? Do you not trust your eyes? The Tampa game where he wiffs completely on OJ Howard? The Tenn game where it was Dion Lewis he was afraid to tackle???? I hope he gets solo tackles when he gives up the plays in the first place. If you don't have a complaint about his tackling effort this year, then I don't know what to say? 2 games he goes right in and wraps up at the legs... the other 4 games he tries to tackle with his back or dances around? Not hard to see. If it took his agent to tell him he needs to tackle or he won't get paid, then I'm ok with that for this year. Not sure after that though, once he gets paid, I would be scared of the inconsistent effort. But no denying he can run and cover. Ham, you are smarter than that ... come on now.
  12. He showed up 2 out of 6 games. So what is the issue with his consistency? Is it effort? Is he making "business decisions" Either way, is that a guy you want to pay $10 mil plus ??? IMO... he has talent to cover ... his lack of talent may be that he has bad hands? ... But his tackling... to me lack of effort on a consistent basis. Mills you see his limitations... have we ever questioned his effort? Can I get 10 more games of the effort that was put out vs Julio and ODB ... if so, then maybe consider a contract extension.... maybe. I would prefer not to pay the $10 plus mil if it was me though. I'll take the cap space and the 4th round comp pick. Especially now that we aren't getting anything for Ajayi.
  13. Makes you think a move is coming at DT... or that it's not much saying "coming off his best game" ????
  14. Also play design comes into it.... does the receiver catch the ball running into another zone occupied by another WR and defender(s) ... this is why I like the New England offense.... they design it well where the receiver has a lot of space to operate. You run with more effort when you only need to break one tackle and you see space... tough to worry about breaking that first tackle when 3 guys are sitting there ready to hit you.