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  1. joemas6


    Dude... I know its hard because we have never been in this spot before with the football team... but like other teams in this city.... the mindset changes when you are defending champs and actually have a good chance to repeat. You don't rock the boat. You don't worry about a punter/holder down the road. The few reports that have been on this guy basically says he has been not as good as Jones. Regardless... when you know what you have and it works... really well.... not the right time to change. If Dave is telling us the truth .... not just that he retired... we know that, but that the idea was his and not the team suggesting it, then fine. If the team pushed for this change... doesn't seem like the smartest thing. Only one bad play at the wrong time ... shank, bad hold... and it could be disaster.
  2. joemas6


    ?????? Dude was solid. If he retired... like Dave says, then fine. If they were squeezing $$$ because they were too greedy to cut Tory Smith instead of wasting that trade to where it didn't count as getting us under the cap before the season started... same with Vinny Curry. Then kinda suggesting him to lean towards retirement wasn't a good idea. They have cap space now, to me a no-brainer that he would still be the punter if he didn't retire/get pushed in that direction. Best punter I've seen in 40 years of being a fan and pretty good holder too. For a team looking to repeat, saving a few nickels to get younger doesn't make sense at this point... in other words, its EXACTLY NOT the right time to make a switch.
  3. I thought I remember the Eagles doing it recently because they said they had a great few practices and all was good... wanted to give the player some reward for it????
  4. IDK... to me its all the same spot.... Fans... boards.... Eagles Discussion... is it different for anyone else?
  5. IDK.... we can have a football conversation without an article from Dave on the back up to the back up to the back up. I rarely read any of the articles (no offense Dave) I just figured the new article had the most recent discussions. So that's where I went. I guess without that guide, its harder for us to follow discussions or create new ones? However, if you go to the Boards... this blurb is right here each time and easy to go follow. With the same people who would be posting on .... " The new 9th string RB looks to make impact" ... IDK. If you want to talk football, you don't need an article on something mostly meaningless to get a conversation started. That said .... the team is back together this week. No injuries and lets go EAGLES!!!! Someone else can follow up on how they are hitting the sled or doing other exciting drills. Or even better... lets talk some potential moves Howie can make! HOLLA!
  6. Stine.... I just read this earlier. And yeah, I agree with Douglas... I see him as an outside guy too, but have no problem if he has to go in and cover a bigger slot WR or TE. He showed that last year, my point again though... if I had all those guys on the field, I don't see anyone of them playing outside better than him... specifically Mills and Douglas combo. However, I could see Douglas more of a SS type with Mills more of a FS type. The thing is, we have Jenkins in that SS role now and hopefully a few more years, so replacing McCloud is where I'm thinking .... for that Mills over Douglas. To me, Douglas will always be covering somebody, never just playing a help role like McCloud. I wouldn't worry about trading him... young, improving, hungry and cheap for 3 years.
  7. Basement is where I have my equipment! HOLLA!
  8. Big picture... I don't get why people are so worried about hall of fame ... its a TEAM sport! The rings are all that matters... btw who won the last ring ...HOLLA. But ... OJ was already in for years .... not taking him out without a conviction. Lewis... once he was cleared of charges.... can you really deny his career not being HOF worthy? Has their been a better leader in sports the last 20 years? WE live in hte US, we have this thing called PROOF. Not just bias as to which team a guy plays for so you want him to be guilty or innocent (ie Bennett I'm sure was 100% inncocent since he is an Eagle now ) The team has nothing to do with, proof is needed, otherwise, we presume innocence. T.O. Who cares if he chooses to accept the honor and be with his family away from the crowd? Same idea that the players didn't have to visit the white house. We live in a free country where we can decide to spend time with the people we want. My suggestion to anyone complaining. Go lift some weights, get yourself in shape, learn a playbook.... and go have yourself a hall of fame career, and then do it your way when it comes time for the HOF. Otherwise.... you just sound silly. Stay focused .... repeat in 2019! Let the side show circus surrounding the game be other people's concern. We have a new norm now! Time to be mature and understand that .... act like a winner and be above this other meaningless crap!
  9. Stine... bottom line.... however many good CBs they have .... fact or opinion...... Darby should be first in line to go. Things should fall n a pecking order, nothing should change that. Plus... look at how Darby goes in the slot today with Douglas outside... to me, shows Douglas is a staple on the outside. Trying to move other gus around to see there they fit.
  10. Yeah... Schwartz to me is vanilla. As for 5 or 6 starting CBs?????? I see 3, with Darby, Mills and Douglas who have played in real games. The other guys haven't really played yet in the pros, but I see as developing. If Jones steps up like people think, then Darby would be the one on the trade block. You can't get rid of the other guys with multiple years left and really they all play the physical style, except for Darby. I just don't see anything else happening. To be honest... I can see ZERO trades, you keep everyone for depth this year and then Darby walks and you get a nice 4th round comp pick in 2020. I mean ... think for a second... if they are 5 or 6 deep at CB ... why would you pay Darby? Makes no sense. so then why lose both Darby and Douglas for next year? Then you have Mills and Jones.... and what behind them? IDK, can you get a better/cheaper player than Douglas? I just don't think Howie and co are that dumb! Plus they really like the kid.
  11. Stine... they invested a 3rd round pick in douglas... they traded a 3rd round pick for Darby. One has 1 year left, the other has 3 years left on the cheap. We already gave examples as to why we all like Douglas. If Darby was rumored to get traded before... why would it shift to Douglas ... simply because Bausby is stepping up a little in June? That's my point. And the other you keep bringing up... Jenkins is versatile.. you want him engaged not just sitting back .... so makes no sense to have two guys Jenkins and Douglas, both guys who are best engaging someone ... play together when one would be playing back. Jenkins was finally used right last year. He is a CB as he came up ... his trouble was covering the quick slot WR .... everything else in coverage he does well. Yuo pt him on a key weapon from the other team and its beautiful. If the team doesn't have that type guy, then you play more 2 safeties or blitz him or whatever. We sw plenty of 3rd downs where Jenkins was up in coverage forcing an incomplete pass... beautiful strategy.
  12. Stine.... covering the TE could be one of the things ... if needed. He did that really well too at times. Vs the other team's top TEs. You are thinking playing man the whole game, things get shifted around. Jenkins being the versatile guy (covered Witten, Fitz, White...etc, different positions), you need the other safety to be patroling the back. Really disengaged in any one battle, just there to help. If I had to have Mills or Douglas disengage from a one on one battle to go in that help role... I would prefer Mills. The main reason is that I like how douglas engages in the one on one battles. It's not about how he would play safety... its that he is really good outside. And using the SB as an example... Jenkins engaged with his guy, basically shut him out .... Douglas didn't play, and see how it seemed everyone else was open? Perfect example of why I don't see them trading him. And as for Bausby .... caution... Emmuel "Ray Lewis" Acho! I wouldn't rush to put him ahead of Douglas when the real ball starts, let him actually make the team first!
  13. Absolute love the way this guy plays on the outside ... no YAC, in fact the WRs usually go backwards as soon as they catch the ball. Uses the sideline really well. Love him outside playing the lob ball using his height. Takes away the fade completely. Beautiful trail technique in coverage, we haven't seen that here in ages, with those plays vs the Chargers and Chiefs. You let Jones and this kid develop into your outside starters, and still have Mills around. I like it! I would never disengage this kid from playing right up in someone's face or take him away from the sideline on a regular basis. His natural CB skills are too good.
  14. Stine... Jenkins was a stud last year making plays all over the field. They have McCloud as the FS... then Graham came in as the dime a lot of the time so Jenkins could go engage. Did we watch the same games last year? Jenkins is a stud SS in this league! STUD!
  15. Really any other DB other than our shortest and most finesse style player. That was a big WTF moment for me to see Darby on Gronk.... multiple times!