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  1. IDK... they obviously have their ideas..... they get Johnson to pound.... then Fuller, Cooks and Stills ... all speed. This is the idea.. speed baby.... lol.
  2. Nope ... they pick 40th.
  3. BTW... I'm with you with the slot being a harder cover for the defense. It's why I think NE has been good without the deep threat outside WR ... or even say just average outside WRs in general. They utilize a system that gives their elite slot WR the space to work. In reality, I'm surprised more teams haven't looked to do this. I mean the West Coast offense was imitated and used for decades after the 49ers had all that success.... why hasn't anyone tried to do what NE has done? Closest thing has been Manning when he had Stokely and Welker.
  4. Wrang... here is their take on the Cooks trade. LOL Ham, not even connected.... just ran in the first place. That's step 1. A much needed step. That in and of itself gives the underneath routes some space.
  5. Plus to me this idea of a speed WR opening things up ... it's part of it. I don;t think Torrey Smith drew 2 guys every time. I think for me... it;s the idea that without the speed WR, Doug won;t call any deep routes... which in turn clogs the field. I mean... ok, go ahead and single cover my guy that runs a deep route. You are playing CF.. the guy on the right runs a deep route... the guy on the left runs a slant... are you telling me that your job isn't to lean towards the deep route? The issue is without a deep route even being run.... the CF is playing down hill all the time. So yeah... even before the speed WR draws the safety ... at least he will take his own man downfield... acts like a block in the run game... also takes his own man away from the short area, and avoids clogging it for the other guys. That's important. Even before looking for an advantage, just get that guy in here to make the playing field even. Doug needs that guy. Our style offense needs that guy. WE have one old guy who will be here just this year... even if he plays all the games... we need multiple guys there. Young guys... drafted guys that come cheap. A real commitment to the idea. Was Agholor tough to press?
  6. Yeah.. .big disagree there... no way they are all elite slot guys. ... long stretch! Yuo also have to take into consideration, that if they move there part of the time, its different for the defense... a different look. I wouldn't want DeSean in the slot all game... I'm not a fan of him there at all. Plus one thing to consider.... if the slot guy is the only guy lined up on his side... is he really functioning as a true slot? He's not running in between players and having to navigate.through traffic. In fact, if you put the outside guy closer to the formation ... if he is the only WR lined up on that side, you are actually giving him more room to work with if he runs his route that way. So yeah... I think the elite part was a stretch.
  7. WE have Ward... so done, already better than last years version of Agholor. Alshon, he is injured and it makes sense to trade him to open up cap space for next year when we are looking at being $25 over before the roll over. You are thinking he comes back for sure... can't do that. For sure we won't see him here in 2021 as we can't afford him. So we need an outside WR.
  8. GBFL... you are only looking at 2020. You can't just draft for one year.... next year without DeSean and Alshon ... where are you outside? Your focus is too narrow... you just want a guy to get 500 yards and think it's ok. We stunk last year at WR.. beating that slightly in 2020 shouldn't be the reason why you draft a guy. If the bar is that low... we should draft another spot 1st.
  9. This I disagree with. I really don't think we have seen better than Edlemen in the slot.... sure you can scheme to get that guy open... but if you watched a lot of NE games... he just ran delays and was able to get open with his quick feet. The scheme was pretty much giving him space after the catch... not really tricks, just making sure not to clog the area he was running towards. But saying everyone can do it... I just disagree. Getting open in a smaller area takes quickness, shifty feet..etc. then you have the YAC element. sure you could argue anyone could run a 5 yard button hook and sit in a zone, but you should want more than that. I like Ward as that guy that can get open... would be nice to draft one in the middle rounds that can add a little more once he gets the ball in his hands.
  10. So if you flip it... then the slot WR has to deal with LBs and S ... where the outside WR only has to deal with the CB? Again... I think we are all with you... you are just going a little too far. This particular Eagles team... where Ward could be a very good slot WR ... is better suited if we get an outside WR due to the fact that after 2020... we don't really have 2 outside guys ... maybe not even just one, that looked as good as Ward did in the slot. Plus our particular system with Doug calling plays, has more reliance on that speed outside WR. The slot WR no doubt was way more important with NE. Can't even begin to argue the opposite with their results and how they got those results. Every formula is different. More than one way to do things. I think its important to know what works best in your system... it's whay I am hoping to draft that speed WR or maybe two... if one happens to be a slot WR... oh well.
  11. How many elite slot WRs do you see in the league? Is it that easy?
  12. Well... how did Welker and Edlemen do in NE when they had 2 TEs? you can put your TE outside ... you can do a lot of things. The point is you like Mims over Jefferson. Ideas are nice, it's ok to go and be specific about certain players. Like me.. I want the outside guy... but I'm not paying Robbie Anderson $20 mil over the next 2 years to be that guy. I'm with you and BG ... I want the dominant guy if we take WR first... the best one available. I have my reservations about a guy taking advantage in the LSU offense. I we miss the ones who are projected to be the elite ones... i'm ok moving down or taking another position and then going WR in round 2. There are also one dimensional speed WRs out there that can be had later.
  13. Larry Fitz ... football life .... seemed like he struggled in the slot early. Also, who cares if anyone can play it... can they play it well is the question. Overall, i am with you... but you are going too far to make the point. This team needs speed outside and if we go 1st pick that should be an outside WR... the 2nd pick at 53 ... i'm leaning your way, but wouldn't kill me if it was a slot guy. The issue I would have with it... is that I would prefer the slot guy drafted AFTER we get the outside guy... so if we went slot WR at 53, would be disappointing if we didn't take the outside guy 1st But I also think the pure speed guy can be had later.... ie the Robbie Anderson level guy that was a lock to get 1000 yards and 8 tDs for us. Point is... if we get one of each type.... that works... ideally it would be the outside guy 1st because it's more of a need for us ... both now and going forward. My gut tells me Ward can easily be above average for a slot WR. Outside we are not looking great for the future.
  14. Right... I'm same way, this regular price paying stinks! Plus things aren't available. Went last Monday, will go this Monday ... gotta stock up so I don't have to go anymore. Wife gets some stuff online that gets delivered. But not a fan of this.