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  1. I would assume he is looking for $50 mil. The $17 mil per year the top DL are getting... the $33 mil would be great for the Eagles, especially since they can use some of his 2018 salary as the signing bonus to bring down the cap a little more. We'll see if they can come to an agreement. Either way the machine rolls on!
  2. Who else was extended? Foles was not extended, just redone to get him paid if he plays. He'll be gone next year. Brooks, Lane and Ertz, not extended. Bradham was a free agent, new contract. Nobody was extended. Graham situation is different. He in under contract, he wants security and to get paid. He won't max out both by extending his contract. If he wants max $$, he plays out his final year here and then goes into free agency to the highest bidder, which may or may not be the Eagles. He may choose to do that one last time. The Eagles won't pay that high of a price in an extension before he becomes a FA. Cox deal was done in June, plenty of time for them to come together and take care of this .... but at the moment, there is the draft this week that needs attention. If I had to guess... Graham won't get done until Kendricks gets traded. Would I like to lose Graham, absolutely not, but its a business, and he will have to give in a little if he wants to stay here and get security before the season starts.
  3. We don't know yet ... lets wait until September to complain.... EAGLES SB CHAMPS! Johnny Fontana!
  4. The schedule is what it is.... as far as teams you have to play. The thing I look at are the rest between games, the travel and trap games for other teams. Last year everyone had Denver as a tough game.... regardless if they were going to be good, they had to travel to Philly to play a 1pm game ... their 3rd road game in a row... follwing a KC Monday night game and having to play New England at home the following week.... that was big time advantage Eagles! I had the 2nd Giants game as being tougher than usual .... it was 3 road games in a row and you figure they were going to enjoy the sunshine of LA for a week as it made no sense to travel back and forth across the country ... I was assuming it to be the first possible cold game and not real fun after the LA weather. Little things to look at, but if we don't play anyone after their bye week, then thats great. Trust the process... we are going to be a nightmare for them...LOL
  5. WE played the Saints here not that long ago and pretty much whipped them. Might have been Cox's best game of his career. As for strength of schedule ... usually the teams in the same division are all bunched up. So if the Pats are 10, the other AFC East teams should be right there. Do we have the hardest schedule???? I would assume it should be us with playing both South divisions and then the Rams and Vikings as the extra 2 games. I love it, bring on all challenges!!!
  6. Remembeer that scene when the Godfather slaps his godson ... "be a man" your team just won the SB ... how long have you been waiting for that? 15 minutes earleir is better than the current situation...why complain? We haven't seen any games yet, lets see how the rules are implemented ... Jenkins didn't deem to concerned... lets relax before longing for the days of 2 handoffs, an incomplete pass and a punt. While I agree its getting too annoying on the replaying of every little thing, the commercials after the extra point and kickoffs ... still more game action by far in todays game. The last game we saw... regardless of being an Eagles fan, I cant say I remember the last time I saw a game as entertaining. Many friends who aren't from the local area or Eagles fans, have told me how excting that game was, with a lot saying it was their favorite game to watch. As far as not being into the draft, its natural. We aren't drafting a starter next year, for the first time its not even really a possiblity without injury. we have to wait all night to make the pick, no day 2 picks. It's ok not to be obsessed with it for once. SB CHAMPS BABY!
  7. Dez to be released

    Excellent post. But pure eye test ... Dak had it too easy in 2016 ... he spins away to find a wide open Witten and they keep showing it like he was Joe Montana throwing to Clarke??? Meanwhile... Wentz hits 2 guys in the hands and they drop TDs, then throws an INT that gets deflected, and its all his fault. Eye test is all you need. Dak stinks, can't read a D, can't make tough throws, can't make quick decisions outside of the read option, or one of two choices while rolling out. Can't make tough corner throws where its over the shoulder, he needs to see both numbers, so throws end up either short, or inside routes in front of the safety. Wentz meanwhile, reads the play, changes the play and manipulates the play to help his team. Not even close.
  8. RB at 32 would be a great play on #s ... since it has been 32 years that we have drafted a 1st round RB. Ben Smith is listed as a safety .. but we all know he was a CB. .... WOW... I just checked... other than Ben Smith... the Eagles have NEVER drafted a S in round 1. Dating back to 1936. Talking about Douglas having to change a culture if they draft safety at 32...LOL
  9. Ozzie is in charge in Baltimore. I believe the Eagles liked Douglas so that he could bring some of that culture here. On top of just his ability to scout the players. That's why I keep bringing up the 30 plus years of trend. I would love to see them broken, not so much because I don't believe in prioritizing positions or that I want any specific player ... just to see a change means they have an open mind to doing thngs differently if it is how they see it in a particular moment.
  10. Well ... if you look at the stats for pressures ... you would want to keep Peters as the starter if he dominates at the LT spot compared to Big V just holding his own. I'm loving Big V's performance. But, there is a reason Peters is still here ... if they loved Big V that much ... Peters wouldn't be here. But again though ... dead money comes into play. So $10.66 mil isn't really the # you want to compare. It's $4.33 mil of cap savings if he were cut. So its a no brainer for this year. If he dominates again. Then the $8 mil cap savings will be a big decision for 2019
  11. Although, if we draft LB at #32 ... then I need to go back to the 1979 sounds of disco. I can do a little Travolta with some Donna Summer or Bee Gees playing!
  12. Right ... and you have seen the trend where last LB drafted round 1 was 1979, the RB was Byers in 86 ...and S was even before that. Throw in the current cap situation and currently no picks in rounds 2 and 3 .... too much adds up to trading down. If we actually stay at pick 32 adn take one of those 4 positons you mentioned... Joe Douglas completely would change a 30 plus year culture. Can it happen? Sure? If you bet on it the last 30 plus years... you would be down a bunch of $$ though. This to me is the biggest intrigue of the draft for us. 1. Stay the course and take OL, DL, CB or WR ... 2. Trade down ... 3. Take me back to the Reagan era and draft a RB, TE, LB or S. If # 3 happens.... I have no problem doing the running man dance to a Rob Base or Salt N Pepa song while rolling my sleeves up like Don Johnson!
  13. Wrang, Good stuff. I am with you on keeping Lane on the right side, especially not breaking up the pairing with Brooks. As for reps ... again, taking 5 to 10 snaps off durign a game when you are already warmed up, doesn't do much. Taking a whole practice off to recover does much more. Its not a cardio thing at LT to where a few plays makes a difference. A whole day off though ... does a body good. Also... again, you seem to think Peters is overpaid or something. For a stud LT he is a great bargain. His play will determine if the Eagles want him, nothing to do with being a fan favorite. when strictly looking at "ON THE FIELD" Celek was way overpaid ... but Peters is fair to even a bargain. The "cooperation" from him, would be by still being able to dominate on the field... that's pretty much it. Look at the link below comparing LTs. in 2018 Peters has the 12th highest cap hit ...and 18th in actual cash. In 2019 cap hit stays at 12th with the cash being in a 3 way tie at 14th. I mean, if you pay a stud, middle of the league $$$, that's a huge win. You keep that guy on your team, strictly for "on the field" stuff. Celek at $5 mil cap hit was going to be the 18th biggest cap hit for TEs... didn't make sense. Strictly from a business standpoint. Neither did Curry, and neither will MCloud unless he steps up. Look at the LB #s .. .you can see why Kendricks won't be here in 2019, and most likely not here for 2018 either (although I am not ruling it out totally) Peters has earned his $$, that's why he is here.
  14. Yeah, not pick #32 ... but in a trade down scenario, it would makes sense to take a good TE as a BPA ...say early round 2 or if they can get a 3rd rounder. I would assume they have a few targets in mind. Really, if they could nail day 3 of this draft, it would be the best case scenario.
  15. Wrang, IDK ... Peters was playing at an elite level before the injury. His salary and cap hit are pretty low for an elite LT. Celek was a fan favorite, but the production wasn't there, not even at Celek's best would he come close to what Peters was giving you last year. I think that is why the Eagles aren't in a rush to say goodbye. I can't blame them, especially at this stage. If he comes back strong, it will be tough to release a top LT. Now, I don't think he gets any "rest" as far as giving Big V snaps ... unless its a blowout and maybe you change your QB. But coming in and out of the game, for a "blow" I don't see it. I could see taking days off during the week though, not snaps during the game. 2019 will be more of cap relief thoughif they do release Peters, so we shall see. I think maybe they rework something though. Tough call because it will be Big V's last year on rookie deal.. do they want to give him more of a look? IDK?