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  1. IDK... we don't know if he will be 100%. Neither Mills of Cooper. But we play zone.
  2. I'm going to say... I think the Eagles have always had the strategy of building a roster with the franchise QB and both lines. Just that in 2017 those levels were the highest at those spots ... while also having better play around them ... ie James Thrash and Pinkston vs the 2017 group. take your pick of a decade of Casey Matthews types at LB.... some bad safety combos after Dawk...etc. And some solid depth.
  3. So ... take Blount and Ajayi. How were they prior... was 2017 their only good year? Or was it their "last" good year... mainly due to health and age? I said it was their last due to those reaasons... I could care less about castoffs. It happens in football. Those seasons were hardly fluke, and neither played their best by far ... they were solid at a position you need solid and were depth. CBs.. I think were solid and the depth was there a little with all the healthy guys. Playing behind an elite unit up front. Its simple though ... you just need to look around the league... tell me another team that matched QB, DL, OL ...solid all around and depth? With dudes in the prime. I don't see it. You bring up ATL on offense... is there OL that good with elite 3 and solid depth? How was their DL in 2017? It all flows.. .sure there were teams with better RBs, CBs, LBs ...etc. the complimentary positions. No argument. just don't see it across the board like our Eagles.
  4. Yes.... no denying... doesn't mean the roster couldn't be the best either. ie. 1983 76ers... you could argue all the intangibles... an easily see it was the best roster that year too. Why can;t it be both? Why can't you throw in all the stuff that makes fora good book about the 2017 Eagles.. intangibles etc ... and still say it was the best roster that year ...and better than the 2019 roster when looking at it as a whole? Especially with guys being 2 years older? Can't be both?
  5. That's it... so can;t really blame anything or anyone. Yes all the rest isn't perfect... youth being a reason... and coaching not perfect. But no denying those players at those key spots ... alter the game tremendously when added next to Alshon/Ertz ... and Cox/Graham. also make the other guys who aren;t as good, play lesser roles. A good 3rd stringeer doesn't mean he is a good 2nd string...etc.
  6. Football... its common where average guys have that one above average season in their prime.
  7. I give you Robinson... the others ... solid, lets not get carried away with great! Wiz, Kendricks...etc. Bradham has had a couple good years, do I think 2017 was better... sure... how old was he and how was the DL in front of him?
  8. But good example .... ATL and Detroit ... Darby was gettign killed. defense with him out was actually pretty solid in those two games if you look at it. Alshon, Ertz ...whatever you want to say... the compliments aren't getting it done around them Really we agree, the #2 outside WR is the big flop. DeSean in there... huge! Same with our look at the DL... I think the DT is the big wweak spot. I think that those 2 spots... the units... adding DeSean and the other 2 DTs... causes problems. Changes the game.
  9. I think the Minn game is the outlier... it was played last so fresh in our memory. Pass rush could have been better vs Detroit and ATL. Those are the games I'm looking at as ones where we should have won and difference between 3-3 and 5-1.
  10. When the Pats win ... how is their QB play and pass rush? You notice QB is pretty consistent and that leadership ... so they always compete... years they don't win... what is the difference? Support around the QB.. and you see a dip in their pass rush. A few NE fans I know always look at this as their area of concern. They know they are always pretty solid on the back end, and with BB scheming. Paas rush to them is their key. Why they like their odds this year.
  11. In prime always works for me dude.... unless you see a guy with a 10 year career have his career year in year 9 or so.... they say in football years 4-6 is prime. that was Madden from a while ago. I think Buddy said it too or Vermeil... one of them. The ones that can stick around get better until they lose it physically. Thats mid to late 20s.
  12. Ham... look at the ages.... Do you expect Sweat to get better.... say in 3 years ? You assume a 2022 version should be better right? Yet we also know that it doesn't last ... how old were all the guys you mentioned... lots of 25-28 right? Or a RB that still had it in 2017 compared to now.
  13. Biggest reason to me we are only 3-3... not play calling, not QB... but these 3 particular injuries at these key spots. Minn game you can say DBs...etc. But I think we crush ATL and Detriot with those 3 playing ...absolutely crush them.
  14. Wow... again ... I said it helps didn't I? You always have to be extreme with every point don't you. OK... lets go extreme .. se if you follow here. You have anthony Munoz... arguably best LT of all time... or whoever you prefer. And then you have Winston Justice on the other side I have Reggie white and that bust we drafted... Harris I think was his name .. at the other DL. You have Dion .... and Izel Jenkins I have ... Torrey Smith and Alshon. How you feeling about that? you going to matchup as an OL ... move Munoz around to block Reggie? Does it matter how much Munoz dominates Harris or if Reggie can beat Justice? In the secondary... you have Gilmore ... go shut down any one of my guys ... then you have Izel Jenkins on the other. Regardless of Gilmore, you need to double team and help with Izel. Same as you would with Justice on Reggie. The mismatches from a WR and a DL standpoint cause the game plan and strategy to change. As an offense, i'm looking to attack your weakness in the secondary. doesnt matter to me how badly your top CB shuts down my top WR... see Gilmore vs Alshon and 41 points from Eagles. (I know it wasn't the whole game ...etc., but we still lit them up after the switch) Remember Osi killing Justice and McNabb getting killed that one game. Do you remember how the other matchups went? Neither do I, because the one weakness on the OL or mismatch in favor of the DL was all that was needed. I have no problem scoring 41 while Alshon is being locked down. I have no problem getting 10 sacks while you double team Cox vs the Jets 2 weeks ago. Right now... we are struggling... nothing much when they can slow down Alshon... and nothing special from the other guys while they shut down Cox. And its why I agree.. DeSean, Malik and Jernigan being out are big factors... as nobody else has stepped up around the guys that the opponents game plan around.
  15. No... my point is I prefer those guys that battle in the defensive trench to be elite... that unit to be elite. Its the first wave of defense vs the run and the one that pressures the QB. Very simple.