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  1. Right they can pay everyone. But lingering contract issues will make players want to leave. Dallas is a mess!
  2. It's just a matter of who makes it to free agency. The open market. If Dak gets the franchise tag... Cooper goes to the open market. Transition tag means Dallas is forced to match the terms of the contract.
  3. Yeah...agree with all that... I'm not looking to do much worse or slightly better. The 2019 is not a measuring stick for me. Our division stunk... so we made the playoffs, not the same. Get the best player round 1. Don't trade back because there is still adequate players at the same position of the best player. My strategy with the draft is consistent. When your turn is up, take the best guy. You are team building long term, not just 2020. If WR is best player your first 2 picks you take them. It doesn't matter about the adequate WR in round 4.
  4. But are we concerned about getting worse or improving enough to win another title? Adequate players get you adequate results. We've had plenty of those years. I hope we look to get back to the top. It's lonely at the top, but since only one team can be there, you have to be willing to go above and beyond the adequate... if you really want to be that team. I'm sure there are plenty of adequate options in round 4. Plenty of adequate " value" options in free agency. 9 -7 or 10-6 are adequate results can probably get there with getting a bunch of these adequate options.
  5. Listening to what Howie is saying ...and the current situation with the team (cap space and the outgoing FAs we are losing) I'm fully expecting us to be major players in FA. Also I think the next CBA is going to cause the cap to go up huge. WE have around a $200 mil cap this year without a new CBA.... $300 mil is coming a lot sooner than people realize. You lock in guys now for long term... those contracts take up 2/3 of the percentage of the cap in that scenario. QBs will be making $50 mil soon enough. I think the more we can lock in now, the better our cap situation and ability to build a roster will be in the future. Obviously the key as always... we need to get guys that perform on the field.... bargain or not, the key is how they play, not the $$$
  6. Yes... so you agree that the final decision is Howie's based upon a bunch of factors including how badly Doug, Stoutland thinks we need him... and then based upon the landscape of the OL position within the organization and the league.... and what the contract situation would be. Doug is a factor... but Howie makes the decision... not Lurie. Lurie works on the decisions like the color of the uniform etc... not football players. It's not Howie not trusting Doug, it's taking his input. For Doug... his job is to say every players is great and that he wants them back. Should always say that for multitude of reasons... like if he actually does come back for one, it looks good that the coach wanted you... if he gets signed elsewhere, it helps his value if the other team thinks the Eagles want him..etc. Never a good idea to say I don't want this player back. Lurie breaks no tie... in your example ... it would be Stoutland as you... Doug your boss... and Howie as the VP. .... Lurie is not in that equation.
  7. Is Rivers getting $50 mil? .... $50 mil is a lot of cap space to lock in the players you want. Tenn gets first crack at it... including a tag if needed. If they want Conklin, they will keep him.
  8. Right... Doug and coaches should have less input there IMO. But in season as you suggest signing a guy off the street or making a trade...etc. that player needs to be thrown into the fire.. so I think smarter to give more weight to the coaches then. You know the cap, it becomes about winning the immediate games at that point.
  9. Ham asks a good question How do you move up to early to mid 2nd round, without giving up your later 2nd round nor your 3rd round pick? The last pick of round 3, plus a 4th and a 5th... and next years 2nd which in theory should be in the 50s... that's tough. GBFL says no team will let us have all those top picks... it only takes one AFC team to make that trade that really doesn't care about our draft. If that team would prefer multiple picks even though in theory not as good. It could happen. Where I would agree with GBFL, ( which Ham didn't really say either way) is that I would look to pull the trigger on that deal once we get to the moment of the next pick... so we know who the player is that we want. I'm not a fan of moving up without knowing that.
  10. I would take more input from Doug and the coaches on moves made in season.... August and beyond
  11. And once the players are in... Howie stays out of which players get on the field.
  12. He should only use Doug as input. One of many he needs to use.
  13. Where Lurie should have jumped in... Dawkins.. should have told Banner that he was an idiot... pay the extra $2mil when we had plenty of cap space in a time where you couldn't roll it forward. Dawkins was NFC player of the month in December of the previous season, like 2 months ago... he should have stated to Joey nickels... " don't be a Jack arse " ...he is still a good player, it's a cheap position, we have nothing behind him... and all the intangibles. And don't pay Stacey Andrews. Other than that one time, Lurie needs to stay out of it. I feel JP received the respect that Dawkins didn't... but it's enough now. Only bring him back if needed on the field.
  14. Doug says he wants a guy... Howie takes that under advisement. Conversation happens, why do you want him back... mostly it has to be about Dillard not being ready. If it's just for insurance or the locker room...etc. Then a discussion with Peters about salary and playing time etc. Howie then looks at the rest of the OL, the OL je could bring in FA, OL in the draft... and the overall direction of the roster ( maybe trying to go youth) then a decision is made. Howie makes that decision based on all the information.
  15. I recall you looking at the draft and that there wasn't a RB drafted after Sanders for a while... and saying we reached for him. The rest ... yes you were negative on ASAP, especially the last 2.