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  1. Sure... in 2018. Does it matter when we have a 6-7 team... it's not our year. With everything going the way it is. they are only 2 games up and those are the two games we played head to head... could easily be us two games up. But again... outside of this, what's the outlook? Both winning this year and going forward. Neither should win this year. Going forward the hype should all be on them, I like it that way. Because they ultimately fail. This time they will need to lock in 4 more big contracts. Dak, Zeke, Cooper and Lawrence. I think that Jones CB will demand some $$ soon too. It takes a full roster to win, and the Cowboys are an 8-5 team in a bad division with not even paying any of these guys yet. Let the hype build baby! Meanwhile in Philly... let the humiliation sink in for the QB and the coach. So many things that could have been done better in 2018, it stings more after you realize for the first time what it actually took to win it all. The bar is set higher, you are chasing a team in your own division, now get to work. Let Dallas get the bronze medal that we had for the entire Andy Reid era. Pay those guys and stay at the bronze level. Meanwhile, I want to go for gold ... and it it means missing out on standing on the bronze podium, I'm kool with that. Let Dallas have it.
  2. GBFL... see I love it. The hype around Dak, on one show... they kept repeating the same two passes. If he was so great, show more highlights. They can't because in volume, he sucks at throwing accuracy. One great throw, congrats...LOL That was a great throw, perfect. Then he misses guys open by 5 yards, easier throws. Ride the hype train for now... get those Cowboys paid, strap their cap and then lets go. Let's be honest, without Dallas being somewhat in the news, it would be so much less fun. They dissapointment coming is going to be great. Then they start off with the hype next year, 1st place schedule... guys getting $$$$$$. The recipe for the implosion is all there.
  3. LOL.... dude that was a dream game for me as a QB. I would have thrown deep 20 times if I was Dallas. Of course they have Dak so 18 of those passes would have been incomplete. But man, every time, flag, touch league, back yard or whatever ... one on one mismatch outside, just rare back and throw it. No reading a defense, no chance of INT on the overthrow... just incomplete or TD. All day with that throw.
  4. Maybe we can get Flip back now since he was fired in Minnesota?
  5. True... like talking trash and then immediately making a play by recovering a fumble on the opening kickoff ... yeah, I hate guys like that. LOL You could tell Dak was fired up ... he actually hit 2 of 8 deep balls... he was so fired up, he was the best player on our team on Sunday. Thanks Dak for making it close. Go get paid my man. I hope the hype of the rest the season/offseason is there for you. Pay that man Jerry.
  6. OH hell yeah it is! I'll review. Last year we started with a healthy OL, pretty much all year, Peters was out, but after that what do you have, everyone was playing healthy, that's huge. The outside #2 WR, we had two of them in the speed role. This year, nope. Last year, we had a stud blocking TE in Celek, Goeddert is good, and should have a better future etc... but the combo of Celek and Burton in their roles, being in the offense for years, makes a huge difference. Clement hasn't been the same, except for the previous two games, so basically, thats losing your 3 RBs from last year. Your MVP QB from last year was healthy, not coming off a major injury. Throw in the big one. To me, you can't ever... EVER short cut the work. Last year from the first weighlifting session, it was all hands on deck, everyone practicing together. Sure Alshon missed preseaon GAMES! But it was all there from day one, playing together a as a unit. Throw in Ajayi later. Thats it. Is it an excuse for questionable offensive philosophy and play calling? Not really. But yes, the talent on the 2017 team, people don't under estimate how good it was. How healthy they were, how the pieces fit together and how they got to work from day 1. The defense, we don't need to even get into that, missing more than half the guys. The uniform doesn't win, the players inside the uniform do.
  7. Really... Derick Henry is the answer now... Henry? He's a top RB in the league ... or just had a good night? Where would you put him as a pro bowler ... just below Zeke or a little above ? LOL Hall of fame baby. Titans SB champs because of the RB that matters Derick Henry! The difference maker. LOL
  8. I'm not in love with screens vs their LBs. A couple... and limit the RPO ... play regular ball ... pound and go deep. Make them play the whole field.
  9. Sen, there are the links to the two stations here locally.
  10. I love the way the combo of Adams/ Clement looked on monday night. They are different, which is good. Both should only get better. Clement had to be knicked up more than we knew, his explosiveness was missing early. Adams now that he has experience is doing well. I know for some people (I won't criticize, just like I didn't when they wore bell bottoms, mostly because I was too young) they want the "name guy" longing for the days when the RB dominated football when it was a mans game played by slower, smaller, less athletic but mean defenders. In today's game of the 21st century, I like the right two or three man combo myself.
  11. It's game over now .... the Cowboys weren;t playing to win this game before this quote....LOL you see why I hate the media. Non story, just like most things... made into a story... because real life is too boring for their articles.
  12. True... the took Laurance Maroney a while back ... but yeah, I'm ok with not taking a RB with the #1 pick. I think Michael Haddux was our last 1st round RB. But seriously though. ... i'm not following any trend set by any team in this division. It's been a long time since this division was the best or even close ... shame what a great era those 80s to mid 90s for our division.
  13. In theory I could agree. But I also think its a mistake to invest in RB so heavily. As recent history of WINNERS has shown. But more importantly... do we want to counter things done within this division? Really? I need to counter Guice? Really? Barkley is a stud ... you need to counter anything the Giants are doing? Zeke, you need to stop him for sure, I can be on board with focusing on stopping the run adn making Dak pass as much as possible. But more importantly... Bradham is getting up there and Hicks gets hurt all the time. Plus I lke building my defense from the middle out ... so I'm good with a nice stud young LB. A nice young stud DT at the point of attack is nice too. Anythign helps. But I'm not limiting my focus on stopping RBs due to our division. Unless you just focus on winning the Andy Reid title of division titles.... maybe we can hang another division title banner up? But if you want to win a SB, you better focus on getting to the QB and beating the better teams. Whatever the case ... we need a good draft regardless of positions.
  14. Not really ... its complicated, depends on where the picks are...etc. Plus then you need to look at who they replace..etc. It's not that easy yet. Neither is the $35 or 40 mil number. Right now they are showing negative 8 mil, which could flip to positive $18 mil if Foles and Peters get released. That's also a top 51 number, before counting draft picks and practice squad guys and the rest of the 53. But we also don't know if they get anything added on from hte leftover this year... so we'll see. Agholor would be the next biggest cap move after Foles. Even bigger than Peters. So we'll see. Too early yet though.
  15. Wait until the season is over ... we'll know more then. For now... enjoy 2018. Next year is next year, and we don't know which players will resign or be tagged. Not an issue yet.