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  1. Don't do that ... don't look at 2019 need... its not how they are going to draft. Best thing is to look at the roster, how they prioritize building a roster, and look at the youth at those positions. We need it pretty much everywhere... this idea of just getting the LB to fill out the 2019 roster isn't a good one when it comes to building a roster. Draft picks are supposed to be for long term, not year 1 impact. They may take one if they feel its the best option for the long term. Don't over analyze this. Nope... they aren't going to do that.
  2. I think you are overthinking a little. You get the best guys you can in the draft and go from there. We can add everywhere.
  3. I'm looking to add everywhere. These next two drafts are essential to build the roster past the era of ... Peters, Kelce, Brooks, Graham, Curry, DeSean, Jenkins, Bradham ...etc. Get me players that will stick, then I can keep building.... selecting the wrong players who won't be on the roster or be effective is my only concern. Otherwise, just get me some players in here.
  4. How about Kevin Kolb deal.... that was a steal wasn't it ? (me being sarcastic) .... waiting 5 years to get a pick in hte same round to me isn't great value ... I hope we don't look to draft now for value we could get in 2024
  5. I say no ... its not basketball where you draft the player first then make the trade.... in the NFL you trade the pick. If Lock is the QB in demand... then teams will look to trade up for our pick.. similar to what Baltimore did last year. That's why you work the phones. This King's ransom is going to be similar to the value we got for tagging and trading Foles. It won't exist. So you try to trade the pick if you can... if not, then you draft the player that you want.
  6. So we got this draft going this weekend... on top of the college players selected and signed as UDFAs.... possible trades for NFL players in the mix.... then May 7th for the free agents that won't count towards comp picks.... June 1 cuts ... should be a bice 6 weeks for the Eagles here. Be intereting to see how it all shakes out and then look at our cap situation. The Wentz contract then being the X factor. Not sure what will happen there, I think they want to lock him up, just not sure how the contract will work with this CBA expiring soon. Could be they let him play out the contract.... then reset everything in 2021 under an uncapped year or with a new CBA in place. I can't figure this one out numbers wise as to which I think is the best. It's not the norm right now... and has nothing to do with Wentz's injuries and having to "prove himself" Just strictly from a rules and numbers situation... I keep coming up with having to do the deal soon or just wait until after 2020 season. I know Howie hates when one player has the huge cap hit... Cox is already set to be $22 mil from 2020-2022 ... not sure Howie wants to put Wentz up there at $25 mil next year as a 5th year option, but could be the cheapest alternative long term if they can rest a new deal in 2021 with a new signing bonus. That could preven Wentz from having a huge cap it until 2023.... meaning anywhere near $30 mil / year... then add in a restructure .... it could allow Howie to keep the cap hit down for a long time. I'm just not sure the full $25 mil or so next year is something they want to do? But it makes sense if they just roll the cap space saved from this year to make up for it. Sorry to bore people with this ... but it is pretty much the key factor in setting up our cap going forward. As simple as some of you try to make contracts... its really not with this new CBA coming up. I'm curious to see what Howie does.
  7. I've never been in a war room ... but I would imagine it goes somethign like this .... as pick #23 gets selected .... and #24 is on the clock ... The Eagles sitting at 25 have the idea... we are taking this player, if he gets taken then we are taking the next player. That part being one. .... then the other part is sitting on that decision while possibly wating for phone calls if there weren't a few that were taken already. So you have the player ready to be selected.... unless you get a better offer via trade. Not really complicated. Not sure why we need to "run to the podium" That player can't go anywhere.
  8. ??? Didn't you just say the obvious trade down partner was LAC? They are 3 slots behind us.... it would take a "boatlaod" to move down 3 spots?
  9. I don't really think its a game... I think they take their time... they know who they will select... be ready for it... but not run to make the pick right away... they are in control while they are on the clock... thats the time to use that control. But 53 ... I could see that pick getting dealt right away even before the player at 52 is selected. or at least before we see who it is.
  10. Absolutey... pretty much what I've been saying here all along.
  11. Oh... I so disagree .... the pcik will come very slowly .... I absolutely think they explore a trade up until the last second. I'm hoping the QB is there on the board ... I absolutely think its the best shot at getting great value back in a trade down. To me... 2nd round this year ... plus a 1st next year. ... or 2nd plus some more this year... along with a 2nd next year. The trade down 4 spots for a 4th round pick doesn't mve the needle for me much. I want the big trade return if we make a move.
  12. I agree now after them trading 29 ... but you never know... like I said... I also forces them to wait longer watchign guys drop off their board? They might get ancy there ... especially the way that part of the draft board is right in front of them. I mean think about it... 8 spots before yours.... two teams pick twice. better chance one of those teams selects the BPA at 2 different positions. Then you have your AFC rivals picking in there... Along with the Saints making their selection at 62... right between your picks. NE in additon to 56 also having 64 .... its a spot where all those teams could be stealing your guy(s) right off the board. Or trading up from 62 to 64. I think #53 could easily have a bidding war. If we could slide back 5 to 10 slots and pick up a 3rd rounder ... or more.... I could see it happening. If not... then 57 could be a good trade down spot too if players a team wanted came off the board 53-56 and there is a target or two left that a team like KC or NO doesn't want to lose? I really like that spot for us.
  13. WHY? What's wrong with speculation? And you seem to love the draft.... how many mocks do you do? Even throwing in a phantom Lane retirement article in there ... from overworking your mocks so much .... lol. All good.
  14. I agree... same with any team in that late 20s to early 40s range.
  15. I agree... less likely KC would make a move up to 53 now. But you never know. They sit idle in round 1.. then having to wait again... only to have Houston there to pick twice .. Eagles to pick twice .... in that 53-57 span.... it could entice them thinking that both of those teams take 2 different positions... with more of a chance at stealing their player? And you forgot.... the Pats have pick 56 ... along with pick 64. Again.... more reason for KC and LAC to move up... even Indy too.