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  1. I learned to look at hte ball at 5 years old in the back yard ... not rocket science.
  2. Nice to see you back on,haven't seen ya for a while. What would you think if I told you that the secondary will be much better this season than last? The guys in the CB competition are all much better than Carroll & McKelvin. I don't know how much better,but still an improvement + I see the DL being much more effective with the pass rush which will in turn help out the DB's. And even better next season when Douglas and Jones will man the outside & Mills in the slot? At least that's the way I see it. Pretty much how I see it. Hated...absolutely hated Carroll. Was great on any play in front of him...couldn't defend anything where the play was behind him. The next time I see him turn around to look at the ball ...will be the first time! The young guys could be as bad... or not. But the fact they are young means a higher ceiling. The possibility of development at CB is something we haven't had in forever. Patchwork mediocrity was the trend forever.
  3. Sen,... here is my take. Blount, if the team is doing poorly... does it matter? Do we want a happy bunch of losers? Not sure what his motivation to be an arse would be, it was obvious he wanted to go back to NE, and obvious how fishy it happened?? But, no issue with the weight clause if he signed the contract, basically says we won't pay you unless you stay in shape, kinda obvious. As for Wentz and the WRs. We've seen plenty of times where QBs and WRs don't need much to be working well off the bat. Aren't you in Denver area? Good examples of how that worked. But in reality, we don't need SB level play or chemistry yet, just to take the next steps and make the playoffs. As for the Eagles and their current situation with division and schedule. The Giants are the team I think will be the competition in the East, unless Eli gets zero protection. The schedule, I absolutely love it. The reason why, is that I simply just compare it to the rest of the division, that's really only what matters. No teams off a bye, staying out West for back to back when its cold... getting Denver at home between KC and NE for them... and getting Oakland to travel across the country on Xmas and play in the cold. Arizona is much tougher at home, they come here. The extra games are early at Carolina, love that fact...and the gimme game vs the Bears which is by far the easiest in the NFC North. Also love opening on the road in Washington, you know everyone is up for that, and then when you need the home game later, we get it vs them. Not that it is an easy schedule overall... but I like it compared to Dallas, NYG and Wash! Barring disaster with injuries... I will be dissapointed with less than 10 wins! This is logic, not emotional. I've thought the CB situation has been a disaster anyway, so my expectation is not as bad a dropoff as most fans who for some reason liked Carroll and whatever else they had lately??? But I like the OL and DL situation much better now. Plus actual NFL talent at the skill positions. That's just me.
  4. oops,I meant last year and 2014
  5. RE-Dullaz.How many times have we said "oh they lost pieces and are terrible,only to find out that Garrett has once again got them in play mode? I'm not saying NUTTIN until I see both US and THEM play IDK, they had 2 good years... last year and 2012? They haven't really established anything.
  6. Joe, you are repeating what I was saying to GreeninWV. See my post above where I say Why use him on 3rd down and long situations when you have backs specifically for that..... But you are right. Why worry about it.... on to the next topic....... Funny because I keep reading articles on how the Eagles plan on using Bount to catch passes out of the backfield. But, if you say it's a dead issue it must be LOL Why wouldn't they use him to catch passes ..... not every play is 3rd and long. Why take away an option on 1st and 2nd downs .... or 3rd and short? He could never play on any 3rd and 5 or longer and yet still catch a few passes. Who cares really? If he plays 16 games, his career average is telling us he will catch 7 or 8 passes. If he catches 20 or if he catches 3 ... is either a big deal to worry about? But they certainly should be lettign him catch passes now ... what else is he gonna do, just watch?
  7. I will throw in another 2 cents. I would think he was never used as a 3 down RB ... simply because of size and endurance? He is the pounder, why not take him out and keep him fresh on 3rd down? Too much obsession with individual players, positions, stats, labels...etc. forget "franchise" this or that ... other than QB. It's not the 1970s anymore, sure a great RB looks good and if everything else was equal (keep that in mind) then obviously a better RB helps... just like EVERY other position when EVERYTHING ELSE IS EQUAL!!! The thing to look at now, is the salary cap, so everything can't be equal, you have to invest $$ in a balance of positions. Weighing RB by committe vs a franchise RB ... it all comes down to how good the committee is. If it works, then don't worry about it.
  8. Kool... Blount caught 46 passes in 100 games.... so I'm expecting 7 or 8 catches this year. What's the issue? a catch every other game a little more a little less, who cares. It will obviously not be on a 3rd down play, unless its play action and Wentz has to scramble and ad lib the play. It won't make a difference in whether we win a SB, but why argue on how much??? Nothing wrong with saying he might catch a few passes?? He could have the best hands on the team, still obviously we can all agree not to expect him to have 50 short yardage and 4 minute offense baby!
  9. How many franchise RBs win SBs lately.... other than Lynch?
  10. LOL, I didn't know we had to make strides??
  11. Stine, exactly. When you can do everything on offense it keeps the D honest. Then you see how the D plays and you let your QB adjust to them and change the play to whatever the advantage is ... run or pass. Without the WR threats, our run game has been awful due to the defense being able to play run. Now it changes things. The biggest difference will be how the WRs open up the run game. We can run 40 times now, I don't care... the personel has helped the run game. The pass game doesn't need the boost from the run game, it just needed to prove it was a threat, I think on paper it is now with all the new WRs. That said, I think we run the ball effectively to where it does slow down the pass rush, keep our D off the field and also as a weapon to put up points.
  12. 3 things bothered me about Pederson's play calling last year. 1. Pitch to Matthews vs Detroit. Sproles was hot that day converting 3rd downs. A pitch leave no doubt who has the ball, should have been a hand off where Wentz could still act like he has the ball. Matthews fumbles, which was exactly what you don't need there. And it took Wentz out of changing the play, which I thought he gave him the flexibilty to do all the way up until that point. 2. You gotta kick the FG vs Dallas, puts you up 11 = game over at that point. Your kicker made one in the same direction (TWICE with the timeout) from 3 yards further. 3. Giants game, going for it/ the sideways running calls on 4th down. I did like his aggressiveness on going for the other 4th downs and liked the play calls. Even some that didn't work. The logic was there even if they didn't convert. Less to lose than there was to gain. Still miffed at the first 2 which I thought were obvious, the Giants was more of a series of mistakes that kept building, not the one play easy decisions. Doug needs to prove himself this year, that's for sure.
  13. Persepctive about our WRs. 1. When was the last time we had a #1 like Alshon? I think T.O. 2. When was the last time we had a #3 as good as either Matthews or T. Smith, whichever you consider 2 or 3? IDK, Greg Garrity...LOL Maclin and DeSean were nice, neither a #1, and not much else behind them at all. Neither particularly great in the red zone, although I'll take Maclin with the route running and the hands, he wasn't a guy you always need to double team in the red zone. To me its probably the best 3 by far, throw in Sproles and Ertz, with some decent options behind them, and it has to be the best unit we have had here. Doesn't mean the results will be as good as other years where we were top heavy, but will be fun to see.
  14. Stine, I was thinking the opposite via run and pass. My thoughts were finally we have WRs to where the defense needs to focus on them and it could open up the running game. Especially in the red zone. As GSXR said, Alshon is someone they need to worry about, should open up Ertz and Matthews for lesser talented cover guys ... somewhere there Blount gets less bodies on him ... or should I say less defenders for the OL to focus on. Or it could mean lots of 1 on 1 where we have the matchup advantage in the pass game (when has that happened in the red zone... not since T.O.)
  15. From a players perspective, once you get 53 signed on a roster, the ability to be plucked from a practice squad is a great thing. Because the team that does that has to put you on their 53. You get a chance to play. Sure strictly from a selfish point of view from your team, lets stock up and control everyone, but why? Enough is enough, put them on the PS, that's good enough, if they get picked up, then good luck because now they can play. If your 5th round draft pick can't make the roster, cut him as soon as you can, keeping these guys around for so long is part of the problem too. Why is Kendricks here? He stinks, but because we drafted him early, then we payed him ...etc. When does it stop, make it easy to admit a mistake a move on.