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  1. I'm good with Suds the next 2 years... maybe get Foles back if he decides he still wants to play. I'm still of teh belief Foles is the perfect BACKUP to Wentz. Not sure he won't want to come back though instead of just retiring. At this point, you need to go all in with Wentz.
  2. I think elway hasn't been in love with a QB since Manning. Lynch he traded up for. So IMO, I think he is shying away or has shyed away from going all in. Flacco is not an all in... neither was Keenum. Lynch was the closest thing. IMO smart move... take the cheaper Flacco that you can get out of his contract next year... then go from there. Everyone is saying the 2020 draft will have a good amount of QBs.
  3. YES... because not just you ... all over the radio. People are idiots. Wanting to hold Foles for $25 mil as a backup, not realizing how it prevents them from doing anything else to improve the roster. Not just you. But I was making a point. I think in 3 years ... and it seems like 3 years is an eternity (MJK & GBFL) we will see how silly some people were with the Foles mist and worring so much about Wentz himself. I think Foles will be out of football before he turns 33 ...and Wentz will just be turning 29 with his prime years ahead.
  4. Ham, 2 things to consider. 1. Cousins has played without injuries or for long hauls ... Foles hasn't 2. Minn had the perception of just being a QB away, not sure any team can say that right now. So with those 2 factors, demand should be down. But in reality, we don't really know yet because he hasn't hit free agency yet like Cousins. The other thing, look around the league, teams are probably cautious now because of Cousins deal... and Garappalo ... QBs making money but not really delivering for one reason or the other. I think we are seeing it in baseball for sure. We still see some overpays at lesser amounts ... but the big franchise changing salary, we might be seeing a more cautious approach in sports ... outside of the NBA.
  5. Part of me wishes that he got hurt last September ... not December .... so that the Eagles would have had to go with Foles for the bulk of the season... not had the success nor he Superbowl... so that I wouldn't have to hear all this other crap about both QBs. How great Nick is and Carson is just so bad and injury prone. I also think he would have came back for game 1 this year, had some practice time and most likely wouldn't have had the back injury, which many have said can probably be linked to coming back early from the knee. But small price to pay to listen to a few idiots when I think of first SB win and all the good times from 2017.
  6. I'm agreeing with you guys.. Elway has stunk for 3 years. Just saying for me ... 3 years isn't that long. Doesn't prove anything. Especially when talking about having pick 32 in year one after his QB retires and missing on that draft pick (Lynch ... instead of Dak? ) or not signing a franchise QB in FA ... since I don't see any in the past 2 seasons? Andy traded up to get Mahomes, but he was in better position. Mayfield looks good, who went first. Other than Dak ... who did Elway miss on other than those 3 that he couldn't get? IDK... tough call for me. That's why I am saying I would need more time to consider someone a failure... especially a guy who brought a 4-12 team to two SBs in the next 5 years, while making the playoffs 5 years in a row. That's all.
  7. Wow... just thouhgt about it ... Sixers started tanking in 2013, which seems like yesterday .... 3 years later Broncos win SB under Elway. Broncos won SB ... 9 months before our new president was elected, seems like yesterday. Broncos won SB after Doug Pederson was hired ... seems like 5 minutes ago?
  8. BTW... since the 2015 season... where the won the SB in 2016. 3 years! .... which is like 5 minutes in the big picture. Wow ... 3 years Elway can't find a QB.... what does that say about all the other teams? That's the entire Chip tenure... 3 years . Reid was here 14 years... 11 more years than 3. 3 years is Carson Wentz's whole career. Like I said... about 5 minutes.
  9. Really.... so they won the SB.... had pick #32. Very easy opportunity to get a franchise QB? Tell me which free agents since then were the right moves at QB? While I'm not disagreeing with anything you guys are saying .... i'm just saying ... relax .. its been 3 years, and its not like Joe Montana has been out there and Elway missed on him. He's had a poor group to choose from ... and made one mistake with Lynch. The other guys were not long term solutions. Franchise QBs don't just pop up on trees. It took us a decade to get one after McNabb fizzled in 2005.
  10. But by this crazy logic ... it just shows the importance of a true stud franchise QB. Not the bridge guy... not the guy who had a couple of good games mixed in at the right time. Not the young draft pick that doesn't pan out. It's why Ham made the point before the 2016 draft that if the Eagles (with their crew of former QBs and QB guru) truly like a QB that they need to go up and get him. We saw how that put us on the map in 2017 and got us back to being relevant. But now we need to kill the guy because he wasn't all pro after coming back 9 months after a major knee injury and no practice time??? The backup... yeah... he is a backup ... all of a sudden becomes the best thing since sliced bread after a few well timed games to where we think he is worth getting a 1st round pick back... bidding wars .... worth bringing back for $25 mil ... throws INT on a pass that's 10 yards underthrown yet still looking to blame other things for that? Unbelievable.
  11. PHEW.... " Post Manning" Wow ... what has "post Manning" been ... like 5 minutes? Hilarious the logic!
  12. No.. Elway is fine... the Flacco investment isn't much. They have cap space... they are bidding time to draft the next guy. And if you look at how Elway did it. He used free agency more than it has ever been used to build a winner. With all their cap space coming up, he will have the ability to do that again. He won't be on the hot seat for a while there. If the next QB he truly invests in fails... and the team continues to be mediocre... then he probably resigns. The issue there is that the bar was set so high with all that success from the beginning. Not that easy to get a franchise QB, that's why its annoying how all the people here are jumping off the bandwagon of the guy we've been waiting for since early McNabb years.
  13. Who brought the QB to Denver? Why do you think he went there???? Their defense was just ok too for a little while... who built that defense? Simply because in the last few years they weren't able to draft a Wentz or land a Peyton Manning in FA... he all of a sudden is a moron? But lets discount the first 5 years of his work ... lol
  14. Were you and GBFL not on planet earth from 2011 to 2015????? You do know Denver won 4 games the season before Elway took a job with them, then went on a nice run for 4 years? 2 SB appearances ... similar to the Eagles from 2004 to 2017 ... except he did it twice in 3 years.
  15. What did you see in 2017 before the injury and after a full offseason of practicing with the guys? IDK.... I mean, call me crazy to think a couple of torn ligaments and missing months of practice actually matter?