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  1. Nate Sudfeld ... .makes $3,095,000 .... McCown... $2 mil. Forget what any writer says ... what would you think? Here is what I think .... Suds probably can't play for a few weeks.... McCown is the #2 at that point, if he plays then he gets an incentive to make more.... which can't really be added to Suds deal because he was offered a tender. I would think the Eagles think McCown won't have to play in the first couple of weeks.... from there, Suds comes back, and they could have their choice. How McCown does in these next few weeks can determine that. It could go either way. It would save the Eagles $$$ if they played Suds though. It could also lead to getting a better comp pick later if Suds signs elsewhere next year. Who could be better for winning... I think to be determined. Big picture... Kessler is out and the rookie could be practice squad.
  2. We don't want crap on the field... doesn't matter what kind.
  3. Oh I think it matters... if the contract was flexible, I think more teams would be interested.... including possibly the Eagles.
  4. MJK... read the article ...or just to the point where he has to play this year for the tag amount due to the deadline passing.
  5. Nope... the deadline has passed ... he has to play 2019 on the tag #. A new deal cannot be done at present time. Per CBA rules. Is it that hard to look up?
  6. They can trade him ... the team that gets him has to pay that one year tag #. No flexibility on that. CBA rules.
  7. MJK... again.... he's not a free agent. CBA... he got tagged. that's it. No flexibility. look it up.
  8. mjk ... I don't think anything can happen in this case. its a one year deal for that amount. Can't be given a multi year deal. If a team trades for him, that's the price.
  9. Dont think the tag makes it flexible?
  10. Is he allowed to sign for less than that amount? I believe its his tag #
  11. LOL.... yeah... asst. gets the credit. Meanwhile.... New England asst coaches have been carrying their team for 2 decades ... lots of freightrains there.
  12. I think the work is important. Whcih he missed last year.... and really his rookie year. We have in reality his 2nd full season of work going on right now. Whule its not game experience, its still important to be able to put in the work from day 1 to get yourself ready to play... especially with a QB who needs to be up to speed with all his weapons and how his OL is protecting. The play calling will also be tailored to him right from the start. I also think he will get outside the pocket when he needs to more in real games. In camp, not really seeing the need as he can't be touched. Put the pressure on the OL and the WRs to do their jobs with protection and getting open quickly. The other stuff can happen later.
  13. Isn't this DL coach in his first season at the position ... where he hasn't coached in a real game yet .... but we know all ths about how great he is?