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  1. I think those throws like the one he missed can be made this week vs Minn. QBs miss throws... you gotta live with it. The BS now with all the short throws which used to be handoffs way back when... and these 70% completion percentages changes people's perceptions. ALL QBS miss throws. That one cost us a shot a 3 points though. Gotta his those this week.
  2. Doug would have to help Markelle Fultz fix his jump shot in order to get coach of the year .... LOL Guy wins 2 more games, wins the head to head battle on the other guy's home field... with the back up QB. Beats the same team that beat the other guy in the playoffs. Throw in the injury factor. Only thing left to do here is to fix Fultz's jumpshot! IDK ... LOL But who cares really, the whole team takes their mindset from the coach. Nobody gets more disrespect than Doug, so players can relate to him and see him as an example. It's not about individual awards, and nobody comes across with that same mindset than Doug himself. Wentz seems the same way. Congrats Howie, this was too much of a no-brainer. But still, similar to Doug taking crap and being unselfish, it looks like Howie has learned by not dominating all the decisions and letting his ego get in the way. Just do your job and focus on what's best for the team, and everything else falls into place. Congrats to the owner too. He took a more hands on approach the 2016 offseason to put things into place ... coaching hire, QB decision...etc. It was the right time to give a little extra input when determining the overall direction of the franchise. Players obviously like this guy a lot too. Easy to see why.
  3. I meant to say... plenty of meaningless mixed in games mixed in...with the big lead last 2 minutes
  4. Wrang, Good stuff on the 4th downs. That shows that all the risks were worth it, from both sides of the ball. Especially like that ZERO points given up after missing a 4th down play. As for no points during the last 2 minutes ... Not sure... Dallas missed a FG at the end of the last game, so it could be right. The first Giants game ... we had to kick a FG at the end, but not sure if we scored 2 times in a row at the end? A lot of blowouts, so plenty of mixed in games there too though. But impressive.
  5. Sen.,.. Foles gets rid of the ball quicker than Wentz on the deep throws because he can't throw as far ... The beauty to Agholor vs Denver is what I'm talking about ... the one from Foles. Not the long developing plays that Wentz can hit. A couple to Alshon up the sideline, they will hit one of them and Rhodes will interfere on one too. 30-35 yards downfield, away from the double team ... that's a quick pass. Agholor on a corner route from the slot would be nice. Same with Burton vs a LB.
  6. I don't really care what they are concerned about ... I don't need him getting 1 yard or 3 yards. Case in point ... McNabb used to kill Tampa with his running. I was at the 2002 title game (ie funeral) last game at the vet. McNabb had the broken leg he recovered from... early in the game there was an opening and he scrambled for like 12 yards up the sideline. If it was 3 months earlier he would have gotten 50 yards! From that point their pass rush became more aggressive. Foles running for 3 yards isn't going to change anything. But if he can get 7 or 8 yards on a key play, then go ahead. I think we beat them without that stuff. I think people will be surprised... if the weather is decent, it will be the first time in a whle for Foles playing without brutal weather.... watch how he all of a sudden looks like a QB again... maybe the Raiders game can be forgotten finally...LOL Otherwise, I'm ok with really bad weather too, let Keenum figure it out how it feels like to have to pass in that without a running game. You brought up stats from Tampa and Chicago ... so I don't see Minnesota as being this perfect defense. They can be had. Take the shots and hit them. Worst thing to do vs a good defense is get too conservative... they eat that right up!
  7. I'm loving all the theories! How about this one... the Vikings have a great 11 starters on defense.... so we throw to #13, #10, #88 because these players wouldn't have a starter covering them? Really not complicated. Todays game the slot WR is a top weapon anyway... so use Agholor a lot for sure. I also read that their top DE might be on a snap count do to the foot injury... same one that Duce had??? If so, run as much as you can when he is on the field, throw it as much as you can when he isn't. I'm also maing hte dude with the concussion have to move around and think a lot, he is getting blocked hard on every play the first series or two, lets see how he handles it. Rhodes will take a penalty at least once, so I wouldn't avoid him. Be aggressive baby!
  8. That would be awesome!!!!! Have a player on the other team that shouldn't be cleared to play on the field and in a position where he has to make decisions all game... welcome that if its a case where they rush him. That's me as a selfish fan, but for the player, I would feel bad if he shouldn't be playing. Why wouldn't we want guys who aren't at full strength on the other team to play???? A few hits from Ajayi and Blount only makes it worse for him.
  9. I don't think that is the Vikings call... is it?
  10. Sen, I was drivng home while the Vikings/Saints game was finishing up ... they made it sound like Keenum made this great play ... the comeback kid...etc. I love that you give him all this credit and zero for Foles. The clock is about to strike midnight on Sunday. The grass will no longer be greener on the other side. This will be Foles 4th game in the Philly weather ... guess who will have his first one come Sunday. But lets take a closer look... Is it the QBs... or..... Our WRs vs their CBs .... their WRs vs our CBs What gets you more nervous? To me ... it ain't the QB part of it
  11. Avoid the big mistake ...and Foles will do more for our offense than their QB will and we will win the game.
  12. Sen... please stop with this ... Andy did not leave him a good team... 8-8 ... then 4-12 .. .they were not good. The 2013 schedule was easy, the offense was gimmick, didnt really beat any good teams... 10-6 was not so outstanding under those circumstances... but yes .... look at everything involved... there was good there. for 14 years it took 33 seconds to break the huddle, QB couldn't have time to see the defense and change a play... then we called it fast... but it was so the coach could change the play. Similar to what the Rams are doing. That's half right. Fitness has helped this team. Look at Celek and Kelce as examples of vets in great shape. All that little stuff means nothing when you have 7 plays in your playbook... its like throwing fastballs in baseball all game long, it won't work. As for QB... WTF is wrong with you people. You all act like Foles can't throw the ball. If a guy is open he will hit him most of the time. He can't avoid the rush like Wentz can, and that means the other guys needto block and get open. But it's not like he can't play. I don't get it?
  13. When your team is built the right way... you can overcome mistakes. Difference now is the offense without Wentz can't really overcome them, but if they avoid them, all will be fine. The defense, still good enough to overcome mistakes when your DL can stop the run and put pressure on the QB a lot of the time. Kudos to Howie for learning and finally building it the right way.
  14. Absolutely ... the Eagles are not a team that plays sharp. That's what I've been saying , they are winning on their superior talent. And give Doug credit... but its not an "overachieving" almost perfect type of game they play. They make their share of mistakes. But Saturday were some big ones on top of the sloppy tackling. If its only a few tackles, we should be ok, just can't be on the longer passes, they will turn 15 yard gains into TDs.
  15. Ham... that's where Chip had it 50% right.... quick play call ... but no need for quick snap. I said it before we hired Doug... we need a guy who can take the best of Andy and the best of Chip .. .without making the mistakes and dumb stuff that a 7 year old would avoid and we will be ok. They kept the fitness stuff, the quick play calling, the spread, a lot of the coaches ... but then they went back to some of the good that Andy did too in game prep and the idea of the coach having his players backs. It's nice to not be able to predict a play with 90% accuracy all the time or watch the dumb stuff over and over. Lately the challenges have been good too. The timeout after Julio's catch and before their last play was great, almost got a reversal of the catch to boot. Little things he is doing well. Not perfect at all, but really well.