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  1. So you see 7-9 for 3 years in a row and 4 out of 5 years ahead for the Eagles? This isn't just an emotional thought at the moment? This is calm and logical thought?????? BTW... they did get 2nd place I think one maybe 2 times at the 7-9 mark. 7-9 is 7-9 .. we only played 2 division games so far, so didn't really effect us yet did it?
  2. They did win 1 playoff game between 2009 and 2017. with half the years going 7-9. Facts in da house! That playoff win came vs our Eagles and the great Nick Foles.
  3. what about the Saints ... going 7 -9 ... 3 years in a row from 2014-2016? And 2012 before that .... 4 out of 5 years they were 7-9. Holla at the facts!
  4. Isn't "wait til next year" what 31 teams say every year?
  5. It means it's my busy season, haven't been on much since 11-1. I'm down here in Miami... hopefully we get the W. I'm calling it here, first one. Lol. Run the ball some Doug...the rest should follow.
  6. There it is ...come on man... all good points over the last few days then you gotta do it! New Years resolution for 2020... just keep making excellent points without the need to mention "I called it" BTW... Dillard at RT ... I think we can agree... it wasn't about him as much as lack of confidence in Big V. Don't like him on the right side. RT especially. He plays better at LT or at Guard... we seem to both agree there. I apologize for me and the rest who thought this, agreed with your post ... but forgot to keep score and metion BTW... just so I can go on record ... when "coach Clap" gets fired... and you take credit for "Calling it" don't forget to mention me on that. I need the Whoever it was saying at least they got close ...etc. Doug as head coach way better than Garrett. As play caller ... Garrett doesnt call the plays... if you want to give credit for getting down there, give it to their OC ... Garrett makes more important decisions ... like kicking a FG down 7 On top of still needing a TD anyway... you let the Pats off the hook with field positon in that sequence by kicking off. Keep them pinned down.
  7. Come on ... now is the time for the negativity... the sky is falling ... the QB looked awful, the coach stopped running ...etc. Very predictable. Now come the 4 college games and the only matchup that we knew will matter week 16 vs Dallas. The D coming together now for the final stretch. Ajayi looked pretty good .... and what happens when we play bad teams? Good ole Dougie P likes to run the ball. as the offense gets healthy and we have 3 legit RBs that can run the ball ... as Doug seems to figure out towards the end of every season that running the ball helps ... and say what you want about the QB ... the last 3 seasons he finished playing his best ball... last half vs Dallas, the Rams game and the end of his rookie season. I think a nice trip to sunny FL will be a good thing. Really a legit chance at a tie for the division, as Dallas shouldn't have too easy of a game with Buffalo. At this point, I welcome the scrub teams coming up the next 3 weeks. The division stinks ... didnt stop all of you from falling in love with Andy Reid while he had this bad divison for most of his tenure. Only difference here is that ... making the playoffs this year is bigger than just this year. The perception of the direction of the teams and the QBs in Dallas and Philly are going to be heavily based on how this year finishes. As both teams will end up being tighter to the salary cap limit... this could be key as far as being able to lure some free agents on the cheap. Dallas and DAk either win the divison back to back and 3 out of the last 4 years with Wentz regressing ... or Wentz and the Eagles win the division and make the playoffs 3 straight years despite all the injuries. With the QB showing he can rebound from all the bad stuff. Week 16 is a big game in Eagles/Dallas rivalry ... like when they beat us in the playoffs before winning their 1st of 3 SBs in the 1990s ... or the pickle juicd game that ended that 90s team era and started Andy's team's controlling the poor division. This game could have that impact IMO. 3 games prior to get healthy and start getting the offense on track. Let's go. BTW.... Howard, Ajayi and Sanders ...lets make this work for this year and next year. Don't be cocky Howie and Doug ... lock in the committee and give us the running game to start with.
  8. Yes...if we lose to Seattle...they lose to New England or Buffalo. They stay one game ahead...if we beat them to tie... and both teams win the rest of their games... they would beat the Rams which are not a common opponent. So we get the 3rd tiebreaker. Of course... if both teams lose an additional game... and ours is a division game..then they get it.
  9. The key to this weekend is Dallas losing. Really it's all that matters. From there. .4 games we should easily win... and the head to head game with Dallas that should decide the division. I'm already anticipating the negative vibes and " it's over" feelings from the media and fan base. Similar to the last 2 years... might be just the thing the team needs. Just get written off, and go play. The defense seems to be getting healthy, which is the good sign as the weather gets more difficult to score. The coach deciding to run the ball once we get the combo of Howard, Sanders and Ajayi... combined with the defense and the QB managing the game... should be enough to win the easy games.... still comes down to Dallas either way week 16.
  10. Right... wasn't concerned about the production as much of the fact that he had the attention and the game plan to draw Gilmore... and White from Buffalo too. Saying we don't utilize the TEs is kinda ridiculous, especially lately...look at the targets and the combined production. They could have better stats per catch or target... with some help on the outside for sure though.
  11. How are you scaring defenses to death when there is nothing on the outside to help? Ertz just got 90 yards with Gilmore covering him... the same guy who eliminated Alshon in the 2nd half of the SB? When they play the Eagles they can focus on the TEs... when you play Baltimore... the focus is on the QB and the run game .... much easier. I just flat out disagree with this by looking at the last few games. Look st the production? One guy racking up cathes and yards... the other guy has scored a TD like every game lately. Playing next to Mack Hollins... come on now. Relax with that .. undr utilized stuff. They play ... the defense covers the best players ... its what happens. There is only one ball to go around.
  12. Jenkins... guaranteed $$ and extend to save cap space... not sure about any raise though, and IMO he has 2 years left tops after this. McCloud... he dropped an INT that cost us 3 points ...but he has played well this year, but he probably wants to test the market. I'm not overpayig, but I would prefer he comes back. Ertz... yeah they may trade him .... but I don't agree with not being able to use 2 TEs????? why would you say that? Look at the WRs that they are playing with.... doesnt make it easy on them... and then look at the last couple of games ... both have been producing haven't they? That is with Wentz not being at his best either. You throw in a WR group that can actually make some plays with a healthy RB committee... those 2 TEs would work well in there... especially with the QB stepping up his game.
  13. He lost his guarantees with the 2nd suspension ... kinda obvious it will be in his next contract right? That's like telling Howie to bring a coat if he visits Alaska in December. IDK at this point... like I said it always comes down to players... we can question who they bring in ... not sure at this point thought why we would question contracts or cap stuff with this team? You could make the point that its bad cap giving certain players certain contracts .... I'll just flip it to its poor player selection in the first place. For me... I would like to see Howard extended on a reasonable deal. Would be nice to not have to go a 6th year in a row where the leading rusher doesn't return. Those guys make a nice combo too. Nothing major, but the stability would be nice IMO ... especially for the QB.
  14. joemas6

    Week 10: Vikings @ Cowboys

    Point blank... the teams finished their seasons the same weekend last year. And have the same record this year. With the Eagles having a LT of the future ( at least so far so good are this point) Also... point blank... every game Cooper has played against our secondary... we have had multiple injuries. And really, no matter how much crap people like to throw at our CBs... having them all there including the 2 guys that are supposed to start... it makes a difference. Yeah.. we will see how both teams finish and how Cooper performs vs our healthy secondary. Will be nice to finally see a matchup that matters where one team doesn't have a clear advantage due to injury or suspension. IMO we haven't had that between Eagles vs Cowboys in a few years. I don't think the Eagles window is closing any time soon. Other than Kelce, I don't think any of the older players are that great anymore to where they couldn't be replaced. That includes Jenkins. So not trading Dillard plus more for Cooper, I can't say hurt us at all. Also keep in mind that Dallas was not the only team in need of a WR. It seems like a lot of fans always think it's just the Eagles and whichever team made a certain trade for a player. It is what it is, other teams in a 32 team league are going to make moves that help them. 30 other teams passed on Cooper, Clowney, Sanders, Fitzpatrick, Ramsey...etc. not just the Eagles
  15. joemas6

    Week 10: Vikings @ Cowboys

    Correct... and we have a SB in the last 2 years ...and they have 2 playoff wins in the last 23. Big picture.... we every move, but the overall success is more important. But yeah... we could discuss hypothetical... because you know that if you were Oakland and you had the choice of giving Cooper to the Eagles or Dallas ... that you would have preferred to give him to Dallas thinking that he chances of that pick would be higher than if you gave traded him to the Eagles. So I think its very easy to say, it would have costed us more than a 1st rounder. In hindsight, it may or may not have been the right move? We'll see... so far I like how our young LT looks, will be nice to have that spot locked up long term.