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  1. Interesting ... via Eagles/ Wentz / salary cap hits for NFL QBs 2019 ... Wentz ranks 21st in cap hit 2020 ... he ranks 15th 2021 ... 3rd 2022 ... 4th 2023 .. 3rd 2024 .. 1st as only he and Goff are under contract that long at the moment. We all know this will change as Mahomes, Watson, Dak ...etc are going to get paid .... Lamar Jackson too. If you look at realistically what is going to probably happen... restructure in 2021 .. and a new deal in 2023 when he will have turned 30 in December of 2022. By jumping ahead ... they can keep him paid at the top while keeping his cap hits down for a long time. He turns 37 in December of 2029. Stay healthy and the decade should be successful. Big draft coming up to help build the new core. Plenty of cap space to sign any free agents that you want long term as well. Very big off-season here!
  2. Again ... my quote... 3 weeks ago who would have thought that the path to getting to the SB for KC would have been .... getting a bye ... so Houston and Tennessee at home... then to play SF? When with a New England win over Miami ... they would have been pushed to the 3 seed, and the path could have been ... home wildcard game, at New England ... at Baltimore ... then vs NFC champ. BTW.... SF has 49 players signed and $15 mil of cap space going into 2020 ... Eagles have 58 players signed and $43 mil of cap space. SF is where they are .... they stayed healthy and they drafted well along that DL. If your path was for the 49ers to go 4-12 in order to get a top pick... that's great. Congrats. Lets not act like Bosa and their draft picks didn't contribute or that staying healthy wasn't a huge factor. The cap space argument ... has little effect. They signed some free agents, they should have had good cap space being that they sucked... I repeat, they sucked leading up to this year. Very easy for a team that sucks to have a lower payroll... kinda makes sense doesn't it. Now we see if they can win a SB and sustain 3 years of making the playoffs.... which again, was the Eagles path. We know that the Rams didn't make it 3 years in a row, which was your other team that you liked their business model. We give SF credit, they took advantage of their schedule and opponents injuries early in the season to grab a lead and they held off Seattle at the end there to keep the #1 seed. Lets see what happens the next 3 years
  3. Of course... you knew Miami was going to beat New England in week 17!
  4. 21 years in the league... Andy making it to the Superbowl 2 times. So far the signature win in his career is against the 2004 Atlanta Falcons. Without having to play at New England and Baltimore to get to the Superbowl... I think it still holds true. A win vs SF getting the title... who would have predicted the path would have been... Houston, Tennessee and SF? The stars are aligning.
  5. I think it's obvious. TE is the key position in order to make the Superbowl. LOL. Just curious... how many injuries the 2 teams in the Superbowl have?
  6. Right .... and look at how high those guys were drafted as compared to CB? McDougle, Patterson, Bunkley, Barnett and Graham all 1st rounders ... Marcus smith being an OLB is basically DL. Victor Abiamiri, Trevor Laws...2nd round guys. A ton invested on the DL in the EARLY rounds. While one could say ... " homer" as a fan doesn't complain so much at the CB drafting due to amount plus round .... I would say "homer" to one who thinks we are so good at drafting DL. wow, congrats .. Trent Cole..... lol. How about Jalen Mills round 7 as a SB champ. IDK ... Trent Cole won 3 playoff games. Mills won 4 plus a ring. Cole did make pro bowl a couple of times after other guys dropped out. Whoooo hoooo! My take... just get the right players in 2020. I don't care about the 1999 draft and what positions we took or were good selecting then. The guys scouting now, the guys drafting now, the guys coaching now ... and more importantly.... the players that are going to fall to us now ... are all that matters.
  7. This is where I hesitate to make the blanket statement. If you draft a guy and he plays the position for you for 12 years... so he was a hit as far as a draft pick. 2 things... are you really good at drafting that position, because one guy lasted a decade? Are you really bad at drafting that position because other than that guy you didn't really have to draft there? Idk... hard to say.
  8. So...let's look again...for more context. Mid 90s... we had Vincent and Taylor.... and Al Harris as a nickel. Did they even draft a CB? If so... they weren't going to play considering that combo lasted until 2003. Then Sheldon and Lito took over for a nice run... followed by Asante... they went dream team in 2011. So ... while factually accurate... 26 years... what is the reality? 2012- 2013.. but they went free agent again in Chip's years. Boykin maybe was an investment there? IDK ... if you say they just can't draft a CB? Other than Sydney Jones, when was the last time they took one as high as 2nd round? Was it 2002 with Sheldon? They had the position on lockdown for years, at the start of the 26 year period... no need for CB. It's all part of the equation. Again...I think we overthink things. And I would go as far to say our Linemen may be questionable as far as drafting. Look back at all the early picks between round 1 and 2 on the DL... add in round 3 too. Idk... could have been better considering the investment that went into it, especially compared to CB.
  9. Good strategy....just that I doubt the same scouts have been in place for 26 years. Plus two realities to look at. 26 years...but how many picks? Like are we disappointed because a CB or WR we drafted in round 6 doesn't make a pro bowl? Take a guy like Sheldon Brown... was that a failure of a pick because he didn't get voted to a pro bowl? Idk... sometimes I think we overthink things as fans.
  10. What instrument did Ozzie Newsome play? He was a good TE... why would they think he would be good in a front office? I don't see the logic. I agree with GBFL. Bad hire by Cleveland/ Ravens for 2 decades.... they reached hiring a TE to be a GM. Stick to piano.
  11. Yeah... you think their QB has just a little bit to do with that? You want those runs in there with Wentz?
  12. All are heard...but how many are listened to?
  13. Creative runs? How creative do you need to be with runs? I think it's obvious the last 2 years.... he had some RBs injured and he didn't feel confident running the ball with the younger guys early. He is pass happy for the most part. Any influence like Reich was ...where he reminded him to run the ball is a great thing...not just a good thing. Don't make the game harder than it has to be!
  14. Congrats #17 ... Nice to see another childhood hero be recognized as an all time great ... been a nice few years with Bobby Jones and Mo Cheeks also getting in. Was awesome growing up a Philly fan late 70s early 80s!!!
  15. Just glanced at the upcoming draft slots .... Eagles looking pretty decent with their 10 picks. Last pick is 190. Giants have 10 picks. ... 4 of them are after 190. New England has 12 picks ... 7 of them are after 190. Vikings 10 picks ... 5 of them in the 200s ... Packers 9 picks 4 of them in the 200s Texans 8 picks 3 of them after 240 There are a few teams in better shape with picks ... but I like our situation. Good for a playoff team!