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  1. Isn't it nice to have Wentz and not worry about all that! Go EAGLES!!!!
  2. BG, I'm with you on all your points. Same page. My thing though ... the team practices all spring etc. I absolutely think Wentz practicing with all the guys.. even if just throwing routes and not a real practice... that helped a lotlast year. But not just Wentz or the chemistry with Wentz and the WRs... but the actual WRs too. If Wentz can't throw, and Foles is gone... only leaves Sudfeld to throw. i'm not talking actually playing in the games in September, I'm just talking a high quality QB to keep the players sharp and to where that QB actually has a chance to play. Sudfeld as the #1 QB during spring with some other retread or young journeyman as the 2nd guy... not my favorite situation for months of activities they do. IMO could make the team not be as sharp compared to if it was Foles who in their minds might actually play in the games. The 2017 Eagles had their foot on the gas since early last spring and jst kept building. Would be tough to repeat that without both #11 and #9 at the helm.
  3. BG, Here is my selling point for Howie asking high value for Foles. Selling it to the locker room all spring/ summer when they will not be able to work with either Wentz or Foles. On top of not knowing about Wentz's time frame to come back. Plus losing the insurance policy incase Wentz gets injured again. My point ... don't come at me with pick # 40 ... its not doing much for this team thats ready to win now. That's the mindset Howie needs to get across to anyone calling about Foles. From the other team's side .... a guy who just won SB MVP, played well all through the playoffs, and has a good history on the league of winning and TD/INT ratio. He's a vet that can win now... very calming influence and good humble leadership. Is he the best talent, not really. But to a team looking to win now and have a guy that teammates respect. Foles is a good choice. So being another team. Knowing the value he brings to me in winning now and the person you get in Foles. Plus understanding how it puts Philly in a bind during the offseason and takes away their insurance for Wentz. I know I need to come up with a good package to offer in a trade. I'm not stealing Foles for a 2nd rounder. It's the main reason why I think Foles could stay in Philly. The value he offers Philly might not match what another team is willing to give up to get him. As there a relationship with Foles and McDermott? He left Philly before we drafted Foles.
  4. GBFL.... Cousins and McCarron are free agents... it wouldn't cost teams any picks to get them. That is what Stine was trying to say. Foles would cost a team picks. So you figure they try FA first ... Cousins and McCarron.... then draft/trade.... I put them together because you make a good point, ... if you were going to use pick 15 for a QB anyway, why not trade it for Foles if you think he is better? I think AZ or Buffalo would be the landing spots for a Foles trade .... IF HE GETS TRADED... I'm 50-50 right now. Buffalo is what Eagles fans should want, because they have more picks and are in the AFC. Who knows what they are thinking though?
  5. Stine, I'm with you. But I would add this. And AZ is the team I think is a great example. I think teams will go Free agency first ... Cousins, McCarron and the Minn QBs. Then there will be the draft. Now I think where Foles comes in... is if/when there will be a team or two that did NOT get their QB in FA or the draft. That's when I think Foles has his high value... I know that means we eat the $3 mil roster bonus ... but its just how I think it goes down. Unless Foles himself already told Howie that I want to go play "here or here" where ever that is, and tells Howie to make a deal. AZ may offer pick #15 .. if it comes to that point and their QB isn't there. IDK. But Foles going to college there doesn't sway me one way or the other as far as AZ wanting to make the deal. I think it would be nice for Foles simply because he would have Johnson and Fitz along with a good D. Weather is nice. The college thing would be icing on the cake. But my guess, and my hope, ... is that we wouldn't pull the trigger on the deal until #15 is on the clock... so we can see exactly who we would want to take. (I'm funny that way, i'm not a "value" guy with the pick, I put more value into knowing my team will get a certain player that they want.) WE need to remember, moving Foles needs to be sold to the players in that Eagle locker room as they see Wentz rehabbing and not being able to practice.
  6. Ham, that's fine with the ILB. Just looking at the DL .... Cox and Jernigan got paid ... those big contracts you love. I'm just guessing it isn't to be 2 gap 3/4 DTs Barnett was drafted at pick 14. I'm thinking its to be a 4/3 DE. But I'm with the LB that can play in either system... I don't think its that hard when you are talking ILB. We've seen that switch before. It's the OLB/NT/DT/DE that fit different.
  7. I would assume there is one. Schwartz is a genius who was supposed to get a HC gig for a while now ... I still say he doesn't. I think the league is trending in the young offensive mind direction. But I will say.. for him to get a HC gig, I would assume that means we have a great year on defense in 2018. Which probably means we get his type of players. Pretty much the same system we run now. IDK... if we make moves anticipating a 3/4 D... and it doesn't fit Schwartz for 2018 ... what does that do to his chances of getting a HC gig? Logic says ... it benefits both the Eagles and Schwartz to stay with the current system and getting the players that fit that system .... ie 4/3.
  8. Yep... the top guys for DC are 4-3 guys. I agree. So lets not change. BTW.. I'm not planning on Schwartz going anywhere. Would you hire him as head coach? The D played great a home, then got lit up in the SB. I think the perception around the league is Doug as the offensive coach ... and we have good defensive players. That's my perception. To me, a good DC can confuse a QB and get him to hold the ball for a while... don't take much when your DL gets there in 2 seconds for me to consider you a good DC. You play your hands now... absolutely no crossroads. You just paid your DL HUGE money... now you want to change the system LOL. Wait ... LOL. Come on now. Stop overthinking things. Staying in LA before the game was smart, saved their legs... got them used to the business trip of what the SB would be like. They didn't miss their own beds. They had no distractions being away from home.. pure business. Same issue here, lets not overthink.
  9. WOW.... My man Bill Polian ... "I wouldn't even take the phone call if the conversation didn't start with two 1s and two 2s" talking about Foles value.
  10. Being that both Sproles and Blount are free agents for 2018. Sproles being injured and Blount the type not to rush into a decision. I think neither signs anywhere before the draft. Both could possibly return, but I assume we see how things shake out first with other things. Then decide down the road.
  11. I don't know. The Steelers and Texas ran a 3/4 and got to the QB pretty well. KC the same. Baltimore even. NY Giants back in the day. IMO, it just depends on the players. WE put in the 3/4 without a stud edge rusher as an OLB. Plus scheme was the advantage because your 4th and 5th pass rushers can come from anywhere. The guy under Chip was too conservative, you can't play a 3/4 conservative. Oops.. I even forgot to add Denver in there as a 3/4 that got to the QB. Dallas too under Parcells. But they had the OLBs that were studs and the DCs weren't all vanilla. NO TIME TO CHANGE ANYTHING HERE THOUGH. When I think of pressure on the secondary... first thing to me is the playaction. does my secondary have to play the run. Tough to be back in a position having to worry about the run first and then who you are covering, If the run gaps are filled and you have confidence in that, then you can just be added run support and focus on covering your guy. If in your mind, you need to do more to help the run, it takes away from your coverage. A first step in the wrong direction by a DB can make or break a play.
  12. MJK, I don't really think the 3/4 requires a better secondary.... Jenkins himself said that the 3/4 is easier to play behind in the run game because the gaps are filled better in front of you. But I would say... you need a true NT to start, and then your edge rushers need to be able to play in coverage some. And you have a different assignement for the DTs. Right now, I don't see any of our edge rushers better in a 3/4. Cox can play in any system, you see him throve in the 4/3 more. When we switch to nickel, it's a more natural fit when starting with a 4/3. Right now, I'm not messing with the success. Would be different if we were a mediocre D or if the secondary was the strength. Clearly the front 4 was the best part of the D. No change for me there please. It's great to be a second level thinker etc. Plannign ahead and all that. But i've seen too many times in sports where being "too smart for your own good" costs you. Let's not overthink here. WE have a good team that should contend for a while. Built off of strong QB play, and from both lines. Changes the pieces around them, but don't mess with the solid foundation. We finally have it right.
  13. Curry is the guy in the group that is overpaid for the production he brings. Solid player, and I agree with Ham, he probably needs to be on there more for run downs etc. good player, not worth the money when looking around the league. He isn;t in that 11 mil group. Certainly you also have to look at the pay scale on your own team. Graham is longer tenured and a better player. Graham should be $10-12 mil. So for me, I'm hoping they can restructure to keep the rotation. If not then a trade/release of Curry to me would be done due to $$$ .... the thought of a 3/4 defense shouldn't enter into anything at this point. I'm not putting Cox and Jernigan back into that 3/4 ... and for sure I'm not putting any of our 4/3 DEs back as OLBs. The new DC ... if there is oneany time soon ... I would tell him to play 4/3. No questio s asked... if its a 3/4 guy, then he shouldn't be a DC here in the next 5 years. While I like the 3/4 ... we finally established a good rush from both sides of the ball, plus the middle. I believe the key element to winning along with the QB. i'm not changing that with this group. Move on to other issues, do not mess with Wentz of the DL.
  14. I just worry about winning a SB myself. Spin the roster however you like ... but I think it's a bad idea to keep a guy only because you don't want to put dead money on the books. If the replacement is better and actually saves money ... ie 10 mil to keep a guy, but 5 mil dead money if you cut him ... the replacement is 3 mil... that just saved you 2 mil ... if the new guy is better, make the move. Dead cap is irrelevant ... Eagles had over $19.7 mil of DEAD $$$ in 2017 ... doesn't make the Lombardi trophy look any worse IMO.
  15. Cooks was a runner ... no penalty regardless of the hit.
  16. Stine.... I'm with you my man.. I think you need to constantly draft well in order to sustain. Never argue that. For me though ...the degree of importance changes depending where your team is along the process. Right now, we have a solid roster. Don't see the opportunities for these picks to make the roster like there has been in years past. So for the 2018 draft, I'm not worried that we "need" more picks as far as players. I understand your idea of getting cheap players to help with the cap... but at this point, having more picks doesn't get us cap space... its redoing contracts and letting veterans go. I'd like to keep as many as we can for now, since the team is built nicely. Plus with Wentz, Peters, Hicks, Maragos all coming off of IR, that's 4 less spots in theory that a draft pick can make the roster. Also ... you look at a situation. Specifically with each player that we are talking about leaving after 2018. To me, would it be the end of the world if Ajayi leaves after 2018 ... not really. I don't want to pay a RB big $$, his knees are an issue, and then you have the opportunity to get a comp pick in 2020 draft. Nobody necessarily walks for nothing ... we forget that because the Eagles haven't received a comp pick in a while. Looks like we are back to where we should get some going forward. Darby ... Im on the fence with him, I wouldn't pay him too much, his total game isn't what I like, makes too many mistakes and is a little soft. He was a missing piece in the sense we needed his type of CB, but I like Mills, and hopefully Jones and Douglas step up. As for getting a starter in this next draft? IDK... to me it would most likely be a LB that we draft early. They haven't drafted a LB in round 1 since Jerry Robinson, but maybe Joe Douglas changes that phiosophy. Other than LB, I don't see much opportunity to draft a starter. Barnett got the most playing time out of last years draft, should be less chance of that this year? LB, maybe a WR or TE who gets some decent playing time. This year I think the free agency, salary cap ... all things invlving current players are paramount. I think the 2019 draft steps up into a little more importance. I won't turn down draft picks if we get them ... but the main advantage to me if we trade any vets would be the cap space, not the draft picks we get back. Foles, Curry and Kendricks being possibly traded... I think Howie would be motivated more to do it with it freeing up the cap space.
  17. So ... RBs... Clement and Ajayi are in .... one of Sproles or Blount will be gone, but I think one will be back Patrick Robinson gone ... I think they keep 1 out of these 3 ... Burton, Allen or Bradham... the other 2 gone. One of the safeties wil be back ... Graham or Watkins.. the other gone Foles ... i'm up in the air, I think they keep him unless he expresses that he wants to leave.
  18. Yeah.. committee approach. The way to go if you want better odds of winning a SB. Ajayi, Clement are the start of that. The rest, I'm not too worried, it will work itself out.
  19. Wrang, I think you read too much into it. The Matthews for Darby trade was due to need. Yes the 3rd round pick was thrown in, because Darby was seen as higher value for one reason or another. Ajayi move was nothing new... we've seen in season trades for players before. I know its all fascinating and makes for a great story... sometimes there is just a simple answer to why things were done. No grand scheme or anything, just common sense in the particular situation.
  20. Stine... which draft do we get more than 3 solid guys? And why do we have t opay the price " NOW" ???? Those guys you mentioned are under contract in 2018. Both are part of units. Multiple RBs and multiple DBs .. thats what you need in today's game. I agree with you in disagreeing with Wrang that you can just keep trading picks for players.... like I said, each move is its own specific plus or minus ... the moves made sense to trade the picks for those guys, but you can't keep doing that because you will run out of picks. The draft is important because football is a youth sport, speed and quickness... you need the young guys. Drafting them is a way to claim them without anyone else involved. And yeah, money comes into play... but even without a salary cap ... you still need to draft well so you can establish your nucleus and team culture.
  21. All relative ... depends on the players. The top Ds for a while there were Pitts, Balt, GB, NE, Houston .... all 3/4 Ds. I don't really care myself, we get our players in to fit now, the new DC should be good enough to adjust. You see the 2 SB coaches this year ... both adjust to the players. I always feel thats the way to win. Don't overthink, just get in the best players.
  22. Stine, I will absolutely take 3 or 4 draft picks each year if the players were all hits. That is my point... the 2010 draft had all those guys... they were a waste. 2011 ..we got Kelce out of it. 2 years ... all you have to show for it is Graham and Kelce. That's the bigger issue. The rest is all small stuff. BTW... Darby and Ajayi will cost way more than you just put out there if they remain good players. Yes it is a mix... but you need the right mix... otherwise you keep putting in resources into a position spot that would be filled if it was the right player. Look at all the resources we put in a DB because we kept drafting and signing the wrong guys for a while. Just get me the right players, but yeah... you need to draft well or you will everntually be in trouble.
  23. Good stuff on the bored ... I love all the theories and formulas. To me everyone is right and everyone is wrong. The constant always gets back to getting the right players. Look at the 2010 draft ... we had like 15 picks. Graham turned out good, like 5 years later. Everyone else ...LOL Take 2016. Not many picks. We got Wentz, #73, Smallwood, Big V and Mills. It's all relative. Whatever formula you use to get the right players in here ... really doesn't matter. WE beat the Pats for the SB title ... does anyone go around and look at each player on both teams and care how they were acquired? The undrafted FA still had 100 yards recieving and a TD ... didn't matter his salary or draft position. Each trade or move needs to be judged on its own. Nick Foles for four 1st round draft picks would be a bad deal if we drafted 4 scrubs like Cleveland seemed to do for a while there. It's all relative. The "value" everyone talks about ... flush it down the toilet ... what ulitmately matters is the player(s) given up vs the player(s) acquired. We had the right players in 2017 ... I think we need to keep as many of them as we can. Obviously change is always needed, some of that will be younger players stepping up, some will be players we get in FA, some willbe drafted, and some will be UDFAs too. Probably a trade or 2. But for the most part, at this stage, we need to keep the roster in place for this year.
  24. The question ... do the PLAYERS acquired with the assets gained from moving a player outweigh losing the original player.... players eventually are all that matters, not assets. That's why the trophy was paraded down Broad St. last week.
  25. Reading the Cardinals stuff on that Foles article ... man.... that's why you just need to get your guy at QB and be done with it. People talking about Tyrod or Bradford ...etc. you get what you pay for. If you like a guy ... you go get him. Pick 15 or pick 47 ... won't make a difference.