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  1. Giants are like 5 pieces away. OL is brutal ... before even getting to the QB, which is a tough spot to bring in "THEE Guy" I gotta be honest, I'm nervous they pick in the top 3 now .. would be nice if they get it together somewhat especially because they play 3 games vs Wash and Dallas still.
  2. Yeah.... seems the "slightly" part isn't the case at the moment though. Big fella... sit down ... heal up. See you week 10. WE need elite JP back... not, the guy who is just a little better than Big V... which is questionable at the moment. BTW.. BIG V... no shot at playing Guard. Swing tackle, much better on the left side. I'm actually a fan of #73 when he plays RT. Just get me 5 healthy guys though. An injured guy next to an injured guy .... is like a slow outfielder next to a slow outfielder ... individually might not be so bad, but as a combo... not good!
  3. That's right ... IF ... if ... if ... if and if. If they can draft the right 5 linemen, they will be a big threat too. Shannon Sharpe made a great point the other day. "When was the last time a team rushed its way to a Superbowl title?" I think the formula with a rookie QB on the cheap worked once with Wilson. Who had Lynch and that defense that was generational. The Rams are trying to do it with Goff ... but you see ALL the other pieces that need to be put around him, not just the elite RB. Giants are more than a QB away, they have a lot of work to do to build that team. It's a tougher uphill battle when it starts with a high paid RB. Having the high paid WR doesn't help either. In general I think its just tough to build around a RB. I love everything about Barkley ... love the fact that he is on a division opponent who I think will struggle just like Minn did with building around him. As they same will happen is Dallas too. Watch how the rush to annoint the next young QB happens in NY just like it did Dallas. Because of having the stud young RB, the QB kinda gets a lower standard ... unlike our guy here in Philly. At this point Carson reminds me of Mike Schmidt when I was a kid... if he didn't hit a HR it left us dissapointed. That's a better standard to have for your QB, and why I think our team will rule the division for the next few years.
  4. Yep, would have given me a couple bonus points for fantasy! Not like I can complain though. I love this situation ... keep up all the praise for this one player... pay the man. He can be the next Adrain Pederson .... one career playoff win! If Bell gets a big deal, I'm hoping Barkley can be the first RB to $20 mil per. Suck up that cap space baby. Between RB and WR... Giants are going to have a tough time with cap space, and so they will have to draft really well over time.
  5. First things first .... Eagles in first place. 2nd thing... the defense continues NOT to give up a lot of points by today's standards. 4 games now with 16 or less (I'm not counting the fumble return TD from Minn) 20 in regulation vs Tenn... and the few big plays causing 27 vs Tampa. 3rd.... Finally scored 30 points. Welcome to 2018 Doug, Carson and co. While we still passed a lot, we mixed in some runs on first down there... amazing how that slows down a pass rush. The pass happy parts of the game... Wentz took a beating. Maybe some rest for Clement and getting Sproles back, might change Doug's thinking a little. Just run it early in the game and more on 1st down, not so much needing to run it more... and its a world of difference. Split the next 2 games and get into the bye as healthy as possible. Then the real run needs to start where the play needs to step up as we make our run towards the playoffs. Playing the Panthers, Rams and Saints ... assuming the NFC North teams give each other losses ... we control our destiny. Including the possible playoff bye that everyone is so worried about. But first things first... just get a W or maybe 2 prior to the bye... I don't care how ugly the play is, just win.
  6. Nah.. come on Darby will tackle him easily... using the back technique.
  7. I was thinking more of father's not having to worry about distractions from kids? I would enjoy a night in a hotel prior to a game myself. I look at it as a business trip. They don't have to travel on game day, which is a good thing IMO. While it may be a 90 minute trip, we all know the reality of driving up that way from down here... could be 3 hours too. Who needs that on game day?
  8. A buddy of mine who played college football said he got his best night's sleep when they traveled for road games. Of course this is a college student going from dorm to hotel. But I thought that its practice for teams to go to a hotel before the game, even at home? For me, I like the idea... loved them staying out on the west coast last year before the Rams game. Distractions are at home, not in a hotel.... unless of course you go looking for them.
  9. AR with bad game day coaching decisions that are off the script ...when it gets to crunch time, that's what about 20 years have shown me.
  10. Kelce and Peters are not 100% physically ... 2 players who use their speed to get out and block in space. But big picture when the D doesn't honor the run, they tee off on the OL. Great article last week ananlyized all the sacks given up.... communication, a few guys meesing up, QB holding the ball, RBs not picking up blitzers...etc. But yeah, the Carolina game to me was huge last year... Wentz played in the game where he had the leat time to throw... the extra guy got him all night. The RB pass protection was awful. All of a sudden a trade out of nowhere ... takes snaps away from guys... when you get limited snaps, yeah... a key way to get more or less playing time will be how you protect your franchise QB on pass plays. So yeah... with that particular aspect of the game... I think the Ajayi trade was huge. Adding depth to allow for more runs with less of a load on any one guy ...and giving each player less snaps at pass protection (so you focus more on those few chances you get to keep #11 clean) I'm ready for that. Otherwise I think defenses will keep teeing off on us!
  11. Philosophy wise I totally agree ... THIS particular issue right now with the 2018 Eagles ... I think missing your top 3 RBs is the bigger issue. I think coach is reluctant to run and give the 4th and 5th guys a load. If the defense knows that you don't want to run in volume, its easy to defend. 2nd point.... I think OL needs more time to create chemistry... offseason addition to the OL gives time to gel in practice and learn the system. I think RB easier to jump right in. And blitz pick up is a concern of mine... our RBs struggled last year early, Carolina game Wentz git crushed.. Ajayi trade seemed to wake them up in pass protection. I think same issue has surfaced this year... maybe a trade wakes them up to start blocking again?
  12. He'll mess it up come January, you know its coming, ... either too much passing, too slow calling plays if they are behind or not killing clock when they are ahead. Bad challenge, timeouts when the clock is stopped ... hmmm? Kinda what Doug has been doing a little so far? But #7 out of 32 on one side of the ball... and #25 out of 32 on the other side... I'm focusing on the side that is #25 when it comes to improvement. Especially when the offense has caused us to give up points. But Tenn gives you the idea ... had ball in red zone end of half, 4th and OT ... came up with FG all 3 times. In 2 games we've done my favorite red zone play once... the lob to Alshon. Simple concept without making offense rocket science... throw it high to the tall guy who can jump. Done once... TD. All the E = MC2 stuff ... no TDs. To me ... it's not rocket science to figure out that it's not rocket science! Run early to create that threat and slow down the pass rush, and use plays that take advantage of your only real physical matchup at WR.
  13. Defense gave up 16 points or less 3 times. Then 27 and 26. Offense needs to score more. We are 7th in defensive points allowed .... 25th in scoring. It's 2018 ... 23 points isn't going to win most games... that's the most we have put up so far with 3 of those points scored during OT. For us to be playing multiple games in 2019... the offense needs to improve. The opponent is going to score on us. We have a stud rushing defense.... whuch means we are giving up pass yards. Somebody has to give those up... the days of "shut down" coverage doesn't exist. If Darby and Mills play to the level some fans expect and shut out the otehr team.... is Hick going to give up 300 yards receiving to TEs? I don;t think so. There will be multiple times a game our secondary gives up plays. Red zone and 3rd downs will be key, making tackles to get off the field. and catch some INTs when you gets your hands on it. But the days of winning 7-3 are done.
  14. I think running the ball early and a little more in general helps with that. Currently its obvious that Doug doesn't have the confidence in the current group of RBs. If getting an RB changes some of the play calling then I think it is a big step in protecting Wentz. I'd like to see us run the ball Thursday night as much as possible. Seems like Clement will have to be the main guy. In theory I agree with your idea of OL over RB. Just at the moment, coach has no confidence in RB and making us one dimensional. So I think RB is an issue which could be fixed by Clement/ Sproles additions... but if that doesn't happen Thursday, I think we get a RB.
  15. You mean the play where he held a guy on a 7 yard route... I hope he has good coverage in that situation. If he got a 107 yard INT return ... it would have gotten called back for 1st and goal due to his holding. If you recall.. the penalty was declined. I have Diggs in 2 fantasy leagues... seems like he was getting throw to on Darby's die all game. The tackle attempt with using his back was comical. The runs are going to his side. He's been awful ... but less of a concern because he isn't coming back next year, and the comp pick looks like its going to just keep getting worse and worse each week. ... we know Mills will be on the team, so bigger concern.
  16. You mean an overrated guy who wasn't drafted? I wasn't drafted either... I don't think I'm overrated. LOL
  17. Ham, If the injury is this serious... probably eliminates the chance of Ajayi getting us a comp pick, he probably won't sign with a team in time... nor for enough money to get that 6th round comp pick. Very doubtful.
  18. Wow.... top 3 RBs out now. The whole committee. IMO its what has helped cause the play calling to be too pass heavy in the first place. Now we lose a comp pick for Ajayi, doubt he gets signed in time or for any decent money. Clement will be a fantasy beast later in the season now.
  19. 3 plays..... Lane getting brutally beaten like a dog causing the fumble and TD .... Ajayi bar of soap fumble when they were about to score ... and Bennett with the butt sack that was incorrectly called a low "hit" on the QB. Give them their 2 missed FGs... and we would still win that game barring those 3 goofs! Defense gave up 16 points (with Bennett BS penalty).... Darby irritates me. You guys can obsess over Mills getting beat on that one play, phenominal play by Cousins btw ... I'll focus on the Vikings continuously attacking Darby and putting him position to have to tackle, the couple of key plays where he gets beat for good yardage and the TD. From a bulk percentage of plays... Darby is the bigger problem. He keeps our D on the field more often than Mills does. And we miss McCloud, still overpaid, but we miss him. Offense... we are missing our committee at RB... Sproles and Clement are key guys out at the moment. We don't want to run Ajayi 20 times (seems like the idea anyway), and it seems Smallwood isn't a guy they want to run it with. I see us as too predictable on offense. But today, too many mistakes, the 2 big ones especially. We need to get to the bye 4-4... including the division win this week. From there, you can say the real season starts. Rest, heal, review the strategy and sharpen up the play. Win the division, then go win 2 playoff games on the road. This year we rely on getting hot at the right time, not the byes or the home field advantage. If the team has the talent, then getting hot at the right time could be enough. We've seen Pitts, NYG, Green Bay all do it recently. If Wentz is to become an elite QB... then he should be able to deliver. But for now, just win Thursday. It's not the 2017 Eagles. The comparison needs to stop. The path is different each year. That said, its time for the 2018 Eagles to step up. Lets go!
  20. So.... before comments on how we are playing and my ripping of Darby again .... i'll make this point... if the Redskins lose tomorrow night, it's a step forward for the Eagles as far as the division race as the Eagles loss would be the only one that's not to a common opponent. Both Wash and Dallas have their easy parts of the schedule out of the way. That's the NFC West and North opponents. If either team wins 9 games, I will be impressed. Really impressed. Both Washington wins... have zero impact on the division race. If they win tomorrow and the Eagles lose Thursday... then I will be worried. The key is the Eagles/Giants on Thurs. Watch how we will forget how sloppy they looked so far ... its a rivalry game (#1 or #2 depending on your preference of Dallas or NYG being your biggest rival) I don't care how they look... justwin the game, and we can wake up Friday morning in first place. Then Washington will be playing our next opponent on Sunday ... Carolina while we get the extra rest and time to work on things.
  21. Ham, not about us and our opinion of Wiz. Just the difference in reporting. One guy (who I never heard of) needs to come out and get the scoop. The vet beat reporter going on the radio and mentioning Kelce's injury sitiuation., resting at practice and so switching things up with the preference to have Wiz at center if he needs to come out. Just interesting to see what happens. I mean, what if it stays the same? Egg on the face of the new guy... and then just like I said, a society where everyone jumps in to believe everything without looking into it on their own. It's just odd, no story from Kempski or McManus about it or really anyone else confirming their own sources... you would think a lineup change is news worthy .... say more so than looking at the 2019 draft prospects??? Everyone quoting the story is pushing it on this Zack guy ... lol. Just find it odd. Also convenient that the LG is playing between two guys that are dinged up and not themselves. If Wis is #32 out of 56... are the other 24 OGs getting benched too? Just find it interesting, that's all. I would assume more guys would be researching it. When I heard McManus on the radio yesterday, I took this to where they don't want Isaac to play center anymore. We'll see.
  22. Funny ... conflicting reports on this. I heard Tim McManus on the radio today. Basically was talking about how Kelce has been hurt, not been able to blow guys up on that outside zone play. So he was saying they are giving him reps off in practice. Moving Wiz to center and putting in Seamalu at LG. Then you have this Zack guy from reporting "sources"are saying there will be a switch. Then a few other people are just quoting this from the writer. I noticed Jimmy Kempski, Lawlor, McManus, Roob ...none have actually confirmed this. I'm curious on this... because if nothing changes, then you can see its a new guy trying to get a scoop and not really caring about accuracy. Now if he is correct, you could see the vet reporters not really worrying about getting the scoop, just being accurate. But funny how a story can get weight behind it and people just take it to be 100% true.... this is today's society.
  23. MJK, great few minutes of breakdown on EVERY one of the 14 sacks. A little of everything here. Communication, QB play, a couple getting beat, coverage sacks, some scheme related...etc. For me, I like to see more running early in downs, take the blitz away. That seems where its the big issue.
  24. IDK, looking at the videos in the article... I think Darby was the bigger problem. What did you think after looking at the plays from the Titans game?