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  1. Absolutely they matter .... ONCE your team has the right starters and reaches the top level of success. Where we are at now, since the roster is finally built correctly. Give me as many of these type of guys at RB and CB ... where other teams will waste their cap space on "stars" and be low on depth, I like the mutlitude at these spots. RB by committe and CBs that can cover the 3rd and 4th WRs. If my RBs can be deep enough to sustain injuries and keep performing all game long, and my CBs can eliminate any mismatches other than the opposing stud #1WR (who we should be looking to double team anyway) then I think it makes the game a lot easier to win. Give ma as many "great underdog, UDFA stories" as possible at these spots.... I'm with you Ham. Let the other teams worry about the McCoys and the Talibs. Give me 3 Clements and 4 Bausbys all day. Allows me more cap space to secure both lines, the middle of my defense, the franchise QB, #1 WR and stud slot/TE spots. Oops, sounds like I'm talking about the 2017-18 Eagles?
  2. Looked pretty good on jump balls last year...especially against Brandon Marshall. His thing is supposed have good ball skills.... the speed is the weakness. Its a player you want engaged, better in a trailing position than the last line of defense deep. If put at safety... I would say SS, absolutely not FS or any centerfield type of play. But i'm thinking of the team as a unit. Not so much positions. If Mills and Douglas are out on the field together, I like Douglas covering underneath with Mills behind him, not the other way around. For me Douglas goes right on their big WR or the TE and gets physical right at the point of attack. Whatever anyone wants to label that is fine with me. If you make a U on the defensive side of the field... along the DL and down each sideline... that's where I like Douglas, not so much in the deep middle where there is less engagement and more help. "Engage Maverick"
  3. It looked like a push off to me by the WR... of course I only saw highlights, I didn't watch the game live. I like Douglas on the outside ... so I simply state, if you have the group of CBs on the field, I would put Douglas outside. For reasons that his INT showed. One mis-timed play to where the WR looked like he pushed off, doesn't change my mind. I like him outside where he helps excellent vs the run by shedding the WR blocks, tackles the WR instantly after a catch (I'm a big fan of the 4 yard catch, remaining a 4 yard gain... even turning 4 yards into 6 or 7 is a big difference, never seen a CB completely shut down the YAC, not even giving up an inch ... like Douglas does), and the norm is that he has excellent ball skills. It's not that I have any opinion about him playing safety... I just like him outside when he is on the field. If anything ... the play where he messed up a jump ball would be worse at safety (the position where you are supposed to give the deep help) If I technically had him at safety... I'd put him on the TE for the underneath coverage. I'm not wasting his physicality by lining him up 20 yards downfield.
  4. Lets hope not... i'd like that 2nd round pick we get from Baltimore to be as high as possible
  5. Yeah .... everything you said. I didn't realize he was that short. You can tell he has some skills with the ladies... just by asking the girl at the front desk which isle he needed to Love the accent!
  6. Stine... ran into your boy Bernie Parent at one of the local CVS. Hard to miss with that bright orange Flyers golf
  7. Stine.... not a worry. Numbers now don't necessarily reflect the accurate picture. Cap increases, and carry forward...etc. That's not calculated yet. Foles will be $18.8 mil savings... you can pretty much take that to the bank. Chris Long will save another $5.3 mil. Now you have the 2 guys that need to earn their money.... Jernigan (who lost his guarantees with the injury and new deal) and McCloud. That's $12.3 mil of cap space. Maragos could be another $3.5 mil if he is cut this year, certainly an uphill battle for hm to make it this year and next year. Agholor is sitting there at $9.387 mil ... if they give him a long term deal you can be that cap hit goes down tremendously. Bennett and Kelce have zero dead money ... you would think possible cuts or new deals. They'll be fine. I think if Peters still plays well, that they will keep him. Getting a good LT at that salary is actually pretty good.
  8. I don't blame Schwartz much either. Mainly because I don't gove him a great amount of credit to begin with. He has players and does well with good players, nothng much rocket science, which to me isn't a bad thing. NE posed a different threat due to a few reasons.... their a great offensive scheme IMO, good QB, the biggest mismatch in the game in Gronk... indoor weather....etc. As to Ham's original point of did NE figure out Schwartz.... I was saying no to that... because they just had better players to go against us, and Schwartz isn't a complicated DC. Throw in the refs letting the OL play... then its a recipe for a high scoring game. I was anticipating it that way ... and why I felt strong about our chances is because every other team seems totake their foot off the gas when they play NE, I didnt anticipate Doug doing that.
  9. Absolutely ... I agree the scheme comes mostly in coverage, I think that with most defenses. My thing is though... JJ coming up with schemes without having the great DL. Schwartz has been able to have pretty darn good DLs everywhere. Much easier to "scheme" in hte back when you only need to do it for a few seconds. JJ, had to disguise blitzes, coverages... know when to call all the different stuff...etc. Much harder when you just can't rush 4 all the time knowing they are going to get there. As for NE holding in the SB .... lets be honest.... Big V and co. were able to do a little themselves. Now obviously this benefits NE due to the fact we anticipate their OL having more problems than ours was going to have... but its how they let them play. Move on and win a high scoring game ... which is what happened. To be honest... every drive I felt we were going to score a TD, so nothing was bothering me during the game, except when I saw Darby one on one with Gronk. I thouhgt the shootout was to our advantage because eventually our D would make a play. I don't feel NE stopped us at all. The times we didn;t score was our own fault.
  10. Stine, I would love to. It's tough for me to miss the routine on Sundays though. I actually sleep in a little, church, pasta at the parents etc... plus I like watching other games if I don't do stuff with the kids. If its a night game, usually someone has a little party going on! My last game live was Denver 2013... LOL.
  11. Same with the guy that was here for 14 seasons before Chip. This is why I liked the Chip hire... same mistakes, people could tolerate for 14 years with uncle Andy... but because Chip was an A------- people started to wake up and finally be bothered by his dumb stuff ASAP. One extreme or the other BOTH needed to go .... the result, clear it all out and let Lurie/Howie start over with a new coach. Good results so far!
  12. Stine, would you say NE had the matchups and the players to slow down or "hold" the pass rush while having hte WRs to get open and the QB to make the throws .... or do you think it was through great research that they were able to decipher the great Jim Schwartz? Ham is always worried about people figuring it all out. I say Darby can figure out everything about Gronk... but he still won't be able to stop him. Now we all know its somewhere in the middle, there is always some schemign and game planning going on. But while watching 19 games last year, I never thought to myself... "wow, Schwartz is a genius, they just can't figure him out" To me, I saw our guys physically dominate most of the time... which they didnt do vs NE. I'm more focused on the players that you mentioned, not if anyone can figure out Schwartz. I think hte beauty of our team now, it's not so much married to scheme and system that can be solved. Its different after 17 years of Reid and Chip to see that, but I think its true. QB has time and opportunity to change a play now at the line... that's much different than before. Schwartz seems to be good at the basics, and then lets his players take care of the details while reacting to the offense. I like that. Go ahead and figure out Coxand Graham... but can you clock them. Go figure out Alshon and Ertz... but can you cover them? Can you figre out our OL scheme... but can you get past them? I think the beauty of our team is its not too complicated, we don't beat ourselves from over thinking... but you can't over play us on anything either because we can come at you more than one way. As for JJ ... man, I would love to see him call a defense with this type of DL.
  13. Hasn't Groh been a coach longer than Duce? A coach in general, not just with the Eagles? And again... since he was already helping last year, giving him a little more isn't a concern for me... all comes down to Doug in the end. Until Doug coaches with reading glasses on .... or needs the ball snapped in 7 seconds, I'm not worried.... times yours!
  14. Not really... just that the other 2 guys were there (Reich and Flip) . You would think OC and QB coach ... along with OL coach should be the 3 guys that get involved more so. I think Duce is great with the players. He is still a very new coach in comparison to others... he has to start somewhere. With the other 2 guys gone now, he should naturally take on more responsibility with the game planning. Again though.... defending champs, some of the details will take care of themselves... ultimately its about feeding Doug the info, and he makes the final call before the players need to execute. The grunt work will be done by someone, the good thing is the familiarity with the players and the system is there now compared to before. If I had to be concerned about the offense.. it would be some blocking stuff that Celek took care of and how that gets replaced. I like the new TE, but he is still a rookie, yo never know how he adjusts to the NFL, especially the blocking part.
  15. Well... with your track record... Eagles and the over should be a good play that week! $$$$
  16. Well.... Schwartz and vanilla ice cream have a lot in common. But to me, as I've said all along, and why I wanted a top DE taken if he was near BPA last year... Schwartz has had success in the NFL due to having the great players at DL. He needs that. He isn't a JJ that can out scheme you. He relies on his front 4 to get there and then plays behind them. I don't know how profound cover 2, 3, 4, man under or whatever else you want to put that means... when the entire thing is based on 4 guys getting to the QB. You saw the SB ... where did Jenkins play... he covered the RB that had 1 catch. Is it rocket science to throw to Gronk vs Darby .... Amendola who owned Robinson... or anyone that McCloud covered? Run the double move on Mills ... and give Brady credit for that one, I think it was his best throw. But you tell me if its a lot more than having time to throw and then hitting the mismatches that were obviously there? It's not rocket science... just that a lot of other teams don't have the players to do that vs the Eagles defense, especially slowing down the front 4. NE offense has always been about spacing, hitting the WR on the run, using Gronk's mismatch...etc. I don't think anyhting changed.
  17. McCoy .... LOL. Come on guys.... dude was all about himself. Case in point.... you break out the WWE title belt when you win the SB .... not for the rushing title. MEsean all the way.... forget about off the field crap where he is at best just a big ARSE! you see him warming up like they do in the opera.... " AHHHHH MEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEME.... MEEEEEE. ME" ZERO CAREER PLAYOFF WINS .... moving on! That's my 2 cents .... 8 cents short of a tip... LOL
  18. What is Schwartz's scheme? Rush 4 and pray they get there.... and rely on your players to make plays. Not sure I have seen much "scheme" from Schwartz?? I'm ok with the overall philosophy of building a defense that way, just don't really see any mad scientist or game planning genius with him. Not sure if its an exposed scheme so much as blocking the front, the WR getting time to get open and the QB throwing it to him. Putting Darby on Gronk doesn't take much to expose? Robinson struggled in the slot, probably because it was the best WR he had to cover?
  19. How about Duce? And the other coaches giving more input. With Doug still making the final call and the ball in Wentz/ Foles hands.
  20. I'm not big on the move myself. The one year rental thing. Interesting though ... Phoenix after trading for the stud Bridges.... signed Trevor Ariza???? I'm hopin the Sixers lay low now... a year from now when Booker is a RFA and clearly not happy with things in Phoenix (they just released his best friend Ulis) The Sixers need to pounce on that. KAT the local kid, also doesn't seem to happy in Minn. If they play their cards right on the long game, they can make moves and be set up to compete for a title way into the 2020s. I just thijk they are in much better position to wait a year on anything drastic.
  21. Because nothing going on in football for another month ... this is the 2 week offseason period in basketball that means everything.
  22. Pay attention to what happens.... watch how players choose to go to a city with better weather and go to a team as a group. Cap space means nothing when they have max contracts... the cap space is only a tool to use when you tell the player we can sign you plus another star player that you want to come here. You need to be able to make a trade to do anything in the NBA.. that clears the cap space.
  23. No... I think Smith and the 2021 UNPROTECTED 1st round pick was the better choice. I think smith and Bridges are close enough... role type players early on to where the difference isn't worth worrying. The pick to me gives the edge because to me it has more trade value than either Smith or Bridges do individually. IMO we are going to need to make a trade if the idea is to win a title. The trade could happen now, at the trade deadline or next offseason... don't really care, but eventually one will have to be made to get another very good/great player... and then use that to entice a FA to come here. Drafting alone won't do it. Free agents may most likely need to see another move before they want to come here. So to me the 2021 pick being able to be used as a trade piece is huge. Means they are looking to win not just compete.
  24. Stine... its not that simple. It's not football where you dangle money and players come. In the NBA the players decide where they want to go. Only so many players available, you can count them on your hand(s). A lot of times a trade needs to be made first to strengthen the roster to entice the FA to come. FAs now go in packs too. But again, if its any of the big guys this year, they all would play ahead of Bridges, Smith would be the better compliment. We'll just disagree until you see i'm right later on. If you ever get a chance... go see if you can find a video from when Villanova played Texas Tech. Tell me what you think of Bridges and Smith... without reading artciles or using someone else to tell you what to think... just your eyes. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.
  25. Just realistic ... the difference between Bridges and Smith (if any) doesn't mean much this year. That's my point. Unless its the difference in a title (which lets be realistic, that's a lot to put on a rookie who wasn't even good enough to come out as a freshmen, and was taken 10th as a junior???) And again, if you are concerned with this year and want one of the top 3 players ...Lebron, Kwahi or George... they all fill similar roles to Bridges. Smith would be the better compliment. The only way where Bridges gets the edge.... if you are looking to win 3 more games now without getting any additional good players. The Sixers are taking neither of those routes. If its all in for 2018-19 then they are going to get a star to play Bridges position and Smith is better compliment.... if the long game is their approach then they take the guy with the higher ceiling and add the 2021 UNprotected pick. It's pretty simple.