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  1. Question to ask though ... how is this skewed game by game... like Buffalo and Green Bay they ran a lot. QB runs count as runs not passes.. while its really a pass call. QB sneaks...etc. There were plenty of times I thought Doug got away from the run too early or didn't even try it enough...etc. I do think the injuries played a factor though.
  2. What are you looking for the OC to do? Just curious because...that should be the reason for why you don't think either of these guys could do the job? For me.. I don't think it's " play design" like a lot of people do...Doug has his plays. I don't think it's " playcalling" either. So... with that said... for me, it's irrelevant the who... as long as it's someone who can tell Doug to stop passing 50 times a game, or someone who can let Wentz have control. For now, I think it's obvious they want an outside voice. That may come in the form of an OC.. or a guy replacing one or two of the position coaches. Whichever title they get .. who cares?
  3. Bradham or Jenkins are the only top guys who would save cap space by releasing them. I think more natural turnover this year with guys leaving that are first time free agents...and Darby too.
  4. Doug calls the plays ... its a babysitter job, keep Doug from passing too much. Eventually it will be Duce ... 2022 at the latest.
  5. Didn't Dallas take their C in round 1 a few years ago? Pouncey was round 1.
  6. Absolutely, nothing new here. He wants to be a HC ... I really don't think an OC job is that big for him, other than if he keeps getting passed up by younger guys. Just a stepping stone. I think he is a head coach within 3 to 5 years for sure.
  7. Just think it's a little early for that. Right now a new voice in the room helps. A guy that Duce could learn from. I absolutely think he will be next in line though after whoever we hire now leaves.
  8. I think he is the fall back option now... not really who they want. But I think he becomes OC when the next guy leaves.
  9. Wrangler, again... look at the stability of those exact situations. All under Reid. Duce... Reid, then Chip. Now you weren't going to make him head coach in 2016 were you? Without coordinator experience? So it was Doug... a new guy who hired Reich. It isn't 10 years for Duce under the same coach like the other guys you mentioned. He starts over in 2016. Like I said, you can make a case he got passed over for OC in 2018 after Reich left. That's legit. Anything before that, I don't see it because he basically started over with regimes. That's why you see guys in the league for a while and still position coaches...because they move from one head coach to another. The KC offensive coordinator position has been poached for head coaching. So Andy needs to hire new ones. He's going to lose his current one soon too. As for Duce I said, if he doesn't get the OC job, I think it's better if it's Caldwell. It's basically a position holder for him. I don't think he will be just a RB coach much longer... but makes no sense for him to coach RBs elsewhere at this point. To make it clearer.... he will either be our next OC, or the one after that. Selfishly, I would prefer he is the later.
  10. It's pretty much what I see the role as. Doug is too hands on right now. Get a guy in just to keep him in line. He also can talk to Wentz about how Peyton approached work everyday as a QB who controlled a lot of what was going on with the offense. A good go between with Doug and Wentz to explain life outside the WC offense and how a QB coach can let the QB control more. And also not a threat to Duce, but more so a mentor with his career experiences. Just makes a lot of sense in all those areas. IDK.. I understand the young innovative idea. But IMO Doug's biggest weakness as a head coach / offensive play caller ... is he makes things too complicated at times. I see him as that innovative guy already ... he worked well with Reich right? What element do you think Reich brought to the equation? Innovation or experience to calm Doug down? I think the later. Doug and another guy who tries to outsmart everyone... scares me. 60 passes per game I can see.
  11. OK, so what do you do if you are Duce? Take a RB coaching job elsewhere? Lets say Caldwell comes in. How long was he a coach before he got his opportunity? And lets be real... to give Duce the head coaching job 4 years ago ... after only 6 years as a quality control/ special teams asst, RB coach???? I look at that interview as a favor to him, not a bypass. It got his name out there. As for Groh 2 years ago... I can see it that he was more involved in the game plan... but that to me was his first legit shot at OC to where you can view it as a snub or bypass. You bring in Caldwell now to hold the spot... act as a sounding board for Doug, help groom Duce as an African American coach in the league to where he can be around a guy with similar experiences. Duce is going to be 45 soon. Still very young. I think Caldwell being around for a year would help him a lot. He can be OC in a year or two. At age 46 or 47. At that point, good exposure for a HC job. And to be honest, if anyone would be a guy to take over Doug internally, I could see it being him in 4 or 5 years. I don't think any writing on the wall for him here.... I think being kept around during 3 coaching regimes shows how much they think of him as a coach. How many coaches have been coaching football for longer than 10 years??? He was 34 when he started. He's got 20 years left to catch up to Caldwell ... do it the right way. He's got 2 more steps left. If he gets the OC spot in a year or 2 at age 46 or 47. He gets right in line to be a HC prior to 50. Leaving the Eagles now ... to start over???? I don't see it. Remember, nothing stopped him from getting an OC job anywhere else either. To be honest, I think he gets a head coaching job after only 1 or 2 years tops as our OC. If he doesn't get the job now, neither a college guy or a guy like Caldwell will last long anyway. His time is coming either way. He's going to get poached soon enough.
  12. Fresh mind is great.... but we need to be realistic, this new hire is not going to replace Doug. If anything he jumps to another team. My interest isn't in helping a college coachj get a head coaching job in the NFL in 2 years. I don't see this as a long term position. Also, I think 2 issues with this offense ... (our offense being the short passing game for the most part) .. we lacked dedication to a run game, and we lacked the speed on the outside. Give me a coach that reminds doug to run, and Howie getting us some speed on the outside... the offense jumps up tremendously. I know some people get all wrapped up in the Xs and Os... game is still about the Jimmies and the Joes. Reich and DeFelippo were the losses from the SB squad as far as offensive coaches. We lost health at RB which took away Doug calling runs ... and we lost our speed WR. Those are your differences from 2017. It's easy to think that " we had them fooled" in 2017 .. sure we did... we could pound it and go deep, that opened up everything inbetween. Take those elements away and sure, we don't fool you anymore. Lets get those elements back. I don't really want to have Duce or Stoutland working under a 30 year old college coach. I think Stoutland is fine being a career OL coach, but still needs to have respect for a guy above him. Duce, putting an older coach, one where its obvious they also have another issue in common, I think can benefit him. I'd prefer to kep both of those guys coaching their positions next year. Bringing a guy in who doesn't rock the boat as far as " why him, now he gets a better shot at climbing the coaching ladder" I don't think benefits. For what? Play design?
  13. Btw... don't be naive. Duce gets a job in 5 minutes if the Eagles are dumb enough to let him go. His desire to be a head coach is well known. The path there is much harder by staying as a RB coach. Being a coordinator on a playoff team will get exposure to interviews. Again, I know you get all excited about anything complicated. The shiny new toy. Imo, this team needs to be more like 2017, dominate your basic plays. Don't play uphill football. We have a system that requires a speed WR if not 2 of them. You get that in place. You bring a guy that could be a help for a couple years, a calming influence. A college guy who can get pushed around by players, a college guy that is used to controlling things.. I don't need that. Again, Caldwell fits the profile...the basics... respect from Doug, a career mentor to Duce and a guy who had his QB play like Wentz wants to play. A soundboard. Doug doesn't need play design IMO as much as a slap in the face every so often.
  14. Again... keep it simple. The coach calls the plays. A guy that he can respect with experience to help reign him in would be perfect. Don't make a simple game complicated. Start of games, they seem to be all over the place. That to me is more of a lack of direction, trying to outsmart when you don't have to...etc. More basics early make it easier to get the players into the game, and have plays to build from. To me it seems like they start out trying to counter the counter move... instead of trying to establish something. You gotta establish something first. Whatever it is doesn't really matter.
  15. Wrang, I would like Caldwell. A couple of simple reasons. 1. He fits a profile that would keep certain people calm as Duce wouldn't get promoted. 2. He worked with Peyton Manning... ie QB who was in total control of everything... I believe would help Doug let Wentz control more. 3. Obvious short term guy not looking for next job... so could be a place holder and then they give Duce the position... if that's what they want. 4. any head coaching experience is good, but winning experience is better. All the other stuff, that's great too.... but to me the basics here make a strong case for hiring him over some other guys. I don't need the next genius... I already have a head coach / play caller that likes to make things too complicated... an older more experienced guy that can say ... " yo, calm down and keep it simple" IMO is perfect.
  16. Interesting ... via Eagles/ Wentz / salary cap hits for NFL QBs 2019 ... Wentz ranks 21st in cap hit 2020 ... he ranks 15th 2021 ... 3rd 2022 ... 4th 2023 .. 3rd 2024 .. 1st as only he and Goff are under contract that long at the moment. We all know this will change as Mahomes, Watson, Dak ...etc are going to get paid .... Lamar Jackson too. If you look at realistically what is going to probably happen... restructure in 2021 .. and a new deal in 2023 when he will have turned 30 in December of 2022. By jumping ahead ... they can keep him paid at the top while keeping his cap hits down for a long time. He turns 37 in December of 2029. Stay healthy and the decade should be successful. Big draft coming up to help build the new core. Plenty of cap space to sign any free agents that you want long term as well. Very big off-season here!
  17. Again ... my quote... 3 weeks ago who would have thought that the path to getting to the SB for KC would have been .... getting a bye ... so Houston and Tennessee at home... then to play SF? When with a New England win over Miami ... they would have been pushed to the 3 seed, and the path could have been ... home wildcard game, at New England ... at Baltimore ... then vs NFC champ. BTW.... SF has 49 players signed and $15 mil of cap space going into 2020 ... Eagles have 58 players signed and $43 mil of cap space. SF is where they are .... they stayed healthy and they drafted well along that DL. If your path was for the 49ers to go 4-12 in order to get a top pick... that's great. Congrats. Lets not act like Bosa and their draft picks didn't contribute or that staying healthy wasn't a huge factor. The cap space argument ... has little effect. They signed some free agents, they should have had good cap space being that they sucked... I repeat, they sucked leading up to this year. Very easy for a team that sucks to have a lower payroll... kinda makes sense doesn't it. Now we see if they can win a SB and sustain 3 years of making the playoffs.... which again, was the Eagles path. We know that the Rams didn't make it 3 years in a row, which was your other team that you liked their business model. We give SF credit, they took advantage of their schedule and opponents injuries early in the season to grab a lead and they held off Seattle at the end there to keep the #1 seed. Lets see what happens the next 3 years
  18. Of course... you knew Miami was going to beat New England in week 17!
  19. 21 years in the league... Andy making it to the Superbowl 2 times. So far the signature win in his career is against the 2004 Atlanta Falcons. Without having to play at New England and Baltimore to get to the Superbowl... I think it still holds true. A win vs SF getting the title... who would have predicted the path would have been... Houston, Tennessee and SF? The stars are aligning.
  20. I think it's obvious. TE is the key position in order to make the Superbowl. LOL. Just curious... how many injuries the 2 teams in the Superbowl have?
  21. Right .... and look at how high those guys were drafted as compared to CB? McDougle, Patterson, Bunkley, Barnett and Graham all 1st rounders ... Marcus smith being an OLB is basically DL. Victor Abiamiri, Trevor Laws...2nd round guys. A ton invested on the DL in the EARLY rounds. While one could say ... " homer" as a fan doesn't complain so much at the CB drafting due to amount plus round .... I would say "homer" to one who thinks we are so good at drafting DL. wow, congrats .. Trent Cole..... lol. How about Jalen Mills round 7 as a SB champ. IDK ... Trent Cole won 3 playoff games. Mills won 4 plus a ring. Cole did make pro bowl a couple of times after other guys dropped out. Whoooo hoooo! My take... just get the right players in 2020. I don't care about the 1999 draft and what positions we took or were good selecting then. The guys scouting now, the guys drafting now, the guys coaching now ... and more importantly.... the players that are going to fall to us now ... are all that matters.
  22. This is where I hesitate to make the blanket statement. If you draft a guy and he plays the position for you for 12 years... so he was a hit as far as a draft pick. 2 things... are you really good at drafting that position, because one guy lasted a decade? Are you really bad at drafting that position because other than that guy you didn't really have to draft there? Idk... hard to say.
  23. So...let's look again...for more context. Mid 90s... we had Vincent and Taylor.... and Al Harris as a nickel. Did they even draft a CB? If so... they weren't going to play considering that combo lasted until 2003. Then Sheldon and Lito took over for a nice run... followed by Asante... they went dream team in 2011. So ... while factually accurate... 26 years... what is the reality? 2012- 2013.. but they went free agent again in Chip's years. Boykin maybe was an investment there? IDK ... if you say they just can't draft a CB? Other than Sydney Jones, when was the last time they took one as high as 2nd round? Was it 2002 with Sheldon? They had the position on lockdown for years, at the start of the 26 year period... no need for CB. It's all part of the equation. Again...I think we overthink things. And I would go as far to say our Linemen may be questionable as far as drafting. Look back at all the early picks between round 1 and 2 on the DL... add in round 3 too. Idk... could have been better considering the investment that went into it, especially compared to CB.
  24. Good strategy....just that I doubt the same scouts have been in place for 26 years. Plus two realities to look at. 26 years...but how many picks? Like are we disappointed because a CB or WR we drafted in round 6 doesn't make a pro bowl? Take a guy like Sheldon Brown... was that a failure of a pick because he didn't get voted to a pro bowl? Idk... sometimes I think we overthink things as fans.
  25. What instrument did Ozzie Newsome play? He was a good TE... why would they think he would be good in a front office? I don't see the logic. I agree with GBFL. Bad hire by Cleveland/ Ravens for 2 decades.... they reached hiring a TE to be a GM. Stick to piano.