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  1. Right ... like he did before he tore his knee. I agree.
  2. I agree.... but are you giving him any nicknames due to this? The half facts on the targets and everything else come into play. The Ertz thing especially. He has to compare targets from both QBs to make it relevant... he intentionally avoids this. I'll use an example... people last year complaining how Foles was awful vs the Raiders & Dallas... looking to play Sudfeld in the playoffs. They forgot to compare him to the opposing QB in each game. The weather had a negative effect on all of them, that's relevant when trying to compare someone at a certain position. Sure Wentz targeted Ertz a ton, Foles did too, including 16 times in his only real good game vs Houston. Look at how news is being accepted in today's world. The Kentucky kids being a perfect example of people jumping on a story without all the facts. This smells of the same thing in order to back up an agenda this guy has against Wentz, the trade for Wentz, for Foles or maybe even anti Eagles? Who knows. He got his 15 minutes though.
  3. Please tell this to coach Schwartz ... he rushes 4 guys. Kinda been doing it for a while now. I agree with every single word you just said myself, but I don't call the plays. Our DC lives and dies with 4 man rush... no shot we don't draft DL early this year. But I also think we either resign Graham or get another vet in there too. DBs are interesting to me... McCloud most likely cant get cut until after June 1.. do they cut him or do they redo his deal? Does Maddux go play safety next year... what about Mills? Douglas, I like on the outside or near the line, I think he could eventually take Jenkins role. But interesting on how they handle their current guys. Lots of youth there, room for growth.
  4. Ham, the DL will be the only ones rushing the QB ... we need bodies there. multiple plus players. I do think LB would help though. nothing wrong with that... the DL needs to get younger though, that's why I think draft there for sure. Again, more than this one year. So out of 3 picks in the top 57... I would be surpised if one was not a DL. My guess is 2 of them will be DL.
  5. Yep... those are what I think we address in free agency.
  6. Good stuff... again, I'll be shocked if we don't take DL in the first 3 picks. I don't consider Sweat as a high draft pick .. day 3 to me is not "high" Small dude with injury history, could be a "steal" at that "low" of a spot, but I don't think they have him as a sure thing. Barnett, good pick, solid... don't think they are crazy about good or solid at the DL spots. We don't blitz, that DL needs to be elite or very very good at the least. ( Two verys there, not just one... ) The Hester kid, again, its nice... nice story when the dude with ZERO expectations performs even at a "one" level. One is better than zero... does it stop them from looking? I don't see it. More and more, I thin Jernigan is coming back, they redo his deal to save money, but they can't rely 100% on that. WE have been lucky with Cox health, I think the double down at DT at some point. Also think they look to improve at DE... Too many ifs and age. For draft, I'm not looking who gets on the field day 1. I'm looking to draft guys for minimum 4 year rookie deals. The DL needs that... in a bad way now. I agree free agents will come in play ... I suspect we get a vet in there at one of those positions otehr than DL that you mentioned could start day 1. That's what I what the vets for. Day 1.
  7. If we don't draft a DL with the 1st three picks, I will be shocked.
  8. This particular guy too... already sounds like he has agenda vs Wentz. The Ertz thing gives it away for me. It doesn't take a genius to go look up Zach Ertz targets by game. You see the numbers and realize it would take 142 passes for Ertz to get one more target from Wentz over Foles. Yet not mention of the 16 targets Ertz got in Foles only above average game of 2018 vs Houston? No mention of the INT vs the Rams, up 17 in hte 4th Q and forcing it to Ertz? No mention of the INT vs the Saints while throwing to Ertz, another momentum changer? Fans can have agendas, reporters are supposed to not cherry pick facts to make an argument, report everything within context. he got his 15 minutes of fame though.
  9. MJK... keep reading up on this ... you'll see what's up. To start with ... bogus stat comparisons. The ERtz thing again is BS and simple to see. I'm kinda tired of breaking down the facts here. Where Foles had it much easier this year with the surroundings and really had one good game vs Houston. It's just facts. For Wentz... he needs to get healthy and have a full offseason of work... forget the rest of this BS.
  10. There are no opportunities in keeping Foles ... he wants to be a starter. Please STOP! Let it go. He will be back after failing as a starter soon enough.
  11. As I stated... teams will pay Foles $$$, just not give the Eagles too much for him.
  12. No need... its about the here and now comparing both for the 2 years they played together for the same coach with the same players.
  13. FUN FACTs... Nick Foles : 3 games vs NE, MInn and HOU .... 1196 yards , 10 TDs .. 2 INTs. Eagles score 111 points Average game = 398.67 yards , 3.33 TDs , 0.67 INTs .. Eagles score 37 points Foles other 9.5 games over 2017-2018 ... 1655 yards, 6 TDs , 7 INTs . Eagles scored 191 points Average game = 174.21 yards, 0.63 TDs, 0.74 INTs Eagles score 20 points Compare to Carson Wentz: 2018 ... 11 games (awful according to some) 3074 yards, 21 TDs, 7 INTs Eagles scored 242 points Average game = 279.45 yards, 1.91 TDs, 0.64 INTs Eagles score 22 points per game. 2017 MVP level 13 games .... 3296 yards, 33 TDs , 7 INTs Eagles scored 404 points Average game = 253.54 yards, 2.54 TDs , 0.54 TDs Eagles score 31 points per game Can really see where those 3 games out of 12.5 really stand out for Foles. The inconsistency and the low floor. Compare to Wentz 24 games, 11 poor ones this year were a much higher floor ... the 13 games at the MVP level prior to serious injury show a consistent upside. This is the reason I think easy decision to keep Wentz over Foles, why I can easily see Foles disappointing as a starter over a full season, and why I think he can be back here as a backup in 2021 if he wants. I also don't think teams are going to want to trade a good amount for Foles, a couple will want him, pay decent $$, but not give the Eagles anything too serious for him. The sentimental aspects, the love, the gratitude...or whatever you want to call it, that comes from everything Eagles related. These other teams don't have any of that stuff. These guys look for every flaw, every reason not to spend assets on a player. Contrary to the media who needs to make everything a big story.
  14. DC, exactly why I think Howie set it up like this in April. Foles gets to keep the interest on the $2 mil ... lol, but hey 10 month CD at 2% is 40 Gs. We get a little cap space back and a comp pick. And the incentive to keep he $2 mil is if Foles agent finds a trade partner early enough. I think its great! Now the Eagles can say to a team interested in trading for Foles... "we have the comp pick in the bag, we like $2 mil more in cap space at this stage of where we are.... make the offer worth it for us. IDK, I'm rethinking it now... say Jax offers 2019 pick #69 ... is 2020 pick #97 with $2 mil more cap space a better situation for us? $2mil could be like a Wiz level signing... could be easily a veteran in a position of need.
  15. More and more of these articles are popping up. But sure... "only takes one" keeps open possibilities!
  16. Nope... Stillers won 10 years ago .. .neither on the team. No rings. Just $$$$$$$$ and $tats Hunt product of system, which scares me. Those KC Rbs have all been good lately. Not to mention the off the field stuff that we don't need in here. I'm ok with hm playing somewhere else though, don't need that here. Especially at RB.
  17. Stine, I agree here... too many moves need to be made. McCloud needs to be medically cleared before he gets released. So while I know he is your favorite player ... lol ... he isnt going anywhere yet. Similar to Ryan Matthews situation or Chris Maragos. But that reinforces what you and I are thinking ... too many moves to make, if we are stuck with McCloud's cap hit, there is no way we add $25 for Foles to that mix, just to upgrade slightly from pick 97 in 2020. Foles has incentive to find a trade early so he can keep his $2 mil, you might get Jax to give up pick #69 or similar from another team that he wants to play for. Maybe a player swap for someone they want to get rid of? It could happen, but i'm with you, that's not something Howie focuses on, he will let Foles do the work and if an opportunity arises for a trade, then great.
  18. And I have to be honest... Joe Banner, not my favorite guy when it comes to football philosophy and handling the players .. but he is good with the $$ and understanding value, technicalities of contracts...etc. He's pretty accurate when he makes a lot of his predictions (business wise) He explains things well too. He's a snooze fest.. but good for info. That's what I like, not a fan of the rah rah hype guys lookign for a scoop.
  19. Nope.. just that the people whose articles and who I have heard speak about it on local tv and radio... the ones who specifically understand and talk about the logistics of the contract, the options, the cap hits ...etc. Most agree, the likely scenario of Foles walking and we get the best comp pick next year. Not the ones talking about Nick Foles the SB MVP and all the hype about the player. The ones speaking business specifics.
  20. Not really the ones who understand the contracts and the tags etc.
  21. I agree.. .where will free agent Nick Foles go. Where will God lead him? The biggest story for sure this offseason. Probably Bell second ...and the Antonio Brown saga probably 3rd. DWD... not disagreeing ... FREE AGENT Kirk Cousins got a good pay day. I think so will Foles this year for sure.
  22. It only takes one sucker though ... so I can't totally rule it out.
  23. God bless! That penny stock will reach $1 in a week or two.
  24. Right... I agree. Wentz is the Lamborghini ... we aren't trading him.