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  1. Well... They paid the dude from Denver decently... who reportedly took less money to come here due to the opportunity to start. While the financials make sense for releasing Kendricks... (maybe smarter to make it official come June 1???) You would assume Nelson looks good for taking voer his spot and Hicks may be looking good? Who knows? Worrilow I was expecting to fight for a spot, not be a guy who was automatically on the team.... they also just signed the other guy from Atlanta that recovered that lucky muffed punt in the playoff game. Wentz looks good.... the important thing to come out of today.
  2. If Scott Norwood makes the FG at the end... Would Marv Levi with one title and 4 straight appearances be considered a better coach? Would Bill Parcells not be considered that great with only one title in 1986? So goes life. Eagles 2018 defending champs. That is the present. Graham at $20 mil franchise tag.... seems very unlikely for 2019. Considering cap situation, age, and QB about to be paid. I would assume a deal would get done first, or even say go test the market and come back to us with your best offer, we may not match, but you know what you have here. The tag puts a strain on the salary cap the first day of the new year... cuts would have to be made to get there.
  3. If the punt didn't take a lucky bounce for Atlanta???? If the Dallas game mattered at the end... would we have beaten a team that beat our 3rd string guys 6-0? If Sproles doesn't field a punt inside his 5 yards line before he fumbles vs KC... the game Wentz hit a DL in the helmet on a throw ... the 2 key turnovers? If Wentz gains another few inches before the fumble into the endzone vs Seattle? That fine line has always been tougher to get to the other side from loser to winner. The beauty of sports. Champions seem to take advatage of opportunities and overcome bad luck... visa versa for the rest.
  4. What would you think we could get for a player his age on the last year of his deal? Compared to having him play here for rather cheap 8 mil... and then get a 3rd round comp pick? For a team defending the title, why would you look to get rid of him for only the smaller impact of the one year on the salary cap? A trade really doesn't make sense????? When you have a legit shot at defending your title... you don't worry about slight upgrades in the draft. which would possibly be a team giving us a 3rd or maybe a 2nd rounder for Graham... compared to the end of the 3rd round comp pick. Not many times is your team right there, to give away a key piece would not be the bet decision. Graham is a key piece now, the future is a different story as far as impact and what he would cost.
  5. In the most important news ... positive thoughts as your Eagles look to defend their World Championship. Wentz looks pretty good.
  6. IDK... I can say that I seriously doubt all 3 of Graham, Bennett and Jernigan are on the roster... that's too much money. Unless one or two of them take a pay cut, restructure or something. Graham, I think leaves in FA if he truly is worried about making the extra few million (which I don't blame him, to each their own) He probably thinks he can get 3 years $50 mil... I don't think the Eagles offer more than 3 years $40 mil. I think there is a chance he decides to stay here for the security of not taking a chance on getting injured (at his age, it could be devastating) My guess, a deal won't get done until training camp or even during the season. I wouldn't rush if I am the Eagles... its the 2019 and future Brandon Graham that I am in no rush to pay for, and doubt they are either. If they lose him to $13 plus mil a year deal... the comp pick will be 3rd round. Combine that with losing Foles for the same... two 3rd round comp picks could come in handy as the team tries to get younger. So I'm 50-50 on Graham being back ... not really worried about it, #11 and his health are the only things I really look at past 2018 and defending the title. I think the rest will be handled when the time comes.
  7. So... I love reading things about how things will be so difficult for the Eagles this year. It's stuff like this that absolutely allows the players to remain in their underdog mentality. Teams are gonna study film on you ... they are gonna be up for playing you ...etc. Its football.... if you don't get prepared and juiced to play in a game where you can be totally embarrassed while being physically dominated by your opponent.... then you don't belong in the league. I will say, I absolutely agree with some of the stuff... but I also like our Eagles team in how its run. The plays... they are diversified with little adjustments added to them, and the flexibility of the QB actually changing calls last second to just make that subtle change... that's something that all the preparation in the world doesn't help. I don't know about you guys... but I'm watching the games last year, and it was much different than years prior when you can just look at the formations, timing of the motions, little alignments here and there, and you could figure out which play or maybe 2 plays was coming. Last year, run or pass... left or right ... short or deep.. .they all looked the same from the start. They have so much detail and options built in, plus the talent to win one on one matchups at the line and down field, that its tough to stop even if you knows whats coming... plus with options for the QB during the plays, not the overcontrolling head coach dictating everyhing. Good luck. On defense, our guy really is vanilla. The Eagles beat you with their pass rush, and DL suffocating the run. It's not much scheme in terms of compared to the rest of the league. Good luck. I'm not being cocky at all... just understanding that we have a good team, that is playing a tough schedule, and should make for a lot of good football. I look forward to it. The challenge of competition is my favorite part of sports, I wouldn't want it easy. I'd like to beat the Steelers in the SB this year, and then get the 3peat beating Brady next year. I'd love to beat Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and Russell Wilson along the way. " Run it up Herman, leave no doubt!"
  8. What did we spend? Is it even money that would count towards the salary cap? If he gets cut is there any dead money? There is a WR Marquess Wilson that is making $630k .... if that guy doesnt make the team, the Eagles cut him for no dead money.... wouldn't Wheaton just replace that guy on the salary cap? I'm not following your logic. Wheaton was brought in to compete for the final WR spot.... either he makes it or not.... if he does then he replaces the cap hit for the guy he takes the spot from. In other words ... no extra money spent for Wheaton .... its the last WR spot, someone is going to get paid that money anyway. Why not bring in 10 more Wheatons, and let the best man win the battle for the last spot?
  9. If you are the coach . .... you have WRs #s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 on your team. If you add another WR to come in to compete...and that guy makes the team. Which guy do you cut? Wouldn't logic tell you #5 WR gets cut? If Hollins is #4 ... why would you think he would get cut instead of the other guys?
  10. Come on now.... lol. Hollins is locked in at #4 Wr/ST ace at worst. Wheaton will fight with the other guys to make the roster.
  11. The Sixers are very young and inexperienced. that is the easiest thing to fix, you can't teach their physical talent. Bright future. Fun time to be a Philly sports fan. 2020... could it be the next 1980 where all 4 teams made it to the finals? 7 years old and I was spoiled back then. Would love for my kids to be the same way for a while! Was a tough last few years up until this past Eagles season... don't need that any time soon!
  12. Agree on RB, disagree on WR. Alshon was key, we haven't had a true #1 in forever where they either need to double team or put their best cover guy on so that was key last year, as everyone else got less attention. The stud Rb without the OL doesn't do much. The stud WR needs attention regardless of where he lines up. We'll see in Dallas this year... I don't see any reason why defenses don't crowd the box and blitz the heck out of Dak. Who are they afraid to leave single covered? That's why I like the way this team is built. Pay the #1 WR, get a bunch of cheap RBs that can do the job. Elite QB, Elite OL, elite TE, good slot WR ... RB by committee... perfect formula. On defense... elite DL, good middle LBs and S ... then give me a bunch of decent CBs.... having a stud expensive #1 CB does nothing when they put 4 WRs out there and you have 3 mismatches.
  13. RB by committee. Keep it going that way. Also keep me flooded with a lot of young fast CBs.
  14. mjk...remember... not ever signing counts against the cap. I read something yesterday, only 3 picks counted against the cap. I believe the 51st spot of the top 51 contracts makes like $619k. so anyone signed below that won;t count. Goedert counted like $400k vs the cap, adn the 4th round picks like a combined $50k .... peanuts.
  15. Down the road ...after football. The idea that he wants to do it ASAP has taken on a new life on this particular site for some reason??? Dude is a young guy. Thought of retiring after things looked bad for him. New life now. He just said he would love the opportunity to lead a team, but knows its not going to be here. This was just like a week or so ago. I understand a lot of people put their own wishes and thoughts into things and can spin things their way after hearing a half of a sentence one time. It would be great if every player just holds the Eagles in such high regard and woud take 4th string roles and little pay to play here... that's not real life.
  16. I think we may have a blessing in disguise with the Jernigan situation. 1. We give the young guys more snaps and reps over the spring and summer... one of them should get some snaps early in the season. 2. WE have Jernigan basically on a 1 year deal now. He ain't getting $11 mil for average or slightly above average play... time to step up Timmy. Add to the fact Graham could be in the same situation, its nice to have hungry players, I especially like that on my DL. 3. We could give Graham the big contract or use some of Jernigan;s money to help offset, any extra we pay Graham. Lets be honest, the Eagles paid Jernigan that nice deal trying to jump on it early. When combined with Cox its actually not that bad when you consider the ages of the DTs and combine the cap hits ... as compared to some of the other big DT contracts. But we would have 2 guys instead of 1. Well, if he does just Ok, nobody is going to pay him the big money, now we have leverage to redo the deal and make him earn it again (this is after this season if he doesn't perform at a top notch level.) I just like not being tied down by the money and cap space issue if possible. I understand give it to the young guys, DL is a priority position. But nice to be able to have choices down the road. Also nice gesture by not cutting him. And I love that he needs to play hungry. It's nice to not have any player complaints... at least legit ones. Everyone nervous about Graham, relax a little. He may not be back, but interviews and logic tells us he is ok to play the last year of his deal and try to prove he deserves to be paid elite money. The Eagles seem to be ok with that too. Living locally and hearing the reporters talk about it, that's the vibe.
  17. Why is everyone set on Foles retiring? He just said he would like a chance to be a starter, but knows the deal here. Wentz won't take the cheap deal now, he will be used to set the market for QBs at this point, too much pressure from the agents and the players union, especially as the new CBA is coming up. Later on he may do the Brady thing, when he is already paid and has more pull. At this point, he is in year 3, they have control until year 5 if they want, most likely they redo a deal with him next year where the cap hits are still low until at least 2020. 2 years from now, there will be players off the books, forget salary, they will need draft picks to step up simply because players are getting older. Its the normal cycle. Everyone obsesses over Seattle and what happened after Wilson got paid ...well, look at their moves. They didn't draft too well for a few years, you can't do that. They got old and they got injured. Plus they neglected the OL. It's not just Wilson getting paid. The Eagles need to continue to make good moves, including the draft. Surprising to me how everyone obsesses about the draft for years, then now all of a sudden its just because Wentz is going to get paid we have to draft well. You always have to draft well while building a team for the long run.
  18. Wentz will make over $30 mil per year ... not always up to the player, the agents and the plsyers union have say.
  19. Oh yeah... he didn;t have any leverage, he could have just been cut. This way, he keeps his $3mil.... with the opportunity to try to show he is worth the bigger money later. Good gesture, smart business by the Eagles. Keep dangling that carrot, you know these players just want the opportunity to show they are worth the money. I would love to see hm come in halfway through the year and play like he did early last season. Otherwise, they cut him to save $5 mil in 2019 and a boatload more going forward.
  20. Both are camp bodies ... I don't even consider these moves. Similar to when we signed a Villanvova RB to be our 9th RB on the 90 man roster a few years back ...and GBFL said we found the Sproles replacement ...LOL. Wheaton may push the young guys ... for WR 5 or 6.... they get to tackle and block on special teams.
  21. I think we could put Foles on the market now for a 2019 3rd round pick, and probably not have any takers? Maybe New England? But an injury and watch that 1st round offer come in. BTW, I don't think Howie fleeced Minn. They were a good team, looking to go really far. Bradford played well for them to start, their OL and Pederson injury killed them. Last year you saw just with decent QB play they were really good. So I think at the time, Minn needed to make a move. I can't blame them. Neither will I blame a team if it happens this year... well, depends on which team, it needs to be a team that thinks they can contend.
  22. Teams in need of a QB ... not having a young guy or a vet in place for now. NFC EAST.. .nope... NFC South ... nope ... NFC North ... nope. NFC West ... nope. AFC Teams .... East ... maybe Miami? South .. Nope ..... North ... Cincy? AFC West ... Nope. So ... barring injury .... Wentz is healthy and ready to go ... does Miami or Cincy offer us a 2nd round pick for Foles? With Tannehill and Dalton already in place? IDK, I would lean towards no. But I believe the right injury to a starting QB and we can get a 1st rounder. Otherwise, Foles will be here in 2018. Nothing to do with Wentz or contract. Just the situation around the league. All changed after FA and the draft.
  23. As for Foles.... who do you think would trade for him at this point? Barring serious injury to their starting QB? I don't see it. I think the trade boat has sailed .... unless an inury, then I would ask for a 1st rounder.
  24. I gotta be honest .... I think the "depth" at LB is the best it has ever been. To start, I finally have 3 LBs that I am confident about. That's wasn't until this group of 3 was put together and Kendricks stepped up last year. Probably 2002 with Emmons, Barger and Kirkland? IDK, but we have had some bad STARTING LBs, so right off the bat, the depth is better now that we go 3 good to start with. From there, looks like the 2 FAs brought it can actually offer more than jist special teams play. Hill is a stud on ST. So its the best 6 since I can remember. We play 2 or 1 LBs most of the time... so not sure I would even worry about it. Doesn't seem like more "depth" would matter... barring multiple injuries, but again, not sure the quality would be higher than our current guys?