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  1. Oh geez, this could be huge. Hope this guy can get the job done while Caleb is out. Is Eddie Murray still available?
  2. IMO our "best line in the NFL" looked like anything but in the opener. Wentz was scrambling for his life most of the time and they failed to open any running lanes. Kerrigan nearly beat us again.The guys up front need to block better.
  3. "potent chiefs"? Last few seasons the KC offense has been anemic. They have one good game to start the season and now they're "potent". I think our D will hold them in check.
  4. Kareem Hunt is the RB I was hoping we would draft. Great burst and vision. I knew this guy was special the 1st time I saw him play - in a bowl game as a freshman.
  5. Washington's a tough opponent but I think the Eagles should win this game...24-20
  6. Also surprised they kept both Johnson and Gibson over Treggs. I can't see either of those 2 contributing much to the offense this season. Lucky to get Treggs back on the PS
  7. Lucky all 9 of those guys made it through waivers.
  8. I know who I'd keep. I didn't care much for Chip Kelly but I think he had it right when he said big men beat up little men. I know there's exceptions to that rule - Sproles, but I'm not sure Pumphrey is the next Sproles. I'd rather have another physical RB on the roster than another scat back. I think Pumphrey needs a year on the PS to see if he can develop into an adequate Sproles replacement. He's got skills but he isn't NFL ready yet and showed nothing to warrant a roster spot so far. The college game and pro game are 2 different animals and college success doesn't always equate to NFL success. I think Smallwood is gonna be our #1 RB this season with Blount our short yardage and goal line guy plus Sproles... well being Sproles and making big plays in a variety of different ways.
  9. I'm surprised that they cut both McGloin and Evans(moreso McGloin). With Foles availability in question, who's the b/u or #3 QB? Thought McGloin played well enough in the 3rd preseason game to be kept as the #3 QB plus he has NFL starting experience. I guess we could always sign someone of equal caliber in a pinch if needed, probably the mindset there. No other surprises on this list but there's a few players there I thought had potential - Cherry, Grymes and Zaruba but they were long shots to make this roster to begin with. The next round of cuts to get to 53 I'm sure is gonna have a lot more talented players let go, but that's how it goes. You can only keep 53.
  10. I know nothing about McDougle, a little skeptical that the talent lacking Jets were willing to trade him but maybe he'll fit in better here. He certainly has a good shot to make the Eagles roster with the CB situation. Obviously the Eagles haven't been too impressed with Robinson in the slot and I think Brooks is gone given his injury concerns.
  11. No way, Kendricks has beaucoup talent. He could be an integral part of a thin LB group. I'd want more than that in return. He's worth more than that staying on our roster.
  12. Watford is a little bit of a suprise given that he was on the PS last year and considered a guy that had potential.
  13. Ideally, Pumphrey's best spot would be on the PS but then we run the risk of another team taking him. As long as Sproles is healthy and playing, he doesn't have much of a role on the team. Of course you could say the same about Clement as long as Blount is healthy but I'd rather have a second power back on the roster. I guess it's possible both make it...... or neither.
  14. I've liked Clement better than Pumphrey from the start and Marshall shouldn't be overlooked either. I know we were looking for Sproles clone when we drafted Pumphrey and yes he has talent but Sproles is 1 of a kind and nobody knows if Pumphrey is gonna be the guy to fill his shoes. The truth is undersized RB's are a long shot to make it in the NFL.
  15. Put Clement in and see what he can do.