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  1. Yeah his short yardage calls were head scratchers and it seems like he's totally unaware of the highest percentage play when a yard or less is needed...the QB sneak. I like the aggressiveness of going for on 4th and short but don't try to run outside when the other team has everyone up in the box.
  2. So far it looks like Jeffrey, Smith, Mathews, Agholor and Hollins on the roster and Gibson on the PS.
  3. I thought last year was the best he played in a long time. He sucked in Kelly's system.
  4. I think he wants to be cut. He probably knows he has no shot in this system and there are already 5 DE's on the roster better than him. His best shot to make it in the NFL is to go to a team that runs a 3-4, but he showed nothing in that system either so his trade value is nil. I have no idea why he hasn't been cut yet.
  5. That was such a waste of a 1st round pick. I actually liked the pick at the time(at least more than most people did). I thought he had the skills to develop into a good OLB. That didn't happen and now that we run a 4-3, I'm not sure why he's still on the roster. I suspect he will get a second chance soon on another team and he deserves that much.
  6. A DE rotation of Graham, Barnett, Curry and Long sounds pretty fearsome to me.
  7. CB is such a huge question mark on this team. Who earns starting and roster spots is anybody's guess right now. We've definitely added a lot competition - both young talent and experience. That should prove to be an upgrade but how soon? The success of this years team could hinge on that question.
  8. That would be a huge plus for this team if Gordon can develop into a solid LT(JP's successor) or RT. I know it's probably a long shot but this guy has the size and athletic ability to at least spark some hope.
  9. Not sure how the RB picture shakes down now with the additions of Blount and Pumphrey. Obviously Blount and Sproles will be on the roster and I'd say Smallwood is likely safe but I don't know if his role will be any different than last season, depends on his progression I guess. Mathews is still on the team but I suspect that might change. However if he is still here and healthy come early September, I highly doubt that he doesn't at least make the team. I think Corey Clement is a potential UDFA steal who might earn a roster or at least a PS spot. Can't really see a role for Pumphrey other than PS. I mean as long as Sproles is healthy, we aren't going to sit him so Pumphrey can get his feet wet. He may get plucked by another team if he's on the PS but I don't think we can waste a roster spot for an apprentice.
  10. It will be interesting to see who makes the roster at the CB and WR positions and to a lesser extent RB. Even though both rookie WR's were mid-round picks, I think both have a lot of potential and wouldn't want to lose either to a numbers game. As bad as Agholor and DGB were last year, I'd still say there's talent there and it's very possible that they could both could be vastly improved. It won't be easy for the rooks to beat them out or some of the others - Treggs,Turner. They will have to earn it. CB I'd say is wide open with every position up for grabs. I like the talent, youth and competition we have there but I still think it will be the weak link on the team at least for this season.
  11. Oh geez, high praise from Jaws is usually a kiss of death.
  12. That would be HUGE if Douglas could step right in and be a competent starter in his rookie season.
  13. The talent the eagles have been able to add to the offense this off-season is nothing short of amazing considering the limited cap space. Nice job Howie and company! I can't wait to see it come together on the field. On defense, yes the CB situation is still a big question mark but at least there is more talent and competition there now(and the future). It will sort itself out and I think the coverage will be improved from last season. I really like both draft picks. Jones is a great talent and Douglas might turn out to be outstanding too with his great size, decent speed and nose for the ball. It will be interesting to see those guys develop. I really feel this team is headed in the right direction the last couple years from the coaching changes, the players added and the boldness showed last draft in landing a franchise QB.
  14. Love this signing! Now we have a thumper in the backfield. Gonna help greatly in goal line and short yardage situations, pounding the rock in the 4th quarter and any other time he get his hand on the ball.
  15. I thought Clements had a chance to make the team but not now that we signed Blount. Could be a PS candidate.