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  1. GangGreen*2011*

    Post Your EMB Questions/Concerns Here

    Which do you think is worse?
  2. GangGreen*2011*

    Post Your EMB Questions/Concerns Here

    Where did some of those old timers go? Shame shame shame. We were getting along quite well.
  3. GangGreen*2011*

    Post Your EMB Questions/Concerns Here

    Wow, that's better. You just went from sounding like a whiny, clueless 12-year old boy to a much more respectable 30-year old adult with a list of grievances. Question though: you sound like you've worked in the business but you're only 21. You're in college and working at the same time?</p>
  4. GangGreen*2011*

    Post Your EMB Questions/Concerns Here

    Knowing how technology is/are these days, I expect website updates pretty much yearly. Some are needed and some don't. But I can't complain because that's just how things are these days. I know some of you old-timers don't move on with the times as quickly as others, but please understand. I know you are frustrated, and sometimes I am frustrated when a website I like decide to move things around. But one thing I have learned is to be as open-minded as I can and just figure where things went. Is it a pain? Absolutely, but if you guys care so much about blogging/posting here, you might as well take the time. Again, it's not a convenient thing, but I have done so with pretty much every website time and again. Saying things like "it sucks" or "crap" will not help anyone. In reality, it sounds quite childish and whiny to me. (I'm assuming most here are adults, but if there are innocent ignorant kids here, QUIT YOUR WHINING!) There were valid, constructive criticisms provided. People mentioned how posts seemed cluttered, the background colors of gray and white making it hard to distinguish between posts. I myself agree with their assessment. I wish for that issue to be corrected as well. But wishing to just have the old board back is just not happening. And for people who keep putting up stupid conspiracy theories such as 'these boards suck because the team sucks' or 'Juan Castillo must have hired these web designers', is just unbelievably absurd and immature. I know humor and sarcasm when I see them every day on this board, but there is nothing humorous about that. Thank you to people who have provided "productive" comments and constructive criticisms. I'm sure the aliens techies are doing the best they can to make this the best board in the league. People that whine should just quit, be disregarded and post somewhere else if you find this too irritating. Remember, it's a message board people. Take it lightly . Added at 6:58pm: I know you are frustrated. I know you are irritated. I know your balls are getting hot. I know your hairs are falling out. I also know this is an informal, open and public message board. But can you at least argue or talk like an adult? You can't argue using a child's vocabulary like 'dope' or 'crap'. Ok. Over and Out.
  5. E-A-G-L-E-S, EAGLES!!!