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  1. KillaGoEagles

    Sunday pre game schedule

    Where would one find the tailgate and other planed pregame events schedule for tomorrow_
  2. KillaGoEagles

    Game Tickets - when do they arrive?

    GOT THE TICKET!!! :) I'm sitting row 20 at the 50 yard line behind our bench. It's sad that you could only reserve a specific sector and not a row. I'd gladly pay a premium for first row tickets.
  3. KillaGoEagles

    Game Tickets - when do they arrive?

    I got an email that DHL is delivering them tomorrow, hopefully I'll be home or I can arrange to pick them up somewhere because I surely won't be at home until 3-4 p.m.
  4. KillaGoEagles

    Game Tickets - when do they arrive?

    I'm flying to Heathrow on Friday the 26th, so if they are not in the mail by next Friday (21st) I'm gonna really be pissed. I mean why the hell don't they ship them earlier to be safe? I guess it makes it harder for resellers, so that's a plus.
  5. KillaGoEagles

    Game Tickets - when do they arrive?

    I bought them directly from ticketmaster
  6. So I bought the tickets on the 1st of May (in the first 5 mins they were on sale) and was wondering when they actually arrive in the mail? Because it's only 3 weeks to the game and I still don't have the physical or electronic ticket?
  7. KillaGoEagles

    Teams you hate worse than the Patriots? If any?

    Giants are waaaaay on the top. Then no one for quite a while and then comes Dallas. Then again a large hole to the Foreskins. The rest of the league I really GNF.