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  1. norcalmill

    Dak has shoulder injury and broken index finger

    If we are gonna lose we need to lose because Dak beat us. Put everything into stopping Zeke.
  2. norcalmill

    LeSean McCoy Accusations

    maybe it was Bryce Brown breaking in looking for his career?
  3. norcalmill

    LeSean McCoy Accusations

    i for one am all about punishing if you did the crime. have no issue at all with Ray Rice punishment. etc.etc. But by your statement here i would expect you yourself would have no problem serving say 2 yrs in jail if anyone important to you was murdered or beaten... Because no matter if you have anything to do with your loved ones injury/death you would be ok with being punished for it...
  4. norcalmill

    Dez to be released

    allen hurns, cole beasley, terrance newman, ryan switzer....ouch thats about as bad a group as ive ever seen on paper Q the Maclin or Decker signing.
  5. norcalmill

    Next year in London

    you are the UK guy so hard to argue. obviously the Ajayi thing will help our fan base there. after seeing how well Eagles fans travel and or are simply spread across the country im counting on there being a descent turn out...super bowl champs helps too.
  6. norcalmill

    Next year in London

    supposed to be Jacksonville home game...since Jax has been the face of London games. But we all know the fans will be cheering for Philly. probably worse than the chargers "home" game last year.