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  1. Reach out and get Revis?
  2. Don Greetings and salutations. I bring you tribute. Is Revis done or can he be a part? Groucho
  3. Not sure why everyone thinks the answer is in the draft. Name one team that got significant push out of a rookie draft class other than in a single position? Some of this must be done on the FA market and possibly trades, which aren't as frequent in the NFL as one might like. We get maybe two-three players out of the draft that have long term potential and usually only one impact player at best. We are not just one player away, so looking around the league for some solutions at LB and WR are in order. Also, our RB's are quite old -- we need to target a RB with a future to build with us.
  4. They shouldn't consider a RB in any of the first 3 rounds. Cook at FSU is a beast and in the Sproles mode. Just won't last on the board.