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  1. Benzino999

    Post Your EMB Questions/Concerns Here

    Hi Dave, I just finished rewatching Eagles Live 6/02/14 and I enjoyed your show as I am a an avid fan of the Eagles as well, obviously. Anyway, you called out Earl Wolff unfairly and I think it's all a misunderstanding because he was a little nervous and gave you an odd answer. You questioned if he would play injured, which I seriously doubt any of our Eagles would do if it was a serious injury. Now on the other hand, I would bet Earl has played hurt before but most likely does not want anyone to question his durability so his mentality is to be healthy and strong. If he was labeled as "injury prone" that would certianly hurt his stock. I truly believe that Chip is an awe inspiring kind of coach that you would run through brick walls for, so to even think that Earl Wolff would not play a little dinged up is ludicrous, in my most humble opinion. I mean no offense Dave but I think you got Earl all wrong and should apologize to him for your lack of compassion.........Just kidding. Benzino999
  2. I am so excited about the manhandling of Dallas. We have a special thing going on here in Philly. GO EAGLES !!!

  3. I got the same problem. Low sound on vids.