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  1. You gotta love a player with a name like Warmack. His size and strength could only take him so far,, and he knows reuniting with Stoutland ( Another great Football name), will help Chance to unlock his full potential that led him to be selected as a top ten pick. Stout has already done more with far less talent in Dennis Kelly, Alan Barbre, and even Tobin, who was most likely a strong candidate to be cut this year. He is a proven coach who knows how to develop players at the highest level.
  2. Buffalo is already regretting this trade, but they can still recoup by the time the next draft rolls around or if Matthews gets healthy and helps their passing game. Let's hope that Howie "Magic Man" Roseman finds a way to get back the picks we have lost. Darby is clearly a young and talented player, so we are seeing this trade paying off early returns. Howie seems to always finds ways of creating value for our depth players and sometimes a starter, but more often than not, we reap the benefit more so than our trade partner. We only need to look back at the last draft to see his magic working in full effect. Go Eagles !!!
  3. Not too worried about Foles missing a few meaningless PS games. Get his elbow healed and ready for the season is my thinking. We know what he is capable of and so does Pederson, so not much to gain pushing him to play unless he's 100%. I have a feeling we will be needing his services at some point this coming season. Let's just hope it's in games we already have in hand or a play or two when Wentz takes the inevitable "big hit". As far as McGloin goes, he will not make this team unless he starts playing much better than he has thus far. He might be a gamer but this is a guy who started NFL games, so he should be handling 2nd and 3rd stringers with ease. Keep your excel sheet ready and also your eraser as well.
  4. I am from the camp that has been down on Aggs for the past two seasons, and admit I had already given up on him blossoming into anything but a backup player. I was ready to chalk him up as a bust and hope that Hollins and Gibson would give us two more reliable weapons. As much as I was sure he was a goner, he has now changed my mind by the way he has carried himself through camp and the first game of PS. I am now optimistic that he can be that third receiver out of the slot and become a reliable weapon for this offense. I like being proved wrong when it comes down to negative player evaluation, and I just hope that he can keep it going when the games count. It's rare to get second and third chances in a league that chews up and spits out players, so I hope he realizes the opportunity that he has been given.
  5. "The data culled from the chip will be available very shortly after each session, practice, or game, and will include measurables such as the distance the football is thrown or kicked, the velocity of the ball in the air, and the average rotations per throw or kick. A third benefit, then, is the fan experience of seeing the numbers and comparing them week over week, player to player."
  6. I really like what we've been hearing from camp, but let's just see what happens when the bullets are live. If Aggs can turn his career around and become a reliable pass catcher, that would go a long way winning close games. It cannot be said enough that taking the pressure off of him of being the "go to guy", like he was last season to now being part of an experienced group could do wonders for him. Alshon and Torrey are clearly huge upgrades to me, but we really need the rest of our play makers to take advantage of defenses keying in on these two. I would like to see a couple players emerge from the CB group, specifically Grymes or CJ Smith or even the young rook Douglas. If we can find some stability at CB and get a couple starters who can be somewhat dependable, the sky is the limit for this D. I think we are going to be good this season, especially at getting after QB's and I expect Hicks to have another Pro Bowl level season. Are you ready for some Football ????
  7. Remember Pederson was a first year Head Coach, who saw his starting QB get traded, about one week before the season began. He decided to start his third string QB in Wentz, which I think we can all agree was a good decision. He's far away from being a top HC, but those first three games he called were impressive. I know you going to point out the talent level of those teams, but he had that team ready to play and started 3-0. Considering all the weaknesses we had, specifically at WR and CB, and injuries/suspension on the O line,I thought he did fairly well under the circumstances. He relates to the players as he came into the NFL as an undrafted FA, but I wonder how many of them would run through a brick wall for him. That kind of respect comes with time, and it remains to be seen if he will ever get that level of respect from his players. If he can do that, I like our chances of winning a lot of games this season.
  8. Get real....we would need at least three snaps ;-)
  9. With all the improvement in talent from a team standpoint, the CB position was the only one that I feel the Eagles have failed to properly address for the now. You can only do so much in one off season and I think we are already up against the cap. A lot of things can happen between today and our first real games and if none of these players can distinguish themselves we might have to take a look at guys like Revis, Shields or Flowers, all of whom remain unsigned. Not the ideal scenario but certainly in the realm of possibility. I would love for guys like Grymes and Smith to earn those starting spots due to stellar PS play, but I feel like we need at least one reliable veteran. That might only leave Revis as close to a sure thing given market availability. He would not come cheap and we would surely have to overpay, and is it even worth taking a chance that his best days are behind him. Some feel he's already done. I think the smartest play for 2017 is to allow our young CB's to get some on the job training and see what we have. If the pass rush is where we need it to be then it might just work out.
  10. lmao. Bagger is in rare form. Longs been rushing the passer....well for a LONG time. Kill the QB and anyone else who might have the ball on your way there. It's like telling the Hound to work on his brutality.
  11. I'm sure glad that some Football sites are finally taking notice of our front 7. Moving Cox to DE from time to time could really give this D line that X factor we are longing to see. I really hope Schwartz takes full advantage of his talent and unleashes the beast within. Cox can really move for a big and his bull rush from the DE position in this wide 9 scheme can really put stress on anyone trying to stop him.
  12. I love your detailed reply 1993, and I am so glad you could share your plethora of knowledge with us. Who knew your opinion could be conveyed with just three taps of the keyboard. You are a skilled grand master of communication and have left us speechless in amazement. Perhaps one day we can all hope to have such a deep and meaningful understanding of the intricacies of what makes a player good. We are not worthy
  13. I feel we have enough talent at CB to be better than we were last season, but I am hoping that either CJ Smith or Aaron Grymes win a starting role. All we keep hearing is how both of these players are making plays at almost every practice, but for some reason they get beat out by Mills and Robinson. We already have seen enough of Mills to know where his floor is, but what we have not seen is Grymes and Smith. I can understand giving an experienced player like Robinson a chance to prove himself here and even see the benefit of giving Mills a shot at starting again since he has seen some of the best WR's the NFC East has to offer. We need to see if he can improve upon last years performance. The bigger issue is speed and how our starters lack speed on deep passes. We really need to fix that deep pass problem and perhaps getting more help from the safeties is the answer. It's just that I would like for Grymes or Smith to step up enough to at least show what they can contribute or tell us that they are not ready instead of hyping them as possible starters.
  14. I am having no problems entering my comments with the article above. Although I am sorry to hear some of you are. The way I view this group of rooks is this may be one of the better drafts we have had over the past few years. Bringing in Joe Douglas and company, seems to have paid off in a big way. It remains to be seen how good or bad a certain draft pick has looked in OTA's and Mini camp, but by all accounts from the coaching staff to the players, they all have good things to say. The only exception is Shelton Gibson, as it has been mentioned more than a few times that he is having problems catching the ball. Let's hope Aggs didn't pass the torch here and allow Gibby to catch up to the rest of the pack. Since he is faster than a speeding bullet, I would think he will be just fine.
  15. I agree Cox is a great player, but if we are talking indispensable, I would have to pick Lane Johnson. You only need to look at the offense with him starting vs. without. It's not too hard to figure out that we need him starting every game. Blount is going to love running behind him.