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  1. I am having no problems entering my comments with the article above. Although I am sorry to hear some of you are. The way I view this group of rooks is this may be one of the better drafts we have had over the past few years. Bringing in Joe Douglas and company, seems to have paid off in a big way. It remains to be seen how good or bad a certain draft pick has looked in OTA's and Mini camp, but by all accounts from the coaching staff to the players, they all have good things to say. The only exception is Shelton Gibson, as it has been mentioned more than a few times that he is having problems catching the ball. Let's hope Aggs didn't pass the torch here and allow Gibby to catch up to the rest of the pack. Since he is faster than a speeding bullet, I would think he will be just fine.
  2. I agree Cox is a great player, but if we are talking indispensable, I would have to pick Lane Johnson. You only need to look at the offense with him starting vs. without. It's not too hard to figure out that we need him starting every game. Blount is going to love running behind him.
  3. I have known Reggie White was the greatest DE of Alltime when teams would try to double team him and he could defeat them with sheer power. He would literally toss around 300+ pound grown men like they were high school players. He was in a class of his own. I always knew he was a very good player but didn't realize I was witnessing greatness. You can go on and on about what a great man he was both on and off the field, but the things I saw this mammoth of a man do was almost incomprehensible. I have never seen a player that could dominate opponents week in and week out and literally outclassed anyone you put in front of him. When other teams game planned to face the Eagles, the #1 priority was to try and contain him, but very rarely were they able to do so. At his best he was unstoppable. At his worst he was still the best player we had. He's was one of the few Eagle players that truly could make the players around him better. Not just one player but the entire team fed off of his greatness.
  4. I doubt he's a campy body as Schwartz follows the Lions D, and most likely had a lot to do with getting him signed here. Most likely a good scheme fit for Schwartz's 4-3 attacking defense. Competition is always talked about, but it really looks like we are taking it to the next level this year. Good players are going to be cut this season, and that is a good problem to have.
  5. This offense has a chance to be good if all the pieces come together. The talent is there, the want to is there. Now it's all about executing when it matters. Do that and there is no reason, this offense cannot be among the leagues best.
  6. Prediction: The additions of Jernigan, Long, and the drafting of Barnett takes this defense to the next level.You give Schwartz a draft and creative control via Free Agency and he can transform an under-performing defense into a top five D. He might not be a great HC, but when given the proper resources he can make things happen as a DC. He has assembled a few top five defenses throughout his career for different teams such as Buffalo Tennessee, and Detroit. Theoretically, when Schwartz has the front four players playing at the highest level, the CB's weaknesses are masked via instant QB pressure. I think this will be the season the defense goes back to being feared. The way the Philadelphia Eagles Defense should be.
  7. Yes he did and he paid for his crime. No Sir, I think it is you that needs to be put in check I get your anger but come on man he is an Eagle and as fans of this team we have to give him a chance to prove it. No matter how angry any of us were last season, the truth is we need him. Tackles like him don't grow on trees but your post fails to give him credit where it is deserved. He is a mountain of a man and no defensive end playing today can dominate him. Lane "The Freight Train" Johnson will be an Eagle for years to come and I am a believer that he will stay clean and remain one of the best players in the NFL. You can dwell on last season, but if you want to know how good he was when he is playing 16 games, just take a look at Shady's stats while running behind him. The proof is already written in Eagles history. Superhuman is pretty good description IMO.
  8. Yes I can and you should too. Bleed GREEN BABY !!!
  9. I am a huge fan of Lane Johnson and what he has done was unforgivable but it is now in the rear view mirror and like anyone's past indiscretion's it should be left there. That means supporting our team and hoping that everything he is saying is true. After all, he is one of our best players and the running games success will be riding on his road grading blocks this season, just like when Shady had his best years. He is a force and every defensive coordinator knows it. Teams must game plan how to deal with this talented blocker and pass protector as he has the ability to dictate terms in the trenches. Casual NFL fans might not understand how valuable he is and what he means to our offense as a whole. I for one believe him and will support his continued domination of our opponents this coming season and you should too. That's only if you bleed GREEN like me. E -A -G -L -E -S !!!!!! EAGLES !!!!!
  10. Man O' Man O' Man, how quickly things change. We went from a team void of talent at several positions and losing good players to free agency and then having to upgrade some starters as we needed to improve our roster. Then after the dust settles of FA and the draft we look up and suddenly we are loaded with play maker's and heart breakers. The Blount signing really improves our offense on several different levels and I think we will look back on this day and realize this was the signing that put us over the top to win the division and make a playoff run.
  11. MORE LIKE B-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-M !!!!!!! This signing is letting the Eagles Fan Base and the entire team know that Lurie wants to win now, both the division and beyond this coming season. I was beginning to accept the reality of not having a bell cow RB to lead our squad. I thought we still had a slim chance of winning the Division, but had doubted if we could go any further. This signing could mean the difference from winning 9 games to winning 12 IMO. A HUGE WELL DONE TO Jeff, Howie and the rest of our F.O.
  12. The year they got signed by the Eagles, I imagine.
  13. Hey guys, don't sleep on the kid from Jersey, Corey Clement out of Wisconsin. He's 5'10 at 220lbs, and should be able to get the short yardage work in this Offense. Maybe he can, maybe he can't but short of keeping Mathews, he's the biggest back we got.
  14. Getting 7 wins with the WR group we paired up with him last season was amazing. Aggs and Beckham were not good and the drops became contagious as even JMatt and Ertz were dropping passes they normally would catch. As a group they dropped a ton of passes that should have been completions, which could easily have gotten us at least three more wins. With the upgraded WR corps, and a deep O line I can see us winning 10 or more games in 2017. If we can nail this draft, going beyond ten wins is a real possibility. This team needs to make the playoffs and get back to Eagle dominance.
  15. Or move up and grab Fournette. This kid is going to be a star RB, let's make him our star RB.