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  1. 757Vileborg

    TB12 : The decline of the GoAT?

    The title is phrased as a question because there is nothing here definitive enough to draw any real conclusions. I was just comparing statistics and it stood out as an anomaly. I could only find one or two sources that even monitor time to throw and none of them have been monitoring it for more than a couple years. I tried to find supporting evidence such as sacks taken but it didn't really offer any indication either way. His regular season sacks were up 20 over 2016 but 2016 was an abnormally low year for Brady and sacks.
  2. 757Vileborg

    TB12 : The decline of the GoAT?

    We as Eagles fans joked about ending the dynasty that began with a bitter loss in 2005 but how much of the joke may be true? I was doing some research for a post in TATE about the nuisances of a pass rush when I came across some interesting statistics. I was looking into the average time to throw for NFL quarterbacks. I'd always heard that it's a 2.5 second race to get to the quarterback and TB12 is the fastest gun in the NFL but that's not necessarily true anymore. Over the last several seasons the stats show that TB12 has gradually been slowing down in terms of time to throw. He started 2016 as fast as anybody in the league but as the year progressed his time to throw slowed slightly ending in 2.6 TTW in the super bowl. Still not a bad stat and with decent line play still plenty quick. In 2017, he started off with several games sub 2.5 secs and looked to be back in form but as the season progressed his time to throw slowly slipped. After their week 9 bye, it was a consistent 2.7 to 2.8 seconds throughout the rest of the year and through the super bowl. How much does that tenth of a second mean for NE? I don't know but BG got there in just over 2.6 seconds by my count. TB12 is still > 30 other NFL Teams but it maybe that time is finally catching up to Ole Tom.