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  1. Since I don't have permission to view this particular transgression, which of my post hurt Munson's feelings this time?  Was it this one ":afro:"?



  2. I was at the garage again. I did listen to part of the game where Merrill called Blounts long ***ed run but I was busy most of the day..
  3. They fell for his arrest story originally as well so there's that.
  4. I stopped setting aside Sundays for football half way through the season last year. Before that if someone was looking for me on Sunday they knew they'd find me in front of the TV all day. Now I might catch part of the game on the radio while out in the garage but that's about it for me. I just don't find the need for me subject myself to the politics 24/7. I get my fill during my visits to CVON. If you're into that stuff then by all means watch away. It's not my thing.
  5. That's the fault of the ****y activist actors and actresses. Who'd want to listen to that whiny **** while they're handing out their participation trophies and patting themselves on the back.
  6. lynched1

    Kaepernick still no job

    "We"? What the hell do you know about being enslaved? There are people here and around the globe that have a far more credible claim to being enslaved than you ever will. jfc
  7. "I wish I could say something classy and inspirational, but that just wouldn't be our style." Shane Falco