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  1. Smallwood is from DE and that tweet was directed at people in the hood in Philly. He's a hater so i'll let him live. Delaware dudes are twinkie types soft and sweet. A "Philly n8gg8" has fired back we are even. Welcome to the Bird Gang Wendell. Keep your flea collar on when get back to Delaware.
  2. It doesnt matter where you pick you have to select the best players. Howie Roseman is a good GM he'll get a few good players out of this draft but can he draft a few Hall of Famers because those type players win championships. Im talking about elite natural skills and hunger to go along with a legendary work ethic.
  3. I would see if the Titans are interested in trading their first round pick #15 and a few of their 2nd round picks for our #8 pick. We have no playmakers on offense so I would draft either Zeke Elliott at #8 or Corey Coleman #15 if we are able to trade with the Titans and acquire their pick. We need to draft explosive players who are going to challenge defenses because at this moment our offense doesnt have any everydown playmakers or build a championship defense, if its the latter I would be fine with sitting at 8 and taking a corner like Hargreaves. Paul Perkins is a RB in round 3 if he is available we should draft him if we remain status quo.