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  1. Smallwood is from DE and that tweet was directed at people in the hood in Philly. He's a hater so i'll let him live. Delaware dudes are twinkie types soft and sweet. A "Philly n8gg8" has fired back we are even. Welcome to the Bird Gang Wendell. Keep your flea collar on when get back to Delaware.
  2. It doesnt matter where you pick you have to select the best players. Howie Roseman is a good GM he'll get a few good players out of this draft but can he draft a few Hall of Famers because those type players win championships. Im talking about elite natural skills and hunger to go along with a legendary work ethic.
  3. I would see if the Titans are interested in trading their first round pick #15 and a few of their 2nd round picks for our #8 pick. We have no playmakers on offense so I would draft either Zeke Elliott at #8 or Corey Coleman #15 if we are able to trade with the Titans and acquire their pick. We need to draft explosive players who are going to challenge defenses because at this moment our offense doesnt have any everydown playmakers or build a championship defense, if its the latter I would be fine with sitting at 8 and taking a corner like Hargreaves. Paul Perkins is a RB in round 3 if he is available we should draft him if we remain status quo.
  4. [News] In Locker Room, Disappointment Again

    Bradford missed Ertz and Agholor for wide open TD's if he connects on those plays we have a chance but he didn't which is the story of his career. Ertz didn't fumble but when karma strikes you have those types of things that happen. Too much talent walked and I wished the coached walked and the talent remained. Now I have to root for all these non-eagle drafted players. Sam Bradford is a Ram, Murray is a Cowboy, Maxwell is a Seahawk, Jenkins is a Saint, we are the Redskins of the early 2000's, our coach is a genius from college and we have a bunch of recycled veterans on our team. SMH. You win by drafting and developing your own players and then sprinkling in free-agents.
  5. [News] In Locker Room, Disappointment Again

    We should have picked Bruce Arians. Chip Kelly made his name off scoring points against the united way and little sisters of the poor type colleges in a weak conference. He is a very good college coach but he doesn't know how to deal with rich grown-men who have similar ego's. We are going to have to overpay for free-agents because Chip's reputation is not that good with his former players and he runs his players into ground and leaves his defense on the field way too long.
  6. [News] In Locker Room, Disappointment Again

    Sam Bradford is an average QB on an average team. Murray was not valued enough for the cowgirls to resign him. Matt Tobin, Allan Barbre, Nelson Agholor, Josh Huff and Riley Cooper are players who need to produce on a consistent basis in order for this team to be a playoff contender. Chip has put together a team of hard-working guys but they are not that talented compared to other NFL teams. Sam Bradford has always preferred to throw the ball to the tight-ends and rb's. It appears to me that he is not that accurate outside the numbers and he may lack the arm-strength to consistently make those kinds of throws. I wouldn't re-sign Bradford and I would draft a QB and would go after Kapernick and RG3. If we examine the stats of Bradford, the defensive stats of Bill Davis career and compare them to this years defense you'll see that they are right around their career averages. To bring them back is the definition of insanity. Time to clean house, the philosophy of a small, quick OL is not a recipe that will sustain long-term success. We need the best players to compete and smart coaching. We didn't have that and we won't unless Chip learns to deal with good players who have controversial personalities. Chip let too much talent go and it has bit him in his arrogant arse the past two years.
  7. [News] Football Wins Over Hype For Eagles

    Because of Chip I have to root for Sam Bradford, Demarco Murray also a bunch of guys that I considered bums when I watched them play on other teams and now they are on my team. SMH
  8. [News] Football Wins Over Hype For Eagles

    Chip the genius said he had no interest in #71 ....http://www.sbnation.com/lookit/2015/12/13/10053086/lael-collins-block-speed-running-gif Another player Chip Einstein had no interest in a potential backup http://www.foxsports.com/nfl/story/philadelphia-eagles-buffalo-bills-tyrod-taylor-tim-tebow-100515 He traded Shady McCoy, let Maclin walk and Riley Cooper is still on the team. All of our former pro-bowl players dislike Chip because they suspect Chip is a racist and Shady did handle this situation with a total lack of class. A further indication of how disconnected Chip Kelly is that he doesn't see eye to eye with Murray. Chip Kelly comes off as arrogant, disingenuous and dishonest. We are not making the playoffs and I wish he goes back to college football with his college run offense and weak passing scheme. Its clear he thinks he's the brightest bulb in the lamp because he is always trying to fool the defense but they get their heads handed to them by teams who's philosophy is to line up and play smash mouth football such as Tampa and Detroit. We will probably struggle Sunday against AZ because they are more physical and more talented than we are on both sides of the of the ball on the line of scrimmage. This team has regressed after making the playoffs in Chip's first year an indictment upon the entire coaching staff. Right now the defense is 28th which is approximately right around where Bill Davis' coached defenses rank over his career. On offense we are 15th about middle of the pack.