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  1. Im going to go one step further with the defensive predictions... having upgraded Connor Barwin, and Bennie Logan, with Chris long and Tim Jernigan, as well as adding Derreck Barnett, this pass rush WILL be more dominant... injuries put aside... I project an EASY 3.0 team sacks pg avg for a basement floor of 48 total... My gut tells me they will get 3.5 team sacks pg avg for an expected 56 total... I DO NOT exclude a 4.0 team sacks pg avg for a potential 64 total... NOW let me be clear that last year that 48 led the league, but even that was not and is not looked upon as an elite number by any standard... simply put 48 is what a team with a really good pass rush can generate... teams with GREAT pass rushes do much more... Our pass rush this year will be at worst good, more than likely great, and even possibly elite
  2. What price range do you look for... they start at 75 bucks as of right now
  3. We are also playing 8 games against teams ranked #17 or lower (bottom half of the league) in scoring defense last year... 1 against #32 SF, 1 against #29 Chargers, 1 against #26 Carolina, 1 against #24 Chicago, 1 against #23 LA Rams, 1 against #20 Oakland, and 2 against #19 Washington
  4. I hadnt thought of it, however if I had company, I would go
  5. Moreover with Dallas, they already didnt know what to do with Darren Sproles on the field, and now they will have 2 Darren Sproles to deal with
  6. I dont really see much improvement of the Giants defense, other than adding a 2nd round DT in the draft... the only FA moves they really made were to add geno smith and Brandon Marshal, which will sure give them more depth at WR, but balance that with Victor Cruz and Rashad Jennings being gone... I do like their 1st round pick of TE Ingram though.....................That Dallas secondary really scares me though because they added Nolan Carrol... cough cough...meanwhile they are showing no ability to stop a speed guy on the outside as Switzer is making them all look bad.
  7. I'm not setting my expectations that LOW for this team... With clearly improved talent and depth, combined with the mainstay players being in the second year of this system, there is NO REASON not to expect a 3 point improvement on both sides of the ball... Let's just say that if it doesn't there will be heat on this coaching staff... how many old guys are gonna die without seeing a SB trophy... Im 52 and I cant say that I will necessarily live another 10 years, so YEA my expectations are very high... These players MUST know the desperation of the fan base.
  8. So then HOW MUCH BETTER does the Eagles defense need to be to get the defense ppg down 3 points last year (that would be 48 points less scored against the birds), it might look like this... Week 5 against the Lions, just dont fumble in FG range, so this is an offense improvement that immediately has benefit to the defense(+3pts)...Week 6 against Washington, play up to the competition and only allow 24 instead of 27(+3pts)...Week 8 in Dallas, win the OT session(+6pts)... Week 9 against the NYG, get real pressure on Eli who sucks when gets hit alot, this turns 4TDs into 2TD and 2FG (+8pts)...Week 11 Sea play up to competition and hold them to 22 instead of 26 (I'm split between 23&21) (+4pts)...Week 12 Packers, show up and get the job against a great QB with NO WRs to throw to drop this from 27 down to 20 against a wounded team (+7pts)... Week 13 with Cincinnati dont play down to the 4-7-1 teams ability, so drop the 32 down to 21(+11pts)... Week 14 against Washington, again they must play up to the competition and drop that 27 down to 24 (+3pts)... Finally week 15 against the Ravens if they just play up to the competition they can bring that 27 down to 24 (+3pts)................. SO I ask, is there reason to be excited for this defense if they can do JUST THAT MUCH by being more consistant?... Just that much last year would have made them the #2 scoring defense.
  9. My post mini-camp hopes for this team are through the roof... First I want to quantify WHY I am so psyched... If we reflect back onto the 2016 regular season and the statistics therein, we see that there is very real correlation in points scored v points allowed, and the amount of wins a team has... THIS IS AN OBVIOUS OVER-SIMPLIFICATION OF CAUSE AND EFFECT...So where were the Eagles last year? Having scored an average of 22.9 ppg they ranked #16 overall in points scored, and having allowed 20.7 ppg they ranked #12 overall in points allowed... SO let's just ask a simple question, WILL this years team score more than 3 points more on average than last year, AND will this years team allow 3 points less on average? Gleaning everything you can from players in shorts and shirts, there is reason to think that both are very possible... SO then if that occurs and we transpose a 3 point difference on both sides of the ball(from last years league stats), that would give the Eagles a 25.9 ppg and rank as the #8 team in points scored, while also allowing 17.7 ppg would rank as the #2 team in points allowed... THAT would definitely get them into the playoffs and make them a SB contender.
  10. You bet! And vice-versa with OL helping DL 'cause I think that the depth on OL is just slightly better than the DL's. Even though yesterday morn' I was watching 'Press Pass: Derek Barnett' and during the commentary they were showing clips on him rushing around the OL 'dummies'-which the fake arms look slightly lower-than the common height of the avg. OL-man. I'll tell you what,when they (Eagles' media,Schwartz,and LJ) said about his ability to bend at the hips & ankles…they weren't kidding. You oughta see this kid get low-While turning the corner!-It's VERY impressive for a rookie. I def. think we got the best pass rusher out of the Draft. I honestly think that Barnett will 'WOW' us a few times. Yes NJ69,I haven't been this eager since 2000 for ALL phases of the team-staff-and FO! ☺ ETD123 beyond that, Barnett is walking into the PERFECT scenario to get a jump on Reggie White/LT numbers as a rookie... IF this guy does not grab at least 10 Sacks his rookie year with THIS line beside him... then I will eat/drink poison, just to end it all. THIS D-line will average more than 4 sacks a game... EASY!
  11. So frequently in years past you look at players and they look all bulked up like they have been on the "juice", BUT this team looks... to borrow a phrase from "the replacements" ... they seem "Wire-ee" (said with an Irish accent!)
  12. If you count Mack Hollins as a ST keeper that makes 6 WR [possible this year
  13. like I said... if we can get him to agree to 5 mil.... howie can create that....then we dont have to ask the question at the end of TC, DGB or Ag
  14. let me put it to you this way... he is not a 10 mil per year guy any more... BUT the question is, is he better than either DGB or Agholor?
  15. Maclin wasnt fully healthy all of year last year... he was nicked up a lot... I'm in Missouri, that's all we get is KC football here... besides I think that being here in Missouri there was too much distraction... remember he came out of mizzou