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  1. Trade Rd1 pick 25 to the Raiders for Rd1 pick 27 and Rd5 pick 131... We get either Jacobs or Montgomery, either is the GET ONE YARD guy... Oakland wants DE,DT,RB... Indy wants a DT or DE... we help Oakland screw over Reich and get a 5th rounder to still get our guy.
  2. mateagle2

    Post Your EMB Questions/Concerns Here

    It is an easy assessment to look at the points scored by the birds, and be skeptical, but that assessment would be incomplete, when looking at this offence. We lead the league in Offensive plays from scrimmage, which means that we are avoiding 3 and outs, and sustaining drives. We also lead the league in Time of Possession. We will win a ton of games doing that.
  3. I think it would be an interesting lineup to see Wheaton, Gibson, and Wallace on the field together With Agholor... do you let Ag catch free passes all day or do you cast a deep net to defend the speed... can't do both
  4. mateagle2

    2019 #1 and #2 and #4 for Foles

    Not so much... BUT when you start a negotiation you always start high or else you dont end up at the desired level of compensation
  5. mateagle2

    2019 #1 and #2 and #4 for Foles

    Ummmm like the three prior were Super Bowl Championships?
  6. mateagle2

    2019 #1 and #2 and #4 for Foles

    My second big June 1 prediction is a trade involving Rodney McCleod for 2019 picks
  7. mateagle2

    2019 #1 and #2 and #4 for Foles

    Let me hear you ask me how many rings we have!!!!! We have ONE... THE FREAKING LAST AND MOST RELEVANT ONE SO SUCK IT UP AND SHUT UP!!!!
  8. mateagle2

    2019 #1 and #2 and #4 for Foles

    I think it is fair to say that when you combine the fact that the man is ALREADY in the hall of fame today with Peyton manning for throwing 7tds in a game and combine it with his TD/int ratio as an Eagle... his body of work stands for itself without needing any other legs
  9. mateagle2

    2019 #1 and #2 and #4 for Foles

    AND he is only carrying a 7 mil procetag for 2018 which would be very ideal for a team fighting the cap
  10. With a june 1 trade for Foles only having a 600k dead money and 7mil cap savings, seems like a real opportunity to bilk a QB needy team.
  11. ASG Call me NOW 573-855-5529... we meet tomorrow!!! IDK if it is McDonalds for breakfast... the one by El Jimador!
  12. I dont do the sky is falling thing very well... We did what everyone was saying we COULDN"T do when we were handing people thier asses... remember the discussion... The Eagles won't be beating people in close ugly games when the weather gets cold... They wont have the mental ability to go from being in control to winning when the game hangs in the balance!Well they are winning ugly and I am very excited about that!!!
  13. Iteresting enough the Eagles enter week 17 with the longest active winning streak with 3... tied with KC and Carolina
  14. Putting Injury aside and simply from the perspective of getting a glimpse into the future... It woyld be neat to see Douglas, Jones and Darby teaming up
  15. You said you are on the south side of post out by Plato, right?