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  1. You said you are on the south side of post out by Plato, right?
  2. Is it just me or does the Darby pickup feel like we got Rowe back?
  3. Do you have plans for the week 1 game against the Skins?
  4. The options are limitless... we can use speed, or physicality, or agility
  5. Run one 5 WR set after another... Team one come in with Jeffrey, Treggs, Sproles, Ertz and Gordon... then team two lets them rest while we go with Agholor, Smith, Pumphrey, Celek, and Burton... Im just dreaming, but we could run teams into the ground
  6. 90 inch vertical... break out the flubber cleats!
  7. Robinson might be a late season trading piece if he plays well and Jones comes back strong off the Injury to take the position
  8. The last sentence that Spuds wrote hit the nail on the head from my perspective. It really seems that Howie sees the puzzle and somehow has the picture on the box to work from. The pieces are fitting nicely!
  9. Funny stuff Ackid... you've written off the possibility of a SB before the first snap
  10. hmmm. I always get a kick out of conversations like this as I muse if the individual making a statement believes the very same thing if the scenario players were different... say Trump and impeachment
  11. I like the fact that all of the news seems to be positive and the distracting stuff like Guns at an airport are not surfacing
  12. Im going to go one step further with the defensive predictions... having upgraded Connor Barwin, and Bennie Logan, with Chris long and Tim Jernigan, as well as adding Derreck Barnett, this pass rush WILL be more dominant... injuries put aside... I project an EASY 3.0 team sacks pg avg for a basement floor of 48 total... My gut tells me they will get 3.5 team sacks pg avg for an expected 56 total... I DO NOT exclude a 4.0 team sacks pg avg for a potential 64 total... NOW let me be clear that last year that 48 led the league, but even that was not and is not looked upon as an elite number by any standard... simply put 48 is what a team with a really good pass rush can generate... teams with GREAT pass rushes do much more... Our pass rush this year will be at worst good, more than likely great, and even possibly elite
  13. What price range do you look for... they start at 75 bucks as of right now
  14. We are also playing 8 games against teams ranked #17 or lower (bottom half of the league) in scoring defense last year... 1 against #32 SF, 1 against #29 Chargers, 1 against #26 Carolina, 1 against #24 Chicago, 1 against #23 LA Rams, 1 against #20 Oakland, and 2 against #19 Washington
  15. I hadnt thought of it, however if I had company, I would go