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  1. hmmmm just wonder if you read the articles or you just come on here to make yourself feel important
  2. Do you ever do anything without being insulting?
  3. or did Sproles move from his position of I will tell you some time in May
  4. Sadly he does not understand and value the concept of having a deep pool of talent, that much less wear and tear on the body in 2019 might extend his overall career by a year if he was willing to hit FA after contract is done... He has NO reason to NOT take the easy money Philly is willing to give him... I suspect that both he and Sproles are just playing the cards to be able to minimize the amount of work the have to put in before the season starts
  5. Yea... CBS sports did a crappy job updating the Eagles on their list
  6. The way this has gone this year, I almost expect a news conference announcing the rookie contracts within the first two weeks and then the long term contract of Wentz in the week following!
  7. Only one UDFA this year... I do not ever remember that happening... They must feel very confident with the roster
  8. What trade sent our 6th round comp pick to Tampa Bay
  9. Not pointless at all... It allows you to sift through your UDFA list of targets and pull the trigger on him so he does not go somewhere else... remember these guys actually choose where to go... and they may not choose you
  10. Told ya... we picked up pick 37 in the 7th... they did not use 2020 to do it though... I like the trade
  11. Georgia Center available
  12. Not a Center worth taking here is there?... Otherwise a QB makes sense
  13. AND he is gone to Cleveland... What a steal!
  14. Mack Wilson was one of my 244 picks
  15. Holy crap... is it possible we get another crack at Mack Wilson?
  16. We have traded a future pick to get one of the last picks before... if there is someone that we think might be scooped up by another team in UDFA, before us
  17. Interesting that he projects LB in a 3-4... even though we run a 4-3, it is still curious
  18. Dude will be on the PS
  19. That was not a pure BPA pick... it was best DE available before 163 gets around, that will not make Long retire
  20. DE who will not project to play or suit up until year two... That gives Long reason to stay
  21. Chargers took a LB that was NOT Mack Wilson... Sure wish we had the story on what is going on with him