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  1. The hate is NUTS! Not with you he doesn't.
  2. There you go with the hate again. The hate is ginormous. WTF is it with you? Football is not that serious. Calm dowm before you need a pig's valve for your heart.
  3. They weren't winning much games this season anyway. I think they'll give him 3 years to try to put at least a competitive team together. Chip needs to put Kaep back out there.
  4. NO! NO! It's your job to show me this "fairy dust" post where you display no hate towards Chip Kelly! I'm not the one arguing your hatred... you are! I've seen plenty of evidence of your incessant hate... give me reasonable doubt... you cant! I suggest you go back, read this entire thread, and find me that post! The hate is incorrigible
  5. Chip will run that stupid option play repeatedly and guarantee a loss.
  6. How am I a phony pointing out your thoroughbred hate? There's fiery hate in your posts. You need to find me a post of yours in here where that's not the case. Look... I'm glad you're a passionate Eagles fan but your hatred for this man is unhealthy and disturbing. This has to stop. Take a chill pill... you'll live longer.
  7. Don't try it. I point out WTF he's doing wrong... I don't hate the guy. You have pure hate in your heart for Chip. It's actually very sad. I would feel sorry for you if you wasn't such a haterade.
  8. BronxEagle

    Shango and The Dallas Cowboys Show

    He may have to wear headphones.
  9. BronxEagle

    Shango and The Dallas Cowboys Show

    I was going to ask that.
  10. BronxEagle

    Shango and The Dallas Cowboys Show

    Shango is great... but he can't win here. I hope he can find a way to follow the rules and still do his show.
  11. No... I don't agree with you and I still think you're the great hate.
  12. If he ran it like The Bills of the 90s then maybe. Chip can draft though. His draft picks here aren't too shabby. His relationship with veterans sucked. That gets better with time, IMO. Good coaches adjust... they always have, and he has to stop killing his defense. He's a great football mind, but he's a blockhead. I give him one season after this to get his crap together.