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  1. drgirlfriend

    Houston Eagles fans?

    I hear you, SecretSquirrel. Of course I'd like a SB win, but I'm only seeing playoffs, maybe deep playoffs. I am encouraged by the depth at QB and how the defense is coming together, tho. Anyone else nervous about Reid saying he's keeping the starters in into the third quarter tomorrow against the Pats?
  2. drgirlfriend

    Houston Eagles fans?

    I am so glad to see this group! I am new to the Houston area, living in Seabrook to be exact. I'm originally from San Jose, CA (Jersey's Cheesesteaks was my Eagles home) but was last in Fayetteville, NC. I do not recommend Fayetteville. Just sayin'. I see that you guys meet in Houston proper, and I'm willing to make the trip to watch games, but is there anyone down here south of Houston? Gas isn't cheap and I hate watching games alone. And yes, it's gonna be a great year!