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  1. If he ends up doing a deal like that, Eagles fans should be cringing....especially after watching our backups again tonight....I'm sorry, but this o line needs depth.....desperately
  2. 4th stringers? Lol...that would mean the Eagles currently have over 20 offensive linemen on the roster, which they don't. The 2nd stringers looked bad.....and the few 3rd stringers that played didn't look anywhere near NFL ready players
  3. 51 pages making fun of Mathis...after watching this backup line today, if some of our starters go down this season, Mathis will be the last to laugh. If Mathis is really willing to take 2 mil. per year, the Eagles would be crazy not to sign him after seeing that they literally have ZERO o line depth.
  4. They need to make a movie about that guy....and show the world what he does. I'm sure he's done it to many other players and teams as well.
  5. Something like that....with several games yet to play this season.
  6. Has OP retired from posting in TATE? I probably would have after this whopper of a thread....