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  1. Omg ....a sack ohhhhhhhh yeeaaaaaaaa.
  2. No nonononooooooo. Not Lane.....Nooooooo.
  3. Let’s go Carson we need a good drive. Get the D some rest.
  4. @BleedingGreen93 sorry my fellow fanatic ...I get emotional like you I love this team. We are playing with fire Eli is gonna get in a grove and kick our asses if we don’t start scoring points. The Giants have lost 8 games in a row and we can’t score. Our CB suck like they always have. We make everyone look good.hahahahaha...yea i’m Emotional as we get humiliated.
  5. I know like me we want better.. We want the same thing my fellow fanatic.
  6. Weather seriously...Miami beat us and we come out at home and play like this in front of us. Seriously.
  7. Carson looks like s#i+... Doug should sit him and put the old Veteran in for a couple quarters. Wake up this O.
  8. Hope O does something this time D already on the field a lot...we keep playing with Eli he gonna burn us... This O looks like they don’t know what to do.
  9. Wentz extended the ball for this fourth down. Very sluggish fourth down effort...just wasn’t crisp or sudden. O Line just not firing off the balll.
  10. Let’s Goooooooo. D.. Get off the field. Maaaaannnnn O is back.
  11. OMG what a terrible start at home... JP...terrible.
  12. Not buying. Groh has had three yrs to study the scheme...2nd yr as OC. Since he took over Wentz has regressed, WR have regressed, TE’s have stood still. Offense has not improved... I don’t see or hear anyone saying anything special, unique or creative about Groh. Maybe all he is is a WR Coach. Fact is this Offense has regressed under his tutelage.
  13. That is one way to paint the Eagles failures this season . I want someone with fresh ideas, The article above cites Eagles preference for familiarity over talent or New Blood. I just don’t want another recycled guy. If the price is right, Agreed ... I would look at OBJ... we keep saying we have the locker room and Emotional Intelligence to manage Divas. The guy is young and has the talent...Maybe we should wait for the Gals to swoop him
  14. Head to Head matchups VS Cow#itches they lost to GB, Bills, Bears all wins for us. What does it matter when I can’t say with any certainty, that we can beat LIL BLUE on Monday night. Let’s Go Eagles.