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  1. Yea man, lots of talented Rb’s and Wr’s in NFC East. Cox is one year older Jernigan is not a bad #2 at the adjusted salary I want some better D Line Depth. The replacement CB’s played well considering when they arrived on the team, but even with the injured guys we have to upgrade our S, LB, or CB’s positions. As far as how Schwartz schemes the CB that is another conversation Jenkins is getting to that age. So I am buying the youth movement hopefully we get the same Quality that we did from the 2018 Draft with players in starting roles as rookies playing well.
  2. JP showed Mack, Aaron Donald and Suh J.J. Watt and Clowney Kerrigan that he is still to be reckoned with. That’s 9m Cap hit really is not bad even for a Declining older player like JP Health is the only question mark. Sproles has slowed down a smidge but still deadly and Long in this scheme is still effective. I would welcome them back at the right price. Health with Sproles also a concern. I love those guys.
  3. This sucks, we had those Saints right where we wanted, what coulda been. Ashlon has made so many clutch catches over these last few seasons, disappointed, hope he lets it go, just come back better and ready next year. We need a lead back on this team. Not sure what happened to Adams last few games. Gotta get this running game together need a bruiser on this team. Got some talented young RB’s in the NFC East Dallas Elliott, Guice,Washington Barkley, in NY... gotta get stronger running the ball. Gonna need some pass rush help. I would like to keep Bennett, Think Graham is gone. Bennett is a real force with Fletcher and Jernigan. I would like JP to stay around at a team friendly deal watching him handling Clowney and Watt, Kerrigan and Khalil Mack don’t know that I can say JP should retire. I like we build from the lines out but our depth was again tested. Jenkins has been overmatched a few times this year, he is getting up there. I was proud how our replacement DB’s played and battled but we need more from those positions. We need Difference makers and better coaching... Tate could be a nice addition at the right price. We gotta gotta keep getting younger.
  4. We got them A’ints right where we want them....EAGLES
  5. Woooooooo....way to start Champs talking to them A’ints
  6. Wooooooooooo.....FINALLY.....EAGLES.....woooooooooo let’s goooooooo...
  7. Peyton and Brees are going to get after our DB’s our biggest perceived weakness. I expect this A’ints team resting most of it’s starters the last three weeks, I expect some early rust and a small window for our Birds to get control of this game. Will Josh Adams get a role this game? Looking for Golden Tate and Timmy Jernigan to have some impact this game... Woooooo let’s go 🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅
  8. Dejavu... No One Likes Us... We Don’t Care. I get the A’ints are the favorite, like last year Shaggy aka Nick Foles faces another impossible mission... Last week The Monsters of The Midway we’re sent home. The media hardly ever mentions my Birds as Defending Super Bowl Champs... Eagles are Defending Champions, No respect, how appropriate, Counted out again, just the way this Eagle team seems to like it. Last season the A’ints we’re the one team I had concerns about beating. They all talk about Brees, The God .... yet Nick has matching hardware, MVP and 1 Super Bowl... he is portrayed as a Magic act, instead of one of the top QB’s in the game. Quietly, humbly, I trust the same way Nick broke all Brees records in high school and surpassed him, Nick is gonna to show up, This D is foaming at the month, Jerrnigan could prove to be a Difference Maker getting to Brees🦅 today. Defending Super Bowl Champs....they say.... We got No Shot to win. 😈Just the way we like it. 😈Karma Baby . Nick challenge today... VS... last year us we faced another the Powerhouse Vikings team it took a miracle play for the Vikes to advance. This year we face a Monstrous Offense that Destroyed us in Nawleens. At home with a perfect post season record 6-0, in their house. Took a miracle tipped missed field goal to beat the Bears for my Birds to advance. They say having home field was key to our Super Bowl last year and say there is No Way... No Way... we get there as Road Warriors this year. 🤬🤬This New Eagle Team MJenks say they plan to kick the door down back to the Championship ... Win or Go Home.🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅
  9. The A’ints been hating on us since we won the last SB. Kamara said if they had played us we would have lost....They’ve been running their mouths all year ... A’ints were resting their starters since the last game of the season. Been sitting and waiting while our boys been battling. I think we’re still hungry dogs we should be sharper this game than the A’ints. DLine , OLine , LB are positions we Draft. I think we look In the free agency for RB, S, and more depth.
  10. I think there is gonna be some rust after three weeks on the sidelines.... I want to face the best teams playing their best ball... I would be pleased with just a win. BUT... I want their A game... NO EXCUSES... I wanna see our DLine PUNISH Brees and his RB’s. against a player like Brees I suspect Michael Thomas and the other Saints receivers are licking their chops again. They abused us earlier in the year... they believe they Shudda been Champs last year, the world thinks we’re gonna be lunch meat. Just a Perfect scenario for the Defending Champs. This Eagle team has weapons galore... and the perfect QB to get the ball to those weapons. I believe the chance to repeat as Champions will continue to intensify the more we win. MJD had the Rams, Chiefs Chargers, Eagles as his final four...Big Red Over Frank Reich Colts is gonna be a great game... all the remaining games are gonna be great drama ... I like it.
  11. Just the way we like it... No one likes us, and we don’t care. Rams, Texans, Skins, Bears... a murderous row of Front sevens... Dynamic players and playmakers left in the dust by this ascending Eagles OL... especially Peters fighting for his Super Bowl as a starter non Pro bowl selectee RT Lane Johnson perceived disrespect our OL feel like they have something to prove. They’re peaking at the right time. PFF rated my Birds DLine as #1 in the NFL, this team Believes .... Honestly MY EAGLES are the Defending World Champs we are going to explain to them Saints why it was not a good idea to pi$$ us off. They say that in Nawleens is one of the worst places to play in the playoffs. Cox, Bennett and the crew gonna have some words with Kamara and them guys. Last year I was happy we didn’t face the Saints in the Playoffs as the Vikes knocked them off, This year I want them. They say last year the home field was a big reason my Birds made it all the way to the Super Bowl. They say we will not get to the Super Bowl this year because we are on the Road, starting as a 6 th seed, the odds to repeat are terrible No way will we go back to back.They let the Defending Champions back in...the path to get there is so much tougher yet sooo much sweeter than last year. Saints are in the way, Shaggy aka StNick and his crew are putting them down
  12. Tate is trying to get his last best contract, he is on a Eagle team that could take him back to the Super Bowls. Would he be willing to give up some salary for wins? Could Howie creates a team friendly deal to keep this guy?... I expect the best is yet to come. Perfect time for Tate to shine this season Nawleens is next...I feel Foles integrating another weapon at the perfect getting ready to face the #1 team in the league this year. I hope the Saints BRING THEIR BEST. Their AGame.... We can BEAT THEM ALL. Starting with the Saints🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅
  13. Eagles. ..... Saints ....woooooooooo👿in their house. Told y’all I wanted them Saints... JP fired up about facing those Nawleens guys.again. Think our OT are fired up... those Bears were the perfect TUNE UP for Shaggy aka nf. Can this NEW DB backfield hold up this time... We beat this team that has been RESTING... sitting around for two weeks... Nick wasn’t very sharp against the #1 Bears D, but was clutch when he had to be... A PISSED off defending World Champion going into Nawleeens, hahahaha😈. PERFECT... I BELIEVE this game will set the tone the rest of the playoffs....the Defending Champs will explain it to the Saints on Sunday and to the rest of the league ....yeaaaaa boy. ...Shaggy gonna get in that u know what....EAGLES
  14. We just beat the #1 Defense in the N.F.L. In their own house... ohhhh Hell Yea... almost everyone had us losing... TYPICAL. This could be an ALL NFC East Championship game. Eagles / Gals? This team continues to peak at the right time. I was waiting for this guy to show up.Golden Tate was due and he came thru in a Big way. N.O. Saints is a revenge game after being humiliated earlier in the year. Championships are also won with a little luck. Nick Aka Shaggy continues to come up clutch and just wins. How sweet this season has become. It sure as hell didn’t feel like this earlier in the season. I hoped all year that we would do what what we are doing now... play like a Defending Champion should. All my anger and disappointment, frustration, the Injuries, lack of respect from all as the defending Champs... they had already stuck the fork in us. my issues with Peedy and Schwartz earlier in the season seems like such a waste of energy and was all for naught. As my Eagles... the Champions have responded as a Champion should. I wanted the Saints... we got em....hahahahaha EAGLES.
  15. Peedy icing Cody Parker with 10 sec left....was the play of the game. Yaaaaa Doug. Saints are next.