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  1. When I sign in to the Forum link I cannot get back to the News content without using the search feature or View full article option when I chose that option I am no longer signed in to comment on the article? I can only comment from the forum page. Gibson demonstrated in college tremendous ability to track the deep ball well... Hollins did that also. Gibson seemed to have lined up on the left side most of his college career. Now he has to learn the other route trees, in slants the ball is getting to him much quicker from guys with more talented arms. It is waay to early for raised expectations on this rookie class...hahahahha... tooo late, My Expectations are already through the roof Agholor's performance in OTA'S echoes loudly the importance of Quality coaching... this coming from someone who hoped that Greg Lewis would succeed. I liked his blue color efforts as an Eagle. There seems to be higher level of confidence in Groh teachings, perhaps because of the demonstrated success he had with Jeffery, Proven Success. and that confidence was on display during the OTA... still a long way to go... next measuring stick, bring on the pads.
  2. What is happening here. This shouldn't be this difficult to post a comment related to the content... Dave..." Help" don't you guys want fan feedback. Come on now.
  3. Yea just discovered that myself... this sucks cant view the article and comment on it content?
  4. Good health going into Training Camp for the most part is great news. Pumphrey has been successful at this size throughout his playing career. This kid broke all Marshall Faulk's records in college...this kid is a player. I can't wait for the pads to come on, the truth will display itself when the hitting begins.
  5. I am looking forward to that Jernigan / Cox combination. I think the are going to be formidable up front. Very exicited to see this D Line work.
  6. I am very excited on the possibility of a playoff run, especially if Sproles is thinking of possibly coming back for another season. Without saying it, I would interpret this as confidence in this Newley assembled talent to make a playoff push this year and beyond. On the other side acknowledging Perhaps that the poor talent and failures on last years team caused him to accelerate his retirement considerations saying this would be his last year...I want this freak of nature back... all his seasons as an Eagle resulted in Pro-Bowl berths. a Championship run could improve his chances and consideration as a possible HOF'er.
  7. No one has even mentioned Byron Marshall... similar type, to Sproles and Pumphery. Multi-purpose RB/WR all he needs is the opportunity. It been a long time since we had such a talented group at so many positions...DL, OL, RB, WR... A nice problem to have. Is Cory Clement just a practice squad player... before Blount arrived, This local kid and lifetime Eagle fan was looked on as the Power Back we hoped for, how quickly the tide turns. I hope he makes the team... Smallwood showed promise last year, he also has to earn his spot. Aside from Blount and Sproles every one else need to impress.
  8. @EaglesNJ69. You on point... Well said... I would add as offenses continue to evolve throughout the league...Bellacheat and those Patsies as much as I dislike those cheaters, are a prime example of how effective using RB by committee can be... My generation grew up with a Primary RB, WR's and TE that stayed on the field 90% of the time.... T.O. Ricky waters, Chad Lewis weren't coming off the field. The advent of free agency... Escalating salaries, required teams to continually have replacements waiting in the it's in anticipation for injuries... contract or Cap related issues... or keeping a roster of young ascending players..."Begs your Question" When do you rotate? Should we expect a field execution of the Mirror Concept floated by Howie whose reference seemingly applied to the Size of say Jeffries to Hollins, or the speed of Torry Smith with say Gibson will we see Mirrored Rotations applications applied on the field, keeping in mind that Jeffries, Smith, Blount are basically on one year deals. I get the talent assembled this year screams Win Now... I like it... but I expect the youth infusion to be at a munch higher percentage than how we've seen players traditionally used...Just rewind last years rookies exposure on the field.
  9. Maybe Baltimore with Marty M would take Maclin...never thought he was worth the money KC paid... Big Red was just at Mac wedding and cuts him two weeks later... many believe this was a Cap move... Big Red is very loyal to his players, maybe married life is agreeing Tooo Well with Maclin and KC realized he wasn't worth the money. 🀒I never thought he was a #1... Mac should move on, somewhere else. I like the compliment of receivers we have... with Groh coaching up the receivers, I think Agholor steps it up this year, Green Beckham has all the measurables... Patsies remind us every year the importance of Quality coaching maybe Ghro lights a fire under both GreenBeckham and Agholor... I want our young guys coached up and let the the Chips fall wherever the lay... the best guys play. The little money we got pursue a LB like Bowman as surgested here with Foster on the mend, don't think the 49'ers would let The best LB go, maybe Kendricks for Bowman
  10. I think mjkline 1958 was the first on this Board that wanted us to Draft this kid...I was a Fournette, Ross, Davis, Howard 😱🀒lol.when I watched his tape and found out he broke Reggie records at Tennessee...I was on board with this kid good hearing the coaches feel the same way... can't wait to see it come together on the field of play.
  11. Like this kid...just won't quit battling for his dream... better luck this year Aaron.
  12. Negativity sells... I really don't think much of the past disappointments with Howie.... It's about " What have you done for me lately." I really like what Howie has done lately... last few years. Getting Carson, Bringing Joe aboard and though I didn't get Fournette or Ross, or Cory Davis, or the other Top Draft talent I converted... I truly like what we have now... Barnett, Is finally signed... I get the concerns here has been about CB's...but if this thing clicks... early Chemistry on offense or defense, our ST has been very special the last few years. I want that Ring been waiting since 76 my age every day Sunny side Up is a blessing ....hoping for a team that could get us there and Win. CB needs could hold us back this year aside from our talent gains. I expect our Coaches and Scheme to be more effective. Yea " insert disclaimer here"...we've been Paper Champs too many times before. However,unless Jeffery has become a dud, same with Blount, Smith, Jernigan, Long we have the pieces in place... can't wait to see them on the field of play. This clearly is the best team on paper that has been assembled here in a long time. E.A.G.L.E.S.
  13. I remember wanting this guy here in Philly, quickness, power, nasty... in a positive way. The perfect fit for Schwartz Defense. I can't wait for these guys guys Fletch, Brandon, Vinny, Chris, Barnett to develop Chemistry. OhhhhπŸ˜±πŸ€£πŸ˜‚...this looks soooo good on paper... I believe in Howie's and Joe's vision of what this D can become, I can't waitπŸ‘ΉπŸ‘ΏπŸ˜‘...Bring it oooooonnnn.
  14. Gordon appears to be a bit more athletic than Big his attitude trying to get on the field any way he can. I have hoped for a punishing running game for soooo long. Shady had tremendous productions but nothing like the potential that Gordon and Blount could offer... The abuse inflicted on our enemies... wooooooooo...Add the potential of a physical and Athletic O Line... with our new WR... ooohhhh booooyyyy...I'm feeling it, NJ69.
  15. Lol @GreenbleedinFL yea that's part of being an Eagles fan... was listening to a podcast on Bleeding green nation, one of those cats had nothing but Negative crap to say about the Draft and what a sorry job Howie is doing. His view was we CUDDA/SHUDDA done other things... and how Horrible a job Howie has done... I didn't agree with his pessimistic view but one of the best things posting on this Board with the EMB legends and guys that just know football, your different points of views, we still get to express your view without much grief... Hmmmm Excepi for you GBinFl.πŸ‘ΏπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‚πŸ˜,won't call out others πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‡.hahahaha.... you are of the ilk of Brizer, FLF, jwood, chamtheman, Wrang, joemas, tjackson,stine, The Don, many others that my CRS won't allow me to remember... some of the most knowledgeable Fanatics anywhere... please keep doing what you do.... Respect... y'all make this Board or as Bri would rant...for the bored...what it is...that us younger dogs TD123...J Reeves, Downwithdallas... to many to name... I know I appreciate their Legends and Elders continue to set the tone... Thanks to all. EAGLES.