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  1. I am grateful for the insight and information that you FANATICS share on this page... I especially appreciate the efforts by many here year around, keeping me sharp and up to date with everything Eagles. The debates on this page are different level fandom, I am very grateful The most knowledgeable and informed Eagle maniacs throw down on this page. There is some real intelligence bantering on this page. Please keep it coming.
  2. Hahaha😅I hear you brother hahaha
  3. So many questions about Carson. I have watched Wentz 2017 highlights at least 5 times this offseason.... Ohhhh boooooy If that is the Qb that shows up this year, SB, League MVP and SB MVP are possible. I don’t think I can say that about any Eagle QB EVER. Carson is a much better QB than Dak damm the availability metrics. My eye test says so. SSS sooo many dismiss the fact that Prescott arrived in Dallas to a ready made team. Sure hope Jerry pays Dak, he deserves a MUCH BIGGER Contract than Wentz,hehehehe.Wentz arrived to a much less talented Eagle roster and rookie HC. Foles is history, Wentz era is here All better embrace him Gimmeee more Wentz I just used the EMB's #1 Cliché please Hahahaha Wentz is gonna shut people up this year.
  4. I love the job Brand is doing . Jimmy Butler was AllDat in the playoffs....but Jimmy been wanting Miami since he was in Minnesota, If you only here for the money.... Enjoy Miami Jimmy and thanks. Love Riddick awesome shot maker but was taken advantage of as a defensive liability Richardson is Butler 2.0 on Defense. I hated Al Horford and his defensive dominance over our young guns, Masterful move creating our Triple towers and Yea on paper with Scott , Ennis ,Thybulle, This could be a Championship roster... My Biggest ?? IS Brett Brown up to the task turning this roster into a Champion.???. Really like the the Defensive potential of this new Five. It will be interesting to see how Brett Brown adjusts to the quicker smaller Power forwards and Centers vs the size of Horford / Embiid, Still a nice matchup problem to have Harris may not be a stalwart Defensively
  5. 'Hahahahaha .... Funny 😂
  6. I love Conner Barwin he was a great Eagle...we let him go because of scheme fit, declining skills....3 years ago. My Birds have a Veteran Championship team without Barwin. Conner really represented the city well, would rather bring back Sproles than Barwin. At the end of his time here with us he was a declining player. We really need to uncover some young talent at DE.
  7. I took issue with that to... my love for my Birds I have been spending plenty dollars on for decades, that’s nothing New... Love my Birds. Unlike Snyder TC here in this area. I looked forward to at least 1 visit to TC. No issue whatsoever with donating to Autism it just feels like you’re twisting my arm. Distasteful using TC like this.
  8. Hollins is big 06’04”... fast... can stretch the field deep and already one of our top ST guys. Love our talent even the competition for 5th or 6th WR spots is fierce. Johnson and Michel are nice depth pieces that are getting noticed bring on the pads.
  9. Went to Military school in Denver ... beautiful mountains...Hey 123 Mt Rainer was sweet in Washington year around party up there. Howie setting the young Qb salary was truly a nice Tactical move....the Gals claim they got plenty money to sign all their players and then some I want them to pay top dollar for Dak and Zeke and Amari...let’s do that Jerry.
  10. I am with you brother, the knowledge and intelligence from the crew here... plus you know some of them FL guys are TRULY off the chain... I have had to remind a few to get help hehehe ain’t gonna call no names oohhh perhaps the word Sb eccentric hehehehe I can’t argue with your logic, though it lots of fun taking off those layers in front of a fire indoors or outside woooooo 😈😈. I grew up in the Tropics, really loved going to unfounded beach strips... however us humans have drawn creatures of the our shores Sharks have infested our shores can’t enjoy my long swims like I used to due to the increased odds of being eaten....ohhhh Hell no. It is brutal... but I have had to be more of a Land Shark suffering through all these near naked Wormen strutting in my face hmmmmmm ok.hehehehe 🙈🙉🙊
  11. Stay safe, Drunk walking or Drunk Driving not a good combination .
  12. Your point with Treggs exactly speed is not enough, getting better every day, being a team player, the Eagles teams post Dejax exit have a different culture. A Champion culture .majes a difference
  13. That used to be one of my beefs with DJack after he got lit up going over the middle...You’re right speed alone isn’t enough...The way DJax beat us the last few years, he is a much more complete player. I had High hope for Treggs. Kinda about how I am feeling about Sony Michel big brother here at Eagles camps. The competition should be fantastic. I would say the rules have REALLY helped WR in the decision process in going over the middle hehehehehehe
  14. Thank you bro... I was talking about Wrang I been reading his point of view on players for yrs. Respect.
  15. As one of the respected voices on this page it won’t be the last time I disagree with your view. However you have just as effectively stated opinions that I fully agree with... I know , you don’t need any additional prompting from please keep them coming .