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  1. Before.... I say... before.... my current wife I think I partied with her daughter like mom....hehehehe
  2. Stine sorry what I said below...last year, I ain’t one to make excuses when we get beat...the league gave the Star both wins. Agreed a Win this week goes a long way... to me if we lose this WE the league demands we lose at our house later to them Gals. Like last year... we lost... there were game changing referee calls that favored the Cowifches at key periods in the game... The talk had become deafening...the #1 money maker in the league. The Cow#itches ...the star ... hadn’t won anything in 20 yrs... the whole league profits. The league needed the Cow#itches to rise to prominence. All this talk bout beating the Cowitches... well I seriously dislike the Cowitches....a win is ALWAYS welcome against them ... in the Big Picture... we have until October 29 for Howie to finalize the team we’ re trying to get to the SB. My #1 need is a DLineman that can get pressure, we need to generate pressure ....Chris Long where are you? Beating the Cow#itches always matter....just don’t think we’re good enough As is to compete wit the best from the other Divisions. Let’s go Howie.
  3. I haven't seen Howard play... has good length at 06'01"... didn't time fast at the combine 04.58 forty...don't know much about him... why you like his play? Howard was a 2nd rd pick. Why would he be worth a first? Would he be better than what we're watching now?
  4. I grudgingly agree that I could not give that high a price for a possible rental.
  5. Missed opportunity with a player of Ramsey’s caliber... I wanted Ramsey, and he is in the NFC... time will tell if it was too high a price for a possible short term rental. In Howie I will trust. I don’t think the guys that might be coming off of injury are much of a upgrade but maybe the players and Coaches got the message. Maybe Dak is sending Jerry a message, about his No Contract.
  6. I am NOT really feeling bad officiating. I just feel Football with all the legal betting and gambling has influences on the field. Games feel like the WWF before we found the matches were predetermined. Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers getting back to prominence is a much more attractive offering than a Lions team with a not very Charismatic HC and QB those calls like many all year long occur at KEY times in the game...momentum changing game changing calls in front of our eyes. People are getting paid. This is NOT just bad officiating....Money money money. The fans just don’t know yet we’ve been sold out.
  7. This really was a message to the team... If you gonna run your mouth... you better back it up on the field. Might need to make a few more examples starting with a coach or two.
  8. I have been very complementary towards our Coaches for fielding teams made up of 3rd and 4th stringers...while weathering massive injuries last few years and still winning. This sickening loss still burns... I am losing confidence in our Coaches that game plan if you want to call it that was pathetic. There were enough missed assignments on those Deep Jenkins, Sendejo and McCleod... it’s not just the CB’s were screwing up... Why are our veterans still making these mistakes in a Defense this veteran Championship group should know backwards? Starts with Peedy and Schwartz putting the players in the right positions to make plays. We are 6 games into the season playing like we are still in TC. I didn’t like how the Eagles handled the Zach Brown firing because they made Zach a Scapegoat, Yea, we are used to Eagle players not giving other teams Bulletin Boad material...To put Brown on Blast like Spuds did for an Offense with little Creativity. I dislike that tactic putting Zach out in front of the poor effort from the coaches and our best players. Sooooo with Peedy declaring he is gonna beat the Cow itches this wk... Zeke, Cooper, Dak and Gallup will probably have their best games of the year this Sunday. Say we lose.... Will we fire Peedy, like we did Zack... who aside from his Bonehead comment realistically was NOT great on the field for us. Not feeling Peedy fake bravado...on a Dallas week.
  9. I am not a Coach, but I knew that Rasul 04.06 Speed was no match for Diggs 04.04 or Thelans 04 .038... 40 times... Gotta put my players in positions to be successful. After Cousins bomb to Thelin for a touchdown I would be thinking as a NON Coach how to slow down that speed. Hell I am not a NFL coach what do I know.?
  10. Just when I began to get into ‘this miserable week mind set...The Jets saved me. JETS...Jets. Jets .Jets yaaaaa. Howie Trade deadline is coming need HELP... COW#ITC....are next .....Yaaaaaaaa....JETS.
  11. I would argue that we are not as good as I thought our DBacks even those that are injured are pathetic. Against a mediocre OLine we still couldn’t get effective pressure . I am not very confident in this group moving forward.
  12. I NFC football glad our Eagles know how to finish...A comeback would be big in this game.....Let’s go.
  13. I know I put him on my bench and Started James Conner...Home Cooking they giving the Vikes this game ...another BS phantom call against Jones.
  14. Down one score it butt puckering time in Minnesota hehehehehehe
  15. Here we go....Defense, time for Cousins to choke 🤮🤢 Let’s go Defense...get the ball back.....