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  1. If I have seen mock with Greedy Williams falling to us... Hell he is at least a top 10 pick...IMO...I like both those guys at 25.
  2. I am sure other teams see what we see in those Clemson Tigers D Linemen. Many Philly area reporters mocking those guys Wilkins or Lawrence falling to us. Don’t get it twisted Wilkins is my preference at 25. I have also seen mocks where Wilkins goes first and Lawrence doesn’t get by Tenn . Possible my Birds trade up to get one of these guys, but who can say. Don’t see OL before 4th round. Why do you think they will fall to us? My Eagles have a rich tradition in misdirection, especially... around Draft season. Our Eagles... M.O might be to build from the lines out. But that B.P.A is always in play if the early 24 Draft selections goes D and QB’s could a top WR be there at 25. What do you think we will do.? Me...take the value get the B.P.A. Maybe.🤯😤🤬🤔hahahahaha Where the hell is Mike Mayok when u need him ooohhh hell he is in LA.
  3. Funny how the kids like LeBlanc, Maddox forced into action really exceeded expectations. Douglas just needed to play, Douglas is a playmaker. The injuries to Mills and Darby helped us to uncover some quality potential.We still need that player that can hang with the top receivers in the game. Maddox and Darby have great speed. Douglas uses his length well LeBlanc has figured things out that experience is invaluable. Thought Jones was gonna be the long term potential shut down guy...not so sure now with his ongoing injuries... If One of the Top CB fall because of a run on DT and DE early, I can see CB at 25.
  4. Darby back even on a 1yr rental after an ACL... will he be able to play this year? Gotta shore up our DL rotations with better Quality depth. I don’t see Wilkins or Lawrence falling to us . Don’t see RB in the first if not Lawrence or Watkins does one of the top corners or LB fall to us B.P.A?
  5. Sanders is a physical, tough, home run hitter... really like his game.not feeling any O Line with any first three picks. BPA depending on how the cookie crumbles.
  6. Starting to feel we’re playing the comp pick game... we don’t sign any more free agents... don’t want to lose Draft capital except for our own free agents Darby. Ajayi. I think we look to get RB DT , CB spots covered thru the Draft. B.P.A. Is the path. The Tyler Murray caveat is gonna flip this Draft if he goes first to Az.
  7. I am gonna miss the challenge defending against OBJ and Beasley... those guys made our DB’s better... lots of NFC talentnow in the AFC Cleveland gotta be this years Paper Champs.
  8. @GreenbleedinFL what you think about that kid Justice Hill he’s late 2nd early third would be a fit. Home run hitter.
  9. reported the swap in picks was for us to secure DJax ... Tampa was gonna cut him.
  10. DJax is back .....oohhhh yea got that speed back.
  11. Peters can still help this team and a decent team discount to stay . I would like Mosely, Thomas, or Bell here... all are demanding top pay in the league for their position. I can’t see Howie,our team magician pulling off a move for one of these guys. I would like DJax back in Philly, a player who whenever we faced him, he destroyed our Defenses and was unstoppable . DJax is still one of the top DeepThreats in the game. I think our leaders in our locker can handle him.
  12. Lawrence had 36 or 37 reps at the combine... Wilkins still my choice over Lawrence I tkink letting Bennett go increases the odds of all D with the first three picks. One mock had Greedy Willams at 1. LJ Collier at 2. Justice Hill at #3. Wilkins and Lawrence are gone by 25. I really liked Harris but Downwithdallas convinced me to look elsewhere. This Justice Hill kid is a Dynamic RB and home run hitter.
  13. This is my guy. Hope he makes it to our third pick our first two picks Sb DLmen. I am with u brother.
  14. I agree with all you said. as far as OT to replace I think we already have that guy with Mialata. Agreed 25 million is crazy for that position but this league continues o change if you told me players like Cousins or Garrapolo would be making 30 mil a year as Qb I would have been dismayed. Bell may set the new money standard for his position. Just not with us.