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  1. They already are using material we have discussions on...I’ll go to NBC or other Philly news spots... a Week later, I am reading a story that we " The Bored” had discussion on for a few days presented to the Broader group of Eagle Fans as an original piece. Unfortunately we’ve already hashed that topic so it’s old news?
  2. The way he played last year by far his best season, healthy for the most part, Perriman is young ...I like him better than the other guys. Still think we should go after a top flight CB or WR even if Kelce hangs up the cleats Seaumlo can move over .
  3. Worst case Doug continues to call the plays, they promote from within. I wonder how Doug really feels... I was one that had issue with all those folks that got fired except Phillip Daniels... I wanted them gone...yet those guys coached one of three teams that made the playoffs three years straight with a SB Championship. In hindsight Doug has done an extraordinary job...It didn’t feel like it during this season. The perception I have was a HC with Doug’s resume should have the power to keep the coaches they want. The way Lurie and Howie Fired his guys after publicly saying he was bringing them back ... Has a rift been created.? Watching his Offense perform on the field certainly carries lots of weight in the league...they way he has been kicking everyone’s a$$es...Hahahaha sure carries some good weight to it.
  4. I really like the support for the old Coach Jim Caldwell being a senior, I can appreciate the value of his experience. If Jim Caldwell still has the desire to teach, take Wentz to his full potential, help Doug’s scheme grow. Hell Caldwell is certainly qualified...It would be the smart safe hire. I don’t know if Doug wants anyone else looking over his shoulder. Doug publicly made a fool of himself when he appeared to have been over ridden on his Coaching decisions to keep Groh and Walch. He already has Schwartz to deal with...a DC perceived to have equal power to Doug. I am also on the side of a younger fresher mind like that La Fleur kid...not the Green Bay Coach obviously. Young ideas and minds for this New Decade of fans. A young, sharp guy, that will can grow with the youth that Howie has emphasized will be the focus moving forward . The scheme and team must continue to evolve, The new O C must have HC potential and the ability to replace Doug. Doug desire to call plays is a small stumbling block in hiring the New guy.
  5. Big RED SB bound ....gooooooo Chiefs... Go Big RED...Come ooooonnnnnnn Andy.🤩🥳🤩🥳🤯
  6. I think it clear Doug needs help with his coaching decisions...He needs more people helping him with the vetting process...After his recent mis-handling of the Groh firing ...It clear the FO and Lurie are more involved with bringing in New Blood to the organization.
  7. Here's an example ...let's say James Urban is the OC choice that 3 TE Offense in BMore could warrant Drafting another TE with the TE / RB focused Offense the Ravens run. That is why I feel we need to hire those coaches before we Draft give them a chance to have some input on their preferred type of player. Yea. I get the HC is the Big Dog...makes the call...your commanders need to be empowered for true team success.
  8. I feel the same way ... I think we hire the coaches first...coming to a new team it makes sense to me especially the way Howie, Doug, and Jeff Lurie’s emphasis is on collaboration I suspect the position coaches might want to have some input on their WR and DB prospects.
  9. You getting better at these picks GBFL... I am going to invite you to my U Tube channel... in one of my segments....when I get it up and running many picks did you have right last year? ...seems to me you’ve had at least one, every year, say the last 4 yrs.? Tommy Lawlor always seem to have at least 1 of the picks right. Once they hire the new position coaches I might take a shot at this player selection thing you do. Great job with your picks brother.
  10. Congrats to the Big guy election to the nice to add another Gold jacket ...Tremendous honor for Harold.
  11. WOW that 2020 schedule is the who's WHO with some potential up and comers... Steelers, Ravens on the schedule NO PATSIES...will Brady be back in NE... Probably, for the first time , Tom could choose elsewhere...Brady with the Chargers?... Hell Raiders?.... Wherever he wants to go. We beat them at their best with Shaggy aka Nick Foles...ain't concerned about Brady . NO KC...I hope Big Red gets his first Championship this year, I'm rooting for Big Red . Gonna need some good Offense and Tough D with this schedule. Bring it .
  12. I just saw that ...You read my mind ....dammit I wanted that kid Joe Brady... I am Disappointed .
  13. I want a DB coach that prefer corners with size...speed...can play man...and what you say ..... not what these guys play now. I think Sydney could be much more effective in man coverage. Gotta get the right coaches. I am with you... I don’t get why it has been soooo difficult for us to find effective... fast players either as WR or Defenders... Against our D teams just go deep they know Mills and Douglas are slow pokes Darby with all his speed can’t play the ball...Maddox as competitive as he can easily overmatched with the size of WR and TE on most teams.
  14. I want that LSU /OC.. highest scoring O in college ... Does Peedy still hire assistants...Has Lurie lost confidence in Doug hiring and firing decisions, who knows?... With Lurie overriding Doug decision to keep Groh and Doug’s failure to make that call as the HC. How does Peedy feel about his hiring decisions, and his real authority moving forward... especially with the many failures at hiring an effect DB and WR coaches. Is Doug on the hot seat.
  15. Agreed...the popular thought is bringing back Defilipo who many feel had great success with Carson. Flip however has failed his last two stops at the Vikes and Jags again does Doug calling the plays present a barrier to getting one of the top guys? IDK.?