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  1. The first one is the sweetest...for it to happen against the most formidable QB in generations against a team that had been unbeatable... a team expected to beat my UNDERDOG Birds...ooooohhhhhhhh how sweet that was.
  2. Gonna miss your leadership and camaraderie.... best wishes to you and your family brother.
  3. Just lovely .....yeeesssssss....just lovely... thank you TD123💪🏿💪🏿
  4. I could swear I read somewhere that we just gave Joe an increase after the SB... he is already getting paid like a Joe needs to grow, I think Howie recognizes his limitations... knows having a Football guy helps.
  5. I want Joe here also but these guys need to grow to. I like what we have seen from Joe... NFL Network already reporting that Joe is the guy they want.
  6. Competition for Sudsfeld... hopefully that is the reason, raises the concern weather Wentz will be ready to go?
  7. And you got off that ledge WHEN.? I ain’t buying it 🤥🤥 Yea I am buying... really like some of the UDFA, that RB Nico Evans... CB Jay Liggins and that T/G Opeta kid that had 39 reps at the combine are playersI have my 👁👁on. This years class could have a few quality surprises.
  8. JP and Lane are a special pair... JP... HOF 1st ballot...IMO ...Still can’t say for sure that Peters starts this year. Could Dillard compete this year at LT? if JP is hurting? Brooks availability? . Honestly, Kelce, Johnson, Seamalo, this OLine is a little unsettled in my mind. RB’s with the Howard addition, I’ve seen the physicality dimension that Howard type Running brings, AKA LaGarrett Blount...we’ a different team though with this Superior Eagle OL... I anticipate Howard to be even better....yet tbd.
  9. I’m going Best first .... DT, TE, WR, RB, OT...every start I get out of JP is a plus.
  10. People counted us out...the new Jordan, K.L. is currently in Toronto, The media crowned us Underdogs...that was perfect, just the way we like it. It wouldn’t have been enough just to win. We, I , wanted us to trash them severely, after they kicked our asses in back to back games. Very optimistic about our chances in Toronto on Sunday. Eagles...1 st love.
  11. Woooooo boy Sixers came out and dominated these Raptors... Emblid had lotmore pep in his step, Simmons played like the monster he can be... This years NBA Champion is coming out of whoever win this series. Book it.... Win or go home.....Yea boooyyyy Sixers...Sixers.Sixers
  12. Anyone hear anything about Ansah.
  13. I’m buying, and we picked up a few very promising UDFA linemen. I can’t see us just throwing away the resources we gave up for Mailata... Mialata actually got on an NFL field and held his own against people that played this game all their lives. Jordan with barely a few years under his belt is a keeper even with Dillard on the squad.
  14. Yea I love Vermeil, he didn’t get the Ownership support that Jeffery gave Andy. Leonard Tose was more committed to the casinos than the team... Big Red’s style of Leadership appealed to me more, taught us how to win and keep winning. Loved DIckey Vermeil passion for the team though the Rams May have replaced us as DV favorite team.