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  1. I look around the league and many rooks have contributed more than JJAW...this kid was a monster in college. I am not as confident as others here that the Bye week will get us back on track. I’m hopeful... I think we need to get this kid on the field ...thought JMatt a player I always liked was a wasted move. We need someone, anyone, to start catching the ball... so maybe JMatt ‘s connection with Carson results in a better connection to the team and it rubs off on our other WR. Coaching is becoming my issue.... I demand MORE from our coaches. Hoping for a better team in the second half. Let’s go Eagles.
  2. Yaaaaaaaa go Vikes..... Cowitches lose... I hate the Vikes.
  3. OMG Vikings are up 28- 21.....oooohhhh I hate the GD Vikes....they’re playing the Cow #itches ...Hell I hate those Gals even more...Gooooooo Vikes.
  4. JJaw was the #2 RedZone threat in college Big and Fast and Alshon replacement. The knock as far as our Birds go...our WR's must be able to play all 3 WR spots. He had a full TC and Preseason nine games in ??? Sorry I'm just a little sour on our WR issues. Seems like we used to be more man to man back in the Troy Vincent, Eric Allen days. Thought when we drafted Sydney Jones he was more of a man corner... Jones so far has done enough to stay on the bench.
  5. Is it the players suck .... cause Other teams I watch their CB 's , they're not getting beat on DBl moves like we have for it coaching mixed in with scheme ?
  6. True wisdom brother...Even when we had 7 or 8 picks we were around 20% success...if that... we’ve complained about sooooooo many Headscratchers picks. Where are those Eagle picks now ... are they even in the league . When I look at the Stinking Cow#itches... Vanderesche...Jaylon Smith.. their young drafted CB’s that are playing big time ball, their Line. I would buy... build through the Draft on that Cowitch team because as much as I hate saying this... The Cowitches seem to know how to draft .... How I ABSOLUTELY HATE acknowledging that aaaaarrrrrggghhhh..A.S.S. Joe Douglas was here credited with helping us win a SB I honestly get it. The Draft is the tried and tested way. In the Cowitches case, they’re proving it on the field. However when you have proven talents come available like they have this year. Ramsey, Clowney. Fitzpatrick The type of players that never get free from teams are free... don’t feed me that BS that we building through the draft. Nobody got a crystal ball I don’t. But when talent is there to be had you make your team better. We won a SB two seasons ago. As an Eagle Fanatic Win...lose I bleed green...but the message from the team to me as a fan. We’re smarter than everyone else and we’re good enough. @joemas6I hope Avery pans out, seems he is fairly undersized. At this point the dye is cast. We got no choice NOW.... I am very disappointed in the team’s response finally a healthy Carson Wentz and this is Howie’s response...Joe remind me later because I truly hope you’re right and I am wrong and this is NOT another wasted season.
  7. I would have gone after Fitzpatrick from Miami ponied up especially with two aging veterans filling multiple roles at Safety . The defending champs gave up a second round for Mohammed Sanu ...hmmmm has Bellacheat suddenly become an inept fool and over-valued Sanu . The Cow#itches who ponied up a #1 for Cooper was he worth that price.? Seems like he was As Cooper continues to abuse us. Anderson in NY a Speed / Deep Threat. Price is toooo high ... Maybe prices gave gone up and our old philosophy of buying low and selling high... maybe needs to be tweaked . I probably... like with Ramsey or Gordon, I wouldn’t pay that price ...However after watching other Teams and GM’s going All in to win a SB. Hell the Defending World Champs who were 8-0 before BMore we’re making move paying higher fees. Seattle Seagals...49ers ....Undefeated added Emanuel Sanders .... YET...our Team felt good enough to stand pat. The way they have played all year...hahahahaha...OK...Hahahaha.
  8. Coaching is the problem. this has been a problem for the last few years. Seems like when our coaches get hold of young receivers they suddenly become incompetent. JJAW was a Red Zone monster in college, looked great in Pre-season, now he can’t get on the field because he can’t play all the WR positions and now he can’t catch either. Why can’t Greg Ward get on the field after years on our PS. All the scuttlebutt about Wentz bypassing the reads since those guys keep dropping his passes contributing to the Offenses passing ineptness. These young guys need to be on the field learning the offense making their mistakes. Probably the most surprising is the failure of the F.O. To anticipate our WR needs especially watching the WR ineptitude all season long. The Decision to stand pat at the trade Deadline... Hell no I didn’t want Josh Gordon or any x Patriot player. especially an unreliable player like Gordon .There was no way I would give Jacksonville our picks for Ramsey. I just don’t see the Howie I am used to seeing this season don’t see the effort I’m used to seeing from this F.O... Lets hope they’re doing a lot of self scouting on the bye.
  9. Seems like all these misread situations... Another medical mis diagnosis and Poor decisions managing the DJax situation. Perhaps DJax and team preferred a less invasive approach in managing DJax injury early in the process...older player, Hell if I had to make a similar choice for myself . I would opt for rehab over surgery. That being the case I would have had to consider losing DJax...possibly all year. Yet Howie stood pat. At the halfway point in the season. I am really not happy with how this Eagle team is playing right now. or how we’re set up moving forward. I don’t see the creativity in this Offense. Our WR suck...We’re either starting slow ...or we make a couple plays then the Offense disappears... If you can shut down our run game, odds are... we lose. On Offense going against our Birds go deep... our Birds are toast. Amari Cooper has been beating us like a Drum since he came to Dallas. Two years later he is still beating us like a drum?? I watched Minkah Fitzpatrick save Pittsburg Steelers season making big plays. Watched sooo many Good teams look to get better... While we STILL trying to figure out how to better integrate JJAW in our Offense. How to get Carson to be less predictable. Mack Hollins title sB /blocker / ST not WR. Things just seem off...Hope this bye week, makes a difference. We just seem a step behind whether it is Howie and Player personnel...Coaching, a lack of production with the players. I really hope we find some mojo at this MID season break...cause we will be facing a Vengeful Patriot team after their recent Beatdown in BMore and a Seagal team with Big ,Tall, Fast, WR . I hoped a healthy Wentz would have been setting the league on fire this year.He has been OK but not what I expected yr 4...Perhaps my expectations exceeded the reality .
  10. I thought that might be the case... The possibility that DJax could have been done for the year, should have been a consideration before the trade Deadline. The last thing I read was Jackson was coming back in 14 days. In time for the Patriots game?
  11. You read my mind...I live in Maryland...really like and I am impressed with Lamar Jackson . The Patsies have 10 days to be pissed off after a humiliating beatdown.... LML..salivated as I watched those Patsies with their Historic D... Hell their LB’ers even came up with their own names...Their D was averaging 8 points a contest some ridiculous #....They were being touted as a Historic D. Bellacheat and Brady gonna be fired up coming off their Bye... juiced to stop the run and beat us. " I want my Eagles playing the best teams... playing their best ball.” I don’t want the rude awakening that those Patsies just experienced as they faced better competition. Maybe both Jackson and Jernigan can contribute...gonna need all hands on deck for that game.
  12. I was Disappointed that we did not maintain the shutout... Chicago D seemed much scarier... last year...We Won. I hope we can get healthy through the bye week hope we haven’t lost DJax for the season. What is up with our WR ? I want more, hope we continue to build off this win.
  13. Need the Vikes to lose to KC.....yaaaaaa.Vikes lose. Need th Cow#itches to lose to G men. Hell I can dream.
  14. Let’s close this out boys ...Bears go to no timeouts....let’s go.Eagles.
  15. So why is it none of our WR can make a play...when we were up 19 -0 ...The offense went Creativity...sorry I am just really disappointed... 3rd and 11... 3rd and 13. Now 3rd and long.. Maybe I am not giving the Bears D enough credit. We have to close this out. 2 minutes to go.
  16. OMG we made a stop...should have not got in this situation in the first place. I can’t believe this.
  17. Wentz put the ball in Jeffery hands ...Ashlon started looking up field before he secured the balll stupid Rookie mistakes. No creativity in our playcalling ....Almost ready to start cheering for the Bears ....Goooooo Deeep...Ohhhh Howie I guesss we really didn’t need any WR help at the trade deadline ....WTF.
  18. We gave the Bears momentum with our Conservative playcalling and our vets making stupid mistakes....can we stop them here....Hell no. We lose this game ...I am through.
  19. We gonna make this a game for the Bears . Our aggression is gone we are like trying running out the clock with all this time left. We have gone conservative
  20. We need to close out these guys.Seems the Bears we’re listening to Scandrick on how Jenkins covers or doesn’t cover some routes. It is inexcusable how our older players keep taking plays off.
  21. Impressive...Howard wants to stay here in Philly.
  22. Elliot just missed the xtra point... Jesus H. We keep finding ways to be sloppy.Bears needs to loan us a kicker.
  23. We keep getting FG and NOT... TD. Didn’t Carson see the corner come up on that BS play to Sanders. We keep playing with these Bears we gonna screw this up. Poor tackling stop this guy.
  24. Woooooooo SIXERS what a game hahahahaha down by as much as 21 points against a Portland team that shoot 3’s from half court... Simmons hit 2 big free throws to go up by one at the end of the game ...What a win . Sixers are the real deal the ONLY unbeaten NBA team....wooooooo what a win.Sweet