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  1. you only have 5 likes for a reason... remember that before you talk trash about someones post who has been a member of this site for a while....

  2. realy? Thats your amazing video thats supposed to change my opinion about Vick? The ball was stripped if you want it to effect me then I suggest you find a good 1 Lets do a little stats and compare Vick to the rest of the QBs in the league in fumbles/fumbles lost Vick-10/4, Ben Roethlisberger-8/5, Tebow-13/6, Flacco-11/6, Sanchez-10/8, Rivers-9/5, E. Manning 8/4. All but 2 got deep n2 the playoffs

  3. and dude.... i can find a video clip to prove my point too watch:

  4. and looks like you had a fun night blowing up my profile... do it again sometime, I got a good chuckle out of reading your desperate posts

  5. im not talking about where I play, because honestly, I dont want to make that public over the internet, which is the same reason I dont give my full name on this website. Id rather not get stalked by mike vick fans, because thats creepy.

  6. dude interesting article on vick... too bad it doesnt account for his fumbles too :/ Just wondering did you think vick was in the top 5 QBs this season. Did he hang with the likes of Breeze, Brady... did he ever change a game.... NO BECAUSE WE LOST!!!!

  7. Hate to be a d*** like that, but you talk about how you play D1 football all the time. I just want to see if it's true of not.

  8. Bout Nnamdi, You supposedly play D1 football, so you of all people should know that covering another player on their route isn't easy in the slightest! You act like you think you could do better, if it's so easy why don't you go into the draft this year?? Lets see what you can do 'bro'. Oh and if you dont mind, prove it. What team do you play for? Let me look at some youtube highlights Mr. Bad***.

  9. Awhile back you said that he gets pressured in the pocket and makes mistakes. If we had a good line he wouldn't be under pressure in the 1st place, but just watch this video. He's pressured on almost every play, now you tell me how many times he makes a mistake. Watch this vid and then try to tell me Vick sucks,:

  10. When you feel like learning something about Vick's 2011 TD-INT performance read this article:

  11. I've told you the truth about Vick so many times its not funny. I honestly don't think that you've watched a single game all season. It sounds like you've just gone and looked up stats and now you think you just know everything there is to know about Vick. You think he's had an average amount of TD-INT ratio(18-14 which isn't as bad as you give him credit for) so you think they're all his fault.

  12. It's obvious that your talking blind, You hate Vick because of his past. That's basically the same as being racist, you hate him as a player because of who he WAS as a person. There's no difference in that then there is in hating a person because of their color. That's kind of sad to be honest. He has served his time and yet you still hate him.

  13. and polasek... did people not say vick was done after he went to jail? and what happened he got a starting sopt and people to still like him.. maybe manning is done, maybe not, but clearly it would be worth the gamble

  14. I love jackson because of every season. Right now, he had a bad season and still has about 1000 recieving yards. In my book he is 4 for 4 in terms of having quality seasons here. Vick is under .500 because he didnt start all of 2010, didnt start all of this year (due to his incessant injuries) he gets hurt, cant audible, fumbles, throws picks, cant read a defense,and is a criminal.... whats to lik

  15. To be honest, I really don't understand why you don't like Vick. You absolutely LOVE Jackson because of his 2010 season, but yet Vick was in the running for 2010 MVP. Neither Vick, nor Jackson had a good season in 201l, but yet you love Jackson and hate Vick. Please explain that to me.