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    Why do people consider Terrell Owens so "talented?"

    To say he had below average speed is ridiculous, he just didn't accelerate fast. His top gear speed was a lot better than you are willing to give him credit for. His lack of acceleration wasn't an issue for the most part due to the fact that there were, and still to this day are very few cornerbacks who can physically match Owens at the LOS. He has longer arms in comparison to most cornerbacks and safeties that played over the past two decades and he was bigger/stronger then the majority of them as well. How is he not naturally strong? One of the things he was best at was stiff arming defenders, requiring A LOT of natural strength. I love how you bring up the point that he was the 12th WR taken in his draft class(3rd round, as you mention). How many D2 WR's go in the first round or second round even for that matter?