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  1. I still find it hilarious that McCoy is in a bills uniform. Bet the trade completely blindsided the guy.
  2. Hahaha, id be just as bitter as you if I was a Dallas fan. Such a crappy offseason for such a crappy injury riddled team.
  3. Maxwell, Murray, and Kiko all came because of the Mccoy trade. Great trade
  4. Oh please
  5. On top of all that, he had 2 years left with the eagles. Could have stayed in Philly, with a great team, in the same system, making more money. Im sure his family loves moving to Denver... But hey, good luck to Mathis, it sucks his time in Philly ended so salty. F Rosenhaus
  6. Tell me who is gonna pay this guy more than 5.5 million per year. Let alone a contract worth 5.5 million. What a dope.
  7. I honestly hate reading your posts. But I still read them.
  8. Still hasnt signed? Oh golly he must be hard at work choosing which 5 year 50 million, 30mill gauranteed contract he wants to sign. Hes the best guard in football and every team wants a piece of that a**. Eagles shoulda kept him and restructured. Even if mathis gets injured again (highly unlikely at age 34). Good for him, go get that money Mathis. You're the best.
  9. I hope brandon graham gets a thread just like this.
  10. It's much more appealing visually. Much better than before.
  11. Ahh well I was never in the marines, but im glad I was able to bring back hopefully a good memory?

  12. Your avatar makes me laugh everytime I see it.

  13. i was in the Marine Corps with a guy named Scott Bobo. he was from Emaus. i havent talked to him in a while.