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  1. Looks like the boys are already in mid season form
  2. Br3

    Antonio Brown Saga

    so thankful the raiders offered way more than we did for AB cant wait to see how this plays out in Oakland or vegas or wherever the hell they play next year nutcase diva WR + head coach still stuck in 2003 + overrated qb what could go wrong?
  3. Br3

    Randy Gregory suspended indefinitely

    Dallas is in mid-season form this early into the offseason The cowboy way.
  4. Br3

    Robert Kraft Arrested....

    This is funny lol
  5. Br3

    Robert Kraft Arrested....

    If he goes to jail, don’t be surprised if the refs bail him out...
  6. Breaking the law. It’s the patriot way. Here for the jokes 🍿🍿
  7. Br3

    Friendly Vikes Fan

    time for you to root for another team
  8. Br3

    Week 16: Broncos @ Raiders

    Imagine actually watching this game.
  9. Br3

    bears aren't beating the Vikings

    I don’t get this whole ‘they have nothing to play for’ mentality people keep throwing around for the Bears since when is having to play 3 playoff games better than potentially playing 2 at home ? then again, expecting anything logical or positive from 97is was foolish on my part.
  10. Br3

    bears aren't beating the Vikings

    Not sure if you guys remember but the bears had this exact scenario 8 years ago. They were headed to the playoffs with the option to rest their starters or play hard and try to keep the packers out of the playoffs. They decided to rest, let the packers in, got beat by the packers in the NFCCG and then had to watch the packers win the SB. Yeah, doubt they want a repeat of that nightmare. Not only that, this time they have something important to play for.
  11. Thank him for being stupid? Or thank you for being a bad quarterback? lol he didn’t do us any favors. He was trying to win the game & failed horribly this isn’t an Andy Dalton Bills situation where he beat a team for us to get in. If trubisky can pull it off next week, send him a thank you card if you want
  12. Br3

    Week 12: Packers @ Vikings

    Their going to blame that muffed punt on the reason Rodgers didn’t get a chance to come back but he’s looked horrible all night