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    Guys, pardon me for jumping in with a need of a different kind. Have any of you by chance seen the clip of Tom Brady making the young Eagles fan cry? I think it started on YouTube and made it to the sports section on MSN. It's an awesome clip of a 5 or 6 yr old boy experiencing the agony of defeat (as we all have at some point) during the Monday night loss to the Pats,and I personally at his age would have the same type reaction. He is being attacked by the idiotic Patriot fans as being a "snot nosed kid with a speech impediment whose dad needs to teach him sportsmanship" and all sorts of outrageous comments about him and his dad. I think the clip is hilarious and very precious because I can relate: I hate Tom Brady too! He's saying on the clip he hates Brady because he's throwing too many touchdowns. What he means by hate is something far different than what these haters are displaying though. His is a healhty hate:) If you guys can find it and post any messages in response to the idiotic comments I've been seeing on facebook and yardbarker and others, this kid needs our help. He's a true Eagles fan, in every sense of the word, and these guys just can't stand it. You don't even want me to get into the comments they make about Eagles fans. Please help defend this precious young Eagles fan and his dad. Dad actually handles the situation with dignity, but they smear him ferociously. Go help him out....please!!! Thank you in advance. I'm just a fan who loves the game and loves children and hate to see one unfairly treated this way.