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  1. Wendell Smallwood's Philly tweet made an appearance on there the other day lol.
  2. They already have a ton of picks the past two drafts plus this coming draft IIRC. Gotta start hitting on them and at least show some kind of improvement on the field. They haven't shown anything under Hue which makes me wonder if the Browns will give him another year.
  3. Some people here still defend him (even though his playcalling hasn't been great in Cleveland) by saying "Look how bad Andy Dalton is without Hue Jackson. Hue is a great coach!" The guy has like two wins in two years...leaves me puzzled.
  4. I'm wondering if Hue Jackson will still be the coach next year. All these Browns fans were telling me about how great he's gonna be and how the organization will give him at least 3-4 years. We'll see...
  5. Whitney Mercilus is done for the season too.
  6. Traded for a conditional draft pick. CJ2K and AP both on the same team!?!?! Source:
  7. OBJ, Marshall, Shepard all had ankle injuries. Who was the fourth WR hurt?
  8. I'll leave this here too then JHSJAGJajhsgshjaJHGAHGJASshdshdsksdKJDSHKDHSK
  9. Hold on a minute @rstarter....EJ freaking Manuel beat the great Connor Cook for the backup job?
  10. I just saw that Bears play. WTFFFF, I'd be so pissed. That might be dumber than dropping the ball at the one yard line.
  11. Had to find it, that's funny. Who was that guy that was complaining that we didn't sign him and that the Giants had the division in their hands?
  12. Bradley Roby...Ohio State Product