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  1. Oh no he's writing down if we're mean. ? Maybe if you weren't such a blowhard before the game. Goodbye, you're going on the ignore list. Enjoy the end of the dynasty*, pathetic troll.
  2. Being great at cheating kinda diminishes the "greatness".
  3. Like McDaniels to Indy? Or spygate..deflategate..Brady running off the field like a little **** after losing Super Bowls..
  4. I know all I need to know from you trolling on a message board. ?
  5. I'm not sure what you're here to prove, again. We torched Minnesota's defense..1 game doesn't make them bad. Yards don't mean anything. Scoreboard. 41-33. I'm pretty sure you aren't upsetting anyone, we're laughing at how dumb you sound. Bragging about coming close to winning as the favorite. ?? your life is really pathetic
  6. It's weird that you think yards mean anything. 41-33
  7. The cracks are already forming, and Brady is going to hit a wall soon. Manning shattered NFL records and I believe the next year was rather pedestrian. You do know he's 40..right? ?? Probably should have kept Jimmy G, he looks pretty good in SF.
  8. You're clearly quite butt hurt over here while you are trying to rain on our parade. Sure, we bragged about our D line. You know why? Because it was the best in the NFL at getting pressure. Yeah, Brady had a hell of a day. Brady also had two chances to go win it, and he fumbled and couldn't lead them down to tie. You did nothing but talk up what a great team the Pats were and how the Eagles would have to play so perfect to win..our defense didn't show, and we still beat you. You kept talking up your defense like they were something special, and our backup made them look even more pathetic than they were. The way you're talking now is as if the Eagles were 7 point favorites and got lucky. May wanna go back and read what you were spewing before the game. Squeaked by? Be glad our defense didn't come to play or you would have been blown out of the building. Can't wait til all your home games are blacked out because no one wants to see them, again.
  9. Patriots fans are even more brain dead than I thought. ???
  10. Once again, why are you here besides trying to stir crap up because you're mad you lost? The announcing was awful. Collinsworth is consistently awful. We've been in the salary cap era for quite a while. Obviously we can't keep everyone. You do realize we have almost all our starters returning? And we have a really good amount of core players through 2020. Also, it's supposed to hurt us that we aren't favored next year? Pretty sure we all loved the underdog status. Go take your trolling a** back to the Pats board and enjoy the end of your dynasty*.
  11. Weren't you crowing about how good your defense was? Not sure what exactly you're still doing here trying to give backhanded compliments. Oh..and our defense got us the win with that strip sack. We really don't care if you were "impressed", which is odd considering the way you talked about the Pats, they were unbeatable. Keep acting like the Pats falling "just short" is something you should keep crowing about. You weren't the underdog. Go back and cry on your boards, and don't bother replying, as I'm ignoring your salty pathetic a**. Enjoy the end of your dynasty*
  12. Yeah, I was scared they were going to find some way to call it in the Pats favor. That slight movement wasn't enough to overturn it, especially since call on the field was TD. May have been an issue if it was ruled incomplete, just because of that slight movement.
  13. You do realize you are the only one upset here, right? We are literally laughing at you and you awful attempts at trolling now.
  14. Tuck rule* Spygate* Deflategate* Brady and BB doing things to refs for all the calls* Goodbye troll.
  15. Aww, now the little guy is just upset at my * comment. It's too bad reality and what you want aren't the same.